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Book: “The Independent Music Grind” Part 1 By @UrbanThreshold Is Out Now #Hiphop #W2TM


The “Independent Music Grind” By Jesse Atkinson is a step by step guide to success for independent music artists and producers coming up today. The book discusses in detail about how independent artists and producers can monetize their music movement and start making money now. It’s available for download at http://www.indiemusicgrind.com or click the picture above for the direct link.

Keys To Being Successful Artist Part 1

Most people who do music do it for the fame there is only a selected few who do it for the art an you can tell when you listen to the music. Regardless of your reason to do music everyone wants to be successful. As an artist you get what you put into yourself. You can’t be cheap with your music you must invest in promo to get your name out and studio time for starters. You must develop a brand that separates you from other artists & make good songs. These days you have many options to get your music out mainly the Internet, there is many blogs & sites that will post your music you can also pass your CDs out. In the past music videos were a luxury but now it’s something available for many artists because so many people are filming videos. So if your gonna do it right & “Go Hard Or Go Home”


An Artist’s Grind to Success

          Dedication, determination an disipline are the deciding factors to determine who is gonna shine  artists must maintain this to keep them in grind mode. Just like everything else in life it’s all about work ethic who is coming out with the most music consistantly an keeping the fans satisfied. The reason you need to do that is because the fans dictate how long ya career is gonna last by the work you give them. The fans are the ones who go out an support you come to your shows etc.  In recent years alot of artists have been using the mixtape platform to keep their buzz up  by doing mixtapes monthly to keep the airwaves open with their music such as Wiz Khalifa,  A-Mafia, Lil Wayne to name a few.

                             The best tool to promote your music now is the internet it has everything you could need an most people have access to it. There are alot of sites that puts music an mixtapes up available which artists have been taken advantage of to push their music  most do free downloads so everyone can get it while others charge.  If you notice its like the artists must give the fans a free teaser before  they drop an album to help with sales now more than ever. A good example is Rick Ross with the Albert Anastasia mixtape which first gave us a listen to the song BMF which was a major hit for him going into “Teflon Don”  album even Eminem who always tops the charts came out with a mixtape before “The Recovery” dropped. 

       In the past all you needed to do was get one single on the radio an that would dictate most of your album sales, but since music has drastically declined over the years now people wanna hear more  before they buy an album an artists must deliver an sell them selves more than ever seems like you gotta give to receive sales especially with the ability to download music which is already taking away from them. Artists these days must have good work ethic an know the business side  of things as well because these labels are shelving artists  more than ever now.. Alot people fell victim to that an have singles out but  no album follows up behind it an labels own the rights to the music.

        The alternate to the majors is taking the independent route which is probably the best way to go in my opinion. The reason i feel that way is because there is no promotion like self promotion  you get out of it what you put in an have creative control for the most part which the major labels usually dictate..  Alot artists get mad at the South an new rappers that just pop up out of no were but at the end of the day the worst artist is gonna shine if he is putting the work an delivering music constantly. In some cases its not all about talent its about ya GRIND an how bad you really want it. In close i think if all artists gives the bigger picture 100% an knows how to A) make good music B)business perspective C) how to market themselves to all fanbases an be original with the music they make they will be successful GRIND  some artists got it an others don’t hard work pays off when the money comes in an thats a fact..