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W.2.M.Z Video of the week- Wicked Thoughts 2- The Infamous Swagg

This song right here is so raw Swagg words can’t explain. He keeps his brother Daze Dysh’s name alive who recently passed. Listen to the words his pain & anger this is deep. Im glad he Was able 2 shot a video for this so the world could see. Watch an share with others Brother like Brother the movement.

Tribute -Daze Dysh Rememberence SHOW R.I.P

This was a tribute show done by Glock City members for fellow group member an friend Daze Dysh who just recently passed away. He was an up & coming 19yr old rapper with Alot of potential who was recently gunned down. Hopefully justice will be giving to person who did it. King Kutz put together the footage from the show.

NEW VIDEO- Behind Closed Door’s: Ty Whit & Drew Breezy (STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)

This is a deep song right here i hope a lot of women get the message in this song that they are giving you.There is help out there don’t put yourself through this The Domestic Violence Hotline is available. RIP Trisha click the link above to D/L the song for 0.99cents on iTunes.