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INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪@mougadon ‬ ‬ EXCLUSIVE via ‪@Team_Moet_610 ‬#W2TM


Meet Upstate Middletown & Bronx, NYC rapper Richelieu some of you may already know him as Uptown Rich. Whichever moniker he went with one thing has always remained the same & that’s him consistently putting out quality music over the the years. Rich’s flow back then & now gives you that late 90’s Street Corner hustler harsh reality perspective or even the new age underground rap sound we hear now WORLDWIDE. This has been a good year so far for him after ending 2019  dropping 


( Team Moet )   I’ve been following your music now for a few years but for those who may not be familiar who is Richelieu?

( Richelieu ) A Survivor!!

( Team Moet )  I know you’ve had a few setbacks over the years but you never gave up rapping. What kept you motivated even in those dark times?

( Richelieu)    Just my love for music I’m a fan first I go through things and music is the best way that I can express it.

( Team Moet ) You talk about a lot of real situations in your music. One of my favorite songs you did is “Keep Hope Alive” tell us about the process of recording that song & where do you rank it on your personal favorites?

( Richelieu) The recording process was easy I was going through it at the time and had to let it out. I really never rank any of my songs as a favorite because I have so much music some of which I haven’t released yet.

( Team Moet ) You & Buckz have Worked Together a lot over the years on songs like Right Now, On God, No Hook etc. When will we get a collab mixtape with the both of y’all?

( Richelieu) It’s all on timing but we was just talking about that so hopefully sooner than later like this summer.

( Team Moet ) You dropped Dear Winter, Kitchen Table & Quentin Quarantino. How do you rank them & why?

( Richelieu)  Kitchen Table is my favorite EP so far because that was the introduction to my company Kitchen Table, Dear Winter was just a reminder,Quentin Quarantino was me showing consistency featuring my bro Ag Flow on “movin spicy” and Buckxz on “inna that”

( Team Moet ) What inspired you to start doing  “IG Live” Freestyles killing everyone beats?

( Richelieu) Boredom and for the love of the sport

( Team Moet) What do you currently have in the works right now?

( Richelieu)  Few visuals a joint project with Snotty

( Team Moet )    How are you currently investing into yourself to build your brand?

( Richelieu ) First & most importantly just learning the business part better and better each chance I get. Tapping into the merch business once I get everything in order. Few marketing people, but learning how to do what people pay people to do.

( Team Moet ) Being that you from NY & resided in PA what’s your thoughts on the music scene in a small city trying to make it compared to NYC ?

( Richelieu) A lot of talent just no work ethic or unity, NYC tends to follow trends and do what’s popular over what’s real. But small cities have to go to the big cities to make the links or just hope and wish on Instagram look from someone. Ny forgot about the essence and I blame radio.

( Team Moet )   I seen you recently worked with Snotty. Who are some artists in the underground scene you would like to build with or are planning to work with?

( Richelieu) Well me Snotty already locked in I’m open to work with anyone who is actually working who has dope work.

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