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10 People’s Anonymous Thoughts on their 20s (by @DMND_XCIV) #w2tm

being that i just entered my 20s, i thought it’d be interesting, and beneficial, to see what others felt their 20s taught them about the world, or even themselves. instead of reading another writers blog on the subject i decided to compile a list of quotes from people who i’ve chosen to keep anonymous regarding their 20s. so without further ado…

  • Talk with yourself More.

“97.7% of all people do not know what they are doing and are just followers. We should really stop listening to people around us because as per the point above, they are probably as clueless as we are. Self reflection is the key to really understanding what you really want. This time is hard to get when we are always busy trying to figure out who liked out latest post on Facebook or busy putting unnecessary hashtags on Instagram. If more time is spent in trying to find what you really want, we would not be doing things out of the need of social acceptance and rather just what makes us really happy.”

  • Travel

“The world is full of two kinds of people: Those like you. And those unlike you. And both can teach you a lot. And a lot about yourself. It would make it a better world if more people actually got out and saw the world from other peoples’ lands and homes and shoes.”

  • All of the culture in the world doesn’t automatically make you intelligent.

“You can read, write, listen to the most obscure bands on earth, and dine at local hotspots. This doesn’t make you better than anyone else. You’ll be humbled when you take that knowledge somewhere that doesn’t place value in any of those things. Humbled, real quick.

  • “There is no time for later.”
  • “Don’t try to be a friend to a women, whom you are really interested to ask out later.”
  • “Never stop learning.”
  •  Mistakes begin to eclipse each other

“Eventually, at some point in time, you will make a mistake that will make all previous mistakes seem like a walk in the park. Be prepared for this to repeat as the stakes get higher.”

  • Make yourself happy first.

“Do what you want to do. Don’t do what you don’t want to do.”

  • “The foundation you build in your 20s sets the stage for the rest of your life.”


  • “Do what you love; love what you do.”