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Pre Order : Producer @Toast2uJRMusic New Project “Social Distancing” ( The Beat Tape) Dropping 5/15/20 Via Team Moet 610 @Bandcamp Page #W2TM

Social Distancing

This is the first project released under the Team Moet 610 imprint. JR is an upcoming producer & rapper out of Pennsylvania. He has been making beats since 8 years old. This is his first project look out for more to come.


INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ WEEK 9 ] With Producer ‪@maxthechosenone ‬ ‪‪‪‪‬‬‪ #W2TM EXCLUSIVE

Max Dollas is a producer who has been around for a few years making noise. He is most recognized for working with A-Mafia and making hard hitting beats like “Fidel Castro”. He has also worked with many others such as Dave East, Vado & Dark Lo to name a few. Take some time to see what he has in the works.

( TM ) How did you get into making beats?

( Max Dollas ) Pakk Riley of The Dramatikz (my production team) who is also my cousin taught me the fundamentals of making beats back in 2006. I stuck with it through trial and error and I say about 2009 I was somewhere else with the music.

( TM ) Every producer has their own unique sound how would you describe yours?

( Max Dollas ) I would describe my sound as being Dramatik and very musical with hard banging drums.

( TM ) For those not familiar with your catalog who are some artists you produced for?

( Max Dollas ) I have had the pleasure of working with Dave East, Jr Writer, J-Hood, Ar-Ab, Vado, Dark Lo, Smoke DZA and Papoose just to name a few.

( TM ) You & A Mafia been working together for years. With that being said what’s your top 3 favorite songs y’all did together?

( Max Dollas ) Fidel Castro, Wayne Perry, and Different Cloth.

( TM ) How did the Max Dollas Vs Broadway Instrumental album come together?

( Max Dollas ) Broadway is my production partner. In 2012 Broadway and I released Max Dollas vs Broadway on the Dat Piff platform. The project you’re speaking of was simply just a follow up project.

( TM ) Do you plan on linking with another producer & doing something similar going forward?

( Max Dollas) I’m always willing to work with any producer who has that heat and wants to build.

( TM ) Who are some of your favorites producers & how have their work translated into your style?

( Max Dollas ) My favorite producers are Alchemist, Just Blaze, Heatmakerz, Araabmuzik, and Zaytoven just to name a few. I honestly wouldn’t say that their work translated into my style.

( TM ) What do you currently have in the works now?

( Max Dollas ) I have new music on the way with Tay Roc featuring Grafh, I have a few beats on the new J-Hood album titled “Pesci”, possibly more music dropping with A-Mafia, and I recently reached out to G4 Jag. My production team The Dramatikz is working on a project as well and I will be dropping a Max Dollas instrumental album in 2020!

( TM ) How do you feel about artists working with one producer & doing joint projects? Is this something we might see you doing in the future?

( Max Dollas ) I feel great about it. I actually have a project out now with 100 Grand Royce titled “Nice Guys Finish Last” and it’s available on all streaming platforms. I did all the production on the project, also check out Popoff project titled “Strength” featuring Big Twins and Agallah. I did all the production on that project as well.

( TM ) Who are some artists you would like to work with in the future?

( Max Dollas ) Benny the Butcher, Cam’ron, 38 Spesh, Conway the Machine, and the list goes on.