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WTF News | Neighbors Called Police Because Too Many Blacks Were Invited To A Pool Party #W2TM

Yup you heard it right this is just another reason not to let yo kids outside alone anymore.

News | Cop’s Let K9 Maul Unconscious Man To Death Caught On Video #W2TM

Another disburbing video of yet yes another case of Police abusing they power this seems to be routine these days. watch as the officer calls the dog over after the suspect is restrained to attack & comtinues to beat him. Rip Philip White who was killed by the Vineland Police. Thank you to all the brave souls who continue to capture these incidents.

Cop tries to take witness’s phone

News | Missouri Cops Shoot Un Armed Teen #MikeBrown #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

Once again the police shoot an un armed black teen this has become an epidemic. As a father I don’t even feel comfortable sending my son in society because it’s like they get a free pass to get away with this stuff. Justice doesn’t exist and when it does it comes with stipulations such as a short sentence. Here is some pictures below from the chaotic scene people have been protesting since this morning so it will only get worse please read up on this.




Documentary: Noisey Presents Welcome 2 Chiraq Episode 1-3 | Chief Keef , Fredo Santana, Lil Reese & Lil Durk #W2TM via @TeamMoet

This is the first 3 episodes of the 8 part series done by Thomas Morton & Noisey. There have been a few recent documentaries highlighting Chicago such as The Field by WSHH , Fly Glory by @DatKnockDesign.