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Bluudynuckes Presents Barzz Mcvay Vs. Yung Stat Battle

Check out this battle Barzz Mcvay obviously didn’t come ready with enough rhymes clearly. My boy Yung Stat comes at him hard this is a decent battle but its obvious who won.

Blog Interview | Bathgate 1- 1 Also Speaks On His New Mixtape Via #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

With his new mixtape “The  Sinner’s Prayer” set to drop any day now  i had a chance to get an interview with Gates to catch up with him an see what he has been up to as well as get the 4 1 1 on his new mixtape.

1) What is your motivation to keep doing music?

I love music..What drives me is the feeling of people hearing the music the way I do the way I see the story almost like a director of a movie.

2) What age were you when “Fuck Dat” dropped? Fuck that came out in 2001

I was 21

3) What influences your music?

Just good music!! depends on the mood it could be the new Kanye or Rick Ross..Sometimes Rick Ross makes me wanna get back in the streets lol.

4) As an artist who do you think helps get your music out DJs or Blogs?

 For me my team, my producer hits a lot of blogs up & Djs.

5) What inspired the title for mixtape? Any features?

The titled speaks for a certain era of my life it came from a darker side of me it was when I was back & forth between music,drugs,& just real life my mother taught me the sinners prayer it’s about forgiveness and direction. It features Cardan ,my brother& partner Ron Thomas some new blood from our FratBoyMusic umbrella Tre. And production from Djjbuttah and Jay Wex.

6) Is it me or is a lot of people doing the same thing in hip hop right now?

Yeah to a degree I think the problem is a lot niggas are scared to be who they are. If you underground be that, if you in the streets then be real to that.With me your going to get my perspective from where I am & where I was..If the topic is drugs then your going to get the outcome along with everything else.Because if u don’t show pros& cons u apart of the problem..I’m no role model but I want my son to know this is what it is not what ever other nigga makes it out to be..But  I fucks wit Jeezy&Ross I love to hear niggas like Pusha T talk that shit I just do a little bit of the opposite Sometime. I’m being real to where I’m at in my life right now..

7) With that being said what makes you stand out from everyone else?

I’m not with being trendy for the sake of copying other dudes my goal is to just be dope!! As dope as I know I can be..

8.)  What is your favorite song off the new mixtape?

 Everyday it’s a different joint today it’s “Broadway Musical” it’s honest I’m venting in a way & just saying I’m dope my nigga I sure u enjoyed the movie lol.

9) What advice would you give 2 up & coming artists?

 1st Be you 2nd perfect your craft and just grind make sure your product is right sound,bars,etc and be humble…to a degree.

10) For those not to familiar with who you are name some of music you have put out over time years?

 Fuck that, I shot ya freestyle, pockets full of money & Ringling Bros feat Cassidy just a few or go to Digibread.com I got my mixtapes on there too.

11) Are you still going by Billy Bathgate or is it just Bathgate?

 nah just Bathgate copy write issues

12)  Once this mixtape is released what’s the next move ?

 The Ron Thomas project that’s next off of FratBoyMusic then I’m dropping a Street Album produced by Jbuttah Then The Fraternity!! We working.

13) who is your favorite new producer?

 Jbuttah, arabmuzik too name a few

14) what is your favorite scripture from the bible?

Genesis the Beginning because it shows the power of the word.Speaking things to existence is sord of like rapping telling your story is nothing like the word of God but the concept is crazy to say I wanna provide a better life for my family and make that happen is…wow

15) As an artist out now do you think there is a lot of outlets now to get your music out like youtube,blogs,cds etc.

Yes! It give anybody a chance that believes in their art.

Blog Interview | Bang Em Smurf 1- 1 #W2TM Via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

1) For those who don’t know who you are what would you like to share to get them better acquainted an get familiar with the name?
 BanG Em Smurf:    4 those who don’t know me I’m the former gunit cofounder/& 50cent business partner….a southside queens legend…

2)  In the Past you were more of a hype man an did Adlibs etc. What inspired you to start rapping?

Bang Em Smurf: I felt like hiphop was diein..a lot of bullshit in the game…& who else got a BIGGER story 2 tell than me…& an when I say diein I mean in the streets everybody dancein now or goin pop…I DO IT 4 THE STREETS..

3) How did you come up with the FEED DA WOLVES movement?

 Bang Em Smurf: I came up with the name down here in trinidad this shit is really the jungle down here & an I sat up in jail for dam near 4years a watched all these suckas get fat….now its time 4 the real niggaz 2 eat…& an that name stand out cause its a million other niggaz feeln like me who could relate..

4) When can we expect a new Bang Em Smurf & Domination Album?

Bang Em Smurf: 2011 we workn on that now as we speak….

5) What’s your best and Worst experience with the music industry?

Bang Em Smurf: My best was seein me & my old team (G-Unit) make history that was the beat feeln in the world we really use 2 get on our knees an pray we made & we did we defeated the odds& the worst was see how money change people…same niggaz that u will die 4 just filp on u…start feeln god cause they get paper LOL suckas..

6) As far as the Label situation is it still GF (Gangsta Flip Records?

  Bang Em Smurf:  Na its FEED DA WOLVES ENT gangsta flip records was a faze we left that in the past new era new money..

7) what can we expect from you going into 2011?

 Bang Em Smurf: Me to be runnin this shit…..


8 ) What artists outside ya camp you feeling right now an would work with?

Bang Em Smurf: Im gonna say Cassidy,Young Buck, Yukmouth, na mean…I don’t really like workn out side my camp but if a nigga a real street nigga I’ll fuck with him/her..

9) what have you learned in the streets that helped you avoid bad situations in this industry?

Bang Em Smurf: Trust NO1…….loyalty is limited…..
10) If you wasn’t rapping what else would you be doing now?

Bang Em Smurf: Moving weight & an takin hits LOL LOL! Really th0

11) what’s you opinion on the state of hip hop?

Bang Em Smurf: This shit suck……niggaz don’t support real music know more
12) Is it possible to have friends in this business or is there no Loyalty?

Bang Em Smurf: NO friends in this game niggaz only care 4 they self or what they could get out a nigga.
13) Correct me if im wrong but doesn’t hip hop  an WWE have alot in common seems like alot of acting?

Bang Em Smurf: You a 100% right this shit is wwe……a bunch of suckaz frontn fooln the world
14) Who all is on the FDW roster?

Bang Em Smurf: Me, Domination, Southpaw Da Don, Money M0, Fivealive & Maybach Dice he on FDW/MMG!

 15) Last but not least do you ever see you an 50 Cent patching things up an working together?

Bang Em Smurf: Na I don’t see that happening its a new era niggaz don’t respect him no more……


(((((Check out http://feeddawolves.net/ to keep up with the movement )))))