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Rolling Stones ‘King of Hip Hop’ List

Rolling Stones recently came out with their ‘King of Hip Hop’ List. They did a two and a half-year survey where they combined total number of albums sold to¬†determine the ‘King of¬†Hip Hop’.¬†The list starts off as expected can’t complain much about the top 5, its 6-20 that has me scratching my head. I have a lot of problems with this list,¬†I mean Fabolous is listed at 17 under artist like¬†B.O.B, Pittbull, and Kid Cudi.¬†Despite¬†Fabolous record¬†sales¬†I feel he¬†is a better artist that most¬†ahead of him on this list. Kid Cudi and Gucci Mane¬†are way to high on this list¬†if¬†they¬†should even be on¬†it at all, and I feel the same about Waka Flocka, Diddy¬†and Big Boi. My problem is not with these artist makin the list,¬†but the criteria Rolling Stones used to rank the top hip hop artist. Since when did record sales determine the greatness of a rapper? Have we forgotten to appreciate the lyrics and artistic vision of rappers? This list is evidence that record sales do not support the skills of a rapper, but more so his fan base willingness to go out and buy their albums. As a fan of hip hop¬†its disappointing.