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CBS The Eye On Basketball Elite 100

CBS recently released its top 5 to the its Eyes On Basketball Elite 100 list. Their goal was to create the best ranking of players based on total value, which consisted of everything from respect, status and upside to statistical production and intangibles. Three NBA bloggers ranked every player, then they took the averages to determine their rankings.

This list in my opinion is all screwed up, who the hell was responsible for the release of this list? After his finals performance I don’t think Lebron should be #1 on this list, heck I don’t think he should be above Dirk or Wade at this point. Kobe’s a little low for me but I am a Lakers fan so I’ll just accept the ‘hes aging argument’. Blake Griffin in the top 10 is just ludicrous, as well as putting Pau and Amar’e higher than Melo and Deron Williams. I also feel Deron is a better PG at this point his career than Russell Westbrook but an argument can be made for both. Kevin Love at 18!? Your joking right? Andrew Bynum got a very generous 25 considering his injury troubles and inconsistent play (did I say I was a Lakers fan? Lol). As the list goes on it gets worse with guys like Joakim Noah and Andre Iguodala making the top 30 be for players like: Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, and Gerald Wallace. Take a look at the top 40 let me know what you think. Heres the link to 41-100 on the list:  http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22748484/31276005

1. Lebron James SF Miami Heat
2. Dwight Howard C Orlando Magic
3. Dirk Nowitzki PF Dallas Mavericks
4. Dwyane Wade SG Miami Heat
5. Derrick Rose PG Chicago Bulls
6. Kobe Bryant SG Los Angeles Lakers
7. Kevin Durrant SF Oklahoma City Thunder
8. Chris Paul PG New Orleans Hornets
9. Pau Gasol PF Los Angeles Lakers
10. Blake Griffin PF Los Angeles Clippers
11. Amar’e Stoudemire PF New York Knicks
12. Zach Randolph PF Memphis Grizzlies
13. LaMarcus Aldridge PF Portland Trailblazers
14. Russell Westbrook PG Oklahoma City Thunder
15. Carmelo Anthony SF New York Knicks
16. Deron Williams PG New Jersey Nets
17. Tim Duncan PF San Antonio Spurs
18. Kevin Love PF Minnesota Timberwolves
19. Manu Ginobili SG San Antonio Spurs
20. Steve Nash PG Phoenix Suns
21. Kevin Garnett PF Boston Celtics
22. Rajon Rondo PG Boston Celtics
23. Chris Bosh PF Miami Heat
24. Al Horford C Atlanta Hawks
25. Andrew Bynum C Los Angeles Lakers
26. Nene Hilario C Denver Nuggets
27. Paul Pierce SF Boston Celtics
28. Tony Parker PG San Antonio Spurs
29. Joakim Noah C Chicago Bulls
30. Andre Iguodala SF Philadelphia 76ers
31. Marc Gasol C Memphis Grizzlies
32. Kevin Martin SG Houston Rockets
33. Lamar Odom PF Los Angeles Lakers
34. Tyson Chandler C Dallas Mavericks
35. Rudy Gay SF Memphis Grizzlies
36. Eric Gordon SG Los Angeles Clippers
37. Andrew Bogut C Milwaukee Bucks
38. Danny Granger SF Indiana Pacers
39. Monta Ellis SG Golden State Warriors
40. Gerald Wallace SF Portland Trailblazers

Other Notable Screw Ups

  • At 42 David West above guys like Joe Johnson (44), Josh Smith (45), James Harden (46), Luis Scola (48), Ray Allen (49), and Tyreke Evans (50)
  • At 62 Elton Brand above Brandon Jennings (66) and Devin Harris (72)
  • Danilo Gallinari is too high at 73 for me.
  • JJ Reddick at 96 above Ron Artest (97) and Brandon Roy (100)

2011 NBA Season?

Now that football is back the NFL performed one of the biggest scams of this year. After four or five months of not knowing what to agree they get a deal done, then have fans wait a little while longer to ratify the decisions going forward. If you ask me the NFL knew exactly what they were doing to promote the NFL even better. With the NFL at least fans knew what areas needed to be handled as more safety, rookie contracts, possible longer season, teams salary caps, etc.

In regards to the NBA WTF!!!! After coming off one of the most electrifying NBA seasons with super teams forming and the Mavericks upsetting the Heat in the finals this past season they went into lockout. Speaking as a fan I don’t understand. Between David Stern and Billy Hunter as the representatives of the owners and players doesn’t seem much progress is being made at all. Some areas of concerns possibly are a new collective bargaining agreement, super teams, all competitive rosters equally, etc. Until some of these issues and others are solved the players have to find other things to do in the meantime.

This summer we have seen Kevin Durant ballin’ at the legendary Rucker Park, Michael Beasley smacking fans, LeBron getting dunked on in Japan, Kobe easily beating (rapper) Bow Wow in one on one at his basketball camp for $ 1M, etc. So what will it take for both sides to come together and compromise? Only time will tell.

NBA Player Michael Beasley Mushes Fan

As if he didn’t have enough problems of his own troubled NBA player Beasley got upset after a fan started heckling him at Dyckman Park. The funny part is he try’s to be slick looks around then  does it thinking nobody saw him. Cmon son your 6’10 of course someone will notice you attacking a midget. I hope he thanked Kevin Durant for saving him after the game.