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Blog: Care More (by @sleeptillnoon) #w2tm via @TeamMoet

carewe(myself included)sometimes or even often times forget how important people are. your classmate, your co-worker you don’t really talk to but awkwardly smile and say hello to, your neighbor you’ve never formally introduced yourself to, etc. your fellow human.

we fall into the constructs of college and ‘adult’ life to create fleeting relationships time and time again. ‘friend’ becomes a loose term describing anyone you may have met just once, MAYBE twice in passing. “i have a friend who does this and that”, “i have a friend who is so and so.” these relationships are confined to the circles they’re created in: your job, your elective you didn’t really want to take, your the gathering you decided to go to to not let another ‘friend’ down. you’re “friends” because you exist in the same circles. it’s convenient, and you have some similar interests you can converse about. but take a step back, and wonder: are you really friends? do you hit them up when something exciting happens in your life? do you know what they want in life? do you talk about their parents and the house they grew up in? are you sure they’ll have your back in a fistfight and not be a bystander in your worldstar debut, or even worse, be the one who hit *record*? will you have theirs?

we need to care so much more about the relationships we create. we need to actually build them: nurture them, invest in them, and build upon them. people are important because the people in our lives are supposed to inspire us, help us, care about us, and push us to places we could not have gone to on our own.

i personally never thought about the effort I needed to be putting into caring about friendships, and i’m sorry. i’m sorry for the time i lost with potential friends, i’m sorry I didn’t put enough effort into going beyond first impressions, i’m sorry i judged and didn’t give second chances, i’m sorry i didn’t start the conversations, i’m sorry i didn’t ask the questions, i’m sorry i didn’t care. friends, new and old, you know who you are: let’s care about each other, because before we know it we’ll be thrown into a broad, empty landscape where there are no circles or contexts, only the genuine relationship we created.