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Check out the new album by WAVO & support it. Not only has he been doing contests with a free giveaway he is now offering Purchase options for the true supporters. Everyone else will have to wait till May 18th for it to be available on all streaming platforms.

Check Out #W2TM “Team Moet Quality Playlist V 27” Via @Spotify & @TIDAL With Music By: @WhoIsJamalGasol @uptown_rich @mrdopeflow @ChrisCrackNDC @BugzyNino @focusthetruth @ynx716 @BaBadd_EbE @Teller_Banks @EtoMusicROC @StarkerForMayor @BubStyles @shaqisdope @HusKingpin & #W2TM ‬

‪Check Out #W2TM “Team Moet Quality Playlist V 25” Via @Spotify With Music By: @maffewragazino @Heemstogied @DISSBBM @EsteeNack @EtoMusicROC @HusKingpin @ILLAGHEE2K @4ord20 @rasheedchappell @Rome_Streetz @ill_Conscious @ThaRealJHAZE @KwameKatana @ynx716 @_mondaynight & More ‬