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Listen & Purchase | If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed – @BigGhostLtd x @WHOISCONWAY #W2TM

Here is the latest project from Big Ghost & Conway this is a follow up to last years album “No One Mourns The Wicked” Be sure to check out this new banger. This project has some dope features such as Rome Streetz & Ransom.


Today ‪@BigGhostLtd x @WHOISCONWAY Announced A Release Date For Their Collaborative Project ‬ | Artwork By: ‪@JelleSmid ‬ #W2TM

Today Conway The Machine & Producer Big Ghost LTD announced via IG that they will be releasing a surprise collaborative project that’s been in the works later this month. The project is due to release 5/15 via DeRapWinkel .

I’m exited for this project for many reasons one being Big Ghost Projects are always a masterpiece well put together good production & song placement. Some Big Ghost projects to check out if your not familiar are “The Only Way Out” By Rigz & Mooch , “A Bullet For Every Heathen” By 38 Spesh & most recently his project “Carpe Noctem” .

The main reason to get excited is because the last time Griselda and Ghost worked together we got the Griselda Ghost project which basically grew to be an underground cult classic that helped the “Buffalo Kids” become a household name.

I’ll be purchasing this one for sure and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I would recommend y’all do the same!