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Stream Album | S O S – ‪@JonConnorMusic #W2TM‬

The people’ rapper has finally returned. I was a huge fan of his early release “The Salvation” that album played a huge part in my early days coming up. The wait was excruciating but dam it felt good hearing some of these new songs like “Vehicle City” a fast pace lyrical onslaught Connor shows he is still hungry. The Code is another banger he paints a picture for the listener to feel his struggle. My personal favorite on first listen is “The Procedure” he dismantles the beat. The most special thing about this album is the ( Thank You Reprise ) where he plays a bunch of calls from fans who have been supporting him for years proving why he still is THE PEOPLES RAPPER !!


Video: Jon Conner Takes Over Chicago

Experience a day in the life of Jon Connor as he does a show in Chicago followed by a radio interview & some in studio footage. Connor is by far the freshman stand out of 2011 if he doesn’t make the XXL Freshman list i will boycott the magazine because they have let a lot of trash cover their magazine so they should cover real talent.

New Mixtape & D/L : Season 2- Jon Connor

As Promised Conner dropped Season 2 today i had a chance to listen to it a lot of good music people. If you have an open mind and love good music click the pick to D/L below  the first song off the mixtape.