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Blog: First the Lyrics left Now they Can’t Even Make Good Hooks

I don’t know what’s going on anymore in hip hop it left the streets and became the new hipster movement. You frown upon it like those skater kids back in the days with them super oversized Jnco Jeans when you hear some of this music. The most ignorant artists that have absolutely nothing realistic to say are successful such as Gucci, Waka, Lil B, Gunplay who just got a major record deal need I continue?? It was hard accepting the fact that gone are the days of songs with lyrics, but they made it easier for us to listen too because most of these terrible songs have great production smh. Waka is an artist that says absolutely nothing an he will admit it but he gets some of the best beats in the game now which makes him a star even though his lyrical flow is poop. The new thing now is everybody is making these simple ass choruses saying the same exact thing over and over like there 2Chainz & Mike Jones example That MMG song actin up. Just because one rapper pulls it off doesn’t mean everyone else need 2 ride that 🏄 (wave) but PLEASE stop this non sense already like this guy below smh




it seems like times have changed drastically on wats considered good music these days.. If someone co signs an album people jump on the band wagon even if the music is wack. since the skinny jean era & mixing this gangsta hipster style the definition of good music changed to the point were i dont know if i can even recognize classic music anymore. Im not afraid to speak up an say something is wack, but when you do that people look at you like a hater. The best music is in the past & will remain in the past.