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21 Ways to Save Time Daily (by @local_dmnd) #w2tm

first things first,

it’s not about time. it’s about energy.


  1. Decide what’s important: because in 5 years,(shit even a month) 80% of what you do today may not turn into anything.
  2. Sleep, food and exercise: can triple your outcome, because they increase focus, motivation and energy levels.
  3. The 2-minute rule: if you can do something in 2 minutes, do it now.
  4. The 5-minute rule: the biggest cure against procrastination is to set your goal to just work 5 minutes on it.
  5. Practice Makes Permanent: if you want to be good at something, do it every day. including on christmas, thanksgiving, during monday night raw, etc. #nodaysoff
  6. Tiny habits: (Tiny Habits w/ Dr. BJ Fogg) helps you create good habits quickly.
  7. Don’t Rely on Your Memory: get everything out of your head, write it down in a notebook, put it in your todo-list app, whatever.
  8. As few tools as possible: it doesn’t matter what you use (pen & paper/iPhone) if you understand your task.
  9. Routine beats tools. you need discipline.
  10. Pomodoros: timeboxing—for 30 minutes do only the task at hand. nothing else.
  11. Always wear your headphones: you don’t gotta listen to music, but it will discourage people to approach you.
  12. Email scheduling and inbox zero: don’t read your email first thing in the morning, don’t read it in the evening, only before noon, during after lunch, and before you go home for the day.(assuming you have a job/go to school/idk) your email inbox is not a todo list. don’t let that bubble number get over 30 at one time: every message should either be an actionable task, or a reference document.
  13. Same thing for phone calls: don’t be always available.
  14. Batch small tasks: mail, phones, tweets, instagram posts, etc.
  15. MI3: most important three tasks (or 1 must – 3 should – 5 could)
  16. Willpower is limited: don’t think that willpower is a get out of jail free card. everyone succumbs to being tired at some point.
  17. The most powerful thing: always ask yourself what is the most powerful thing you can do right now.
  18. Ship often: don’t polish it too much. just let it fly.
  19. Scheduled procrastination: your brain needs some rest every so often and that’s okay.
  20. Delete. Say No. Ignore. Don’t commit to schedules
  21. Fake incompetence

News: iPhone 5c sets student’s pants ablaze by @sleeptillnoon #w2tm

20140201_820006.xml-phone.1a serious, but still funny situation. a 14-year-old girl  sat down just before her first-period class Friday morning when she and her friends heard a pop from the victims Apple iPhone 5c. according to a report from the Middle School of the Kennebunk’s principle, Jeff Rodman, “Immediately, smoke starts billowing from around the student, she knew right away something was wrong and, in a panic, knew her pants were on fire caused by the cellphone.”

after the situation’s initial havoc was contained, the student was able to appropriately remove her pants separate from the boys in the class & cover herself with a blanket until rescue workers & fire marshall’s arrived to take her to the hospital. it is confirmed she’s been treated for 2nd degree burns. owner of TechPort in Portland Andrew Rosenstein, which repairs Apple products, said customers have brought in batteries that were swollen and at risk of malfunction after extended use, but not from a phone that was almost new. “These batteries installed in Apple products in particular are extremely safe. It’s an extremely rare incident,” he said. thankfully the girl & everyone in the class wasn’t harmed & is safe now.

apple HQ was not available to make a statment…

*via Morning Sentinel*

New Song: Becoming king – @SouthBethTigg #PaHipHop #W2TM

Here is a new song submitted by Tigg for the blog look out for his new mixtape POSV2 (Product Of The Southside) Volume 2 coming soon. follow him on twitter facebook an ig @SouthBethtigg. Click the picture for his soundcloud link.