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News: New drug named ‘Nintendo’ hits various parts of Europe by @sleeptillnoon #w2tm

nintendowhen i first read this i thought, “lmfaoooo, this HAS to be another fake story one of the corny troll twitter accounts helped spread around,” but it looks to be legit. Nintendo has such a massive following of die hard fans who believe in them so strongly that it doesn’t seem strange that the seemingly brand new drug would already have a market.

according to a report from the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs, the new ‘designer’ drug bearing the Nintendo’s iconic logo has been making the rounds in the European club scene. the report claims the Nintendo pills contain a heroic amount of MDMA(Woo!). lol

getting a pill with a wing, or a ferrari logo on it is the farthest thing from uncommon i can say from experience, since it’s an incredibly easy way to speak in loosely coded terms about which pills might be potent, dirty, what-have-you. nintendo 2

there haven’t been any domestic reports of any ”Nintendo’ hitting the states, but i can safely assume that will be remedied shortly. if this is any sort of precursor for a wave of video game themed designer drugs making an entry into the global drug culture, i can only hope that Fallout 3 themed pills aren’t that far off…