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F*ck Reality (by @DMND_XCIV) #w2tm

What you perceive as the “reality” of your life is an illusion. It’s a holographic projection of a culmination of your past experiences. It’s what you think life looks like based on what you have learned in your past.”

that may sound like an early quotable pulled from the first Matrix movie but the sooner you realize this the better.

think of all the shit you avoid based on a “reality” you’ve construed in your mind. a relationship. a new job path. a chance to travel. a friendship. an adventure. you end up avoiding the truly good pleasures of life because “the reality of the situation” is that you’ve already decided in your mind, based on your past experiences and influences, that you know the trajectory of whatever opportunity you have in front of you. you’ve seen divorce throughout your family history, so what you perceive to be the “reality” is that relationships never last. you’ve seen your friends try to make it as a graphic designer on their own, but the “reality” is that there’s not really any money in it(initially). you want to travel the world, but the “reality” is that you don’t have money now and think you won’t ever have the money or you’re not “one of those people” who travel. good news is that whatever reality you subscribe to, that’s the reality you will see. but think about this: if you’re already good at constructing the reality you don’t want, think about how good you could be at constructing the reality you actually fucking want.

yes, you may not be able to alter your beliefs or deconstruct your reality over night, but you certainly can begin at some point today

your reality is exactly what you make it. once you change your perception of your reality and change your beliefs, you start wanting different things, different people, careers, friends. whether those things are good for you you must figure out on your own but nothing’s as valuable as experience, especially one that’s tailored by you.

so start observing what thoughts you are taking as truth or what beliefs you are assuming are the “reality” of the world. be that curious person. get brave. ask questions. challenge what you think you know. and the world’ll be yours.




Since Rick Ross made Bmf it seems like no one really wants to be themselves everyone is always talking about who they feel like etc. We must draw the line at some point this trend is lame. We got Tony Montana,Charlie Sheen,Bill Bellemy, Donald Trump the list goes on i dont wanna waste no more time on this subject so i will end by saying thanks but no thanks i will be passing up on all music named after someone from now on.


From the birth of hip hop the most lyrical emcees have always been known to be born on the East coast. The West coast was more known for gangsta music & party music. They havent been on top since 2pac  but managed  to survive the south’s reign on top as well. In the last 10 years it seems that things have changed drastically. The West has stepped their game up to another level & have been producing a lot of lyrical rappers these days such as Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I, Dom Kennedy, Fashawn to name a few. When we look at the East now its still all bout being Fresh dressed, how much drugs you deal & how gangsta you are.These days everyone is pretty much saying & doing the same thing that’s already been done.

Where are all the new lyricists at? Outside of Fabolous & vets like Raekwon & Jadakiss nobody new is delivering consistently besides Vado & A Mafia. Now dont get me wrong there are a few other nice East caost rappers like Joe Buddens & Joel Ortiz but there not NEW. How did we go from the most creative Coast in hip hop to just being lost in the past & complaining that hip hop is dead. During that time the south & west & Mid West have got more lyrical changed their formula and it seems to be working. In my opinion the west will rise to the top again before the East because they are putting a variety of music out, not the same product with a different face & the unity is strong in all coasts but the East. The East coast has a lot a fake love one minute they cool the next there not.

The East has so many artists but a lot of them never actually drop albums & the labels are not promoting them as much. Some prime examples Red Cafe & Jae Millz in the past they both have had so many singles with videos & still no album. In closing Step ya game up East coast rappers because you’re not the only one’s with lyrical content these days.


                         I been in love with Hip Hop growing up from a young age back in the early 1990’s late 80’s. From the beginning it was about rebelling and standing out for what you prime examples Public Enemy spoke on confrontational topics & N.W.A rocked the black fitted and shades. The Hip Hop community always played a major role in the fashion market from Roc-A-Fella to Fabolous making the world go throwback jersey crazy. Over the years it seems a lot of this creativity has gone away. Instead of trying to be the first YOU everyone is trying to be the next man taking their style An trying too perfect it. At one point Max B was the only rapper that could also sing then Drake came mastered that now everyone trying to rap & sing an out do him, instead of making their own lane. It’s sad because the record labels are scared to put out good music so they look at who is hot an tell the artist to be them. Now Hip Hop went from gangsta to tight jeans an weirdos. The crowd they trying to appeal to is the weirdos prime examples Nikki Minaj with her alter egos an wigs & Wiz Khalifa putting blonde spot in his hair. Those are just a few I could keep going but I wont. I just wanna know where are individuals in the game these days? No creativity don’t get me wrong right now there is a lot of good music out but I don’t like this following what the next man does. We went from originality to just trends. Lex Luger was a big trend for a moment everyone wanted his beats because Rick Ross an Waka Flocka made them hot. There are a lot of producers out go find one and get your own sound that’s the best bet. At the end of the day this music won’t last long if we got a bunch of followers In conclusion remember that trends come & go.

Blog Interview | Bang Em Smurf 1- 1 #W2TM Via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

1) For those who don’t know who you are what would you like to share to get them better acquainted an get familiar with the name?
 BanG Em Smurf:    4 those who don’t know me I’m the former gunit cofounder/& 50cent business partner….a southside queens legend…

2)  In the Past you were more of a hype man an did Adlibs etc. What inspired you to start rapping?

Bang Em Smurf: I felt like hiphop was diein..a lot of bullshit in the game…& who else got a BIGGER story 2 tell than me…& an when I say diein I mean in the streets everybody dancein now or goin pop…I DO IT 4 THE STREETS..

3) How did you come up with the FEED DA WOLVES movement?

 Bang Em Smurf: I came up with the name down here in trinidad this shit is really the jungle down here & an I sat up in jail for dam near 4years a watched all these suckas get fat….now its time 4 the real niggaz 2 eat…& an that name stand out cause its a million other niggaz feeln like me who could relate..

4) When can we expect a new Bang Em Smurf & Domination Album?

Bang Em Smurf: 2011 we workn on that now as we speak….

5) What’s your best and Worst experience with the music industry?

Bang Em Smurf: My best was seein me & my old team (G-Unit) make history that was the beat feeln in the world we really use 2 get on our knees an pray we made & we did we defeated the odds& the worst was see how money change people…same niggaz that u will die 4 just filp on u…start feeln god cause they get paper LOL suckas..

6) As far as the Label situation is it still GF (Gangsta Flip Records?

  Bang Em Smurf:  Na its FEED DA WOLVES ENT gangsta flip records was a faze we left that in the past new era new money..

7) what can we expect from you going into 2011?

 Bang Em Smurf: Me to be runnin this shit…..


8 ) What artists outside ya camp you feeling right now an would work with?

Bang Em Smurf: Im gonna say Cassidy,Young Buck, Yukmouth, na mean…I don’t really like workn out side my camp but if a nigga a real street nigga I’ll fuck with him/her..

9) what have you learned in the streets that helped you avoid bad situations in this industry?

Bang Em Smurf: Trust NO1…….loyalty is limited…..
10) If you wasn’t rapping what else would you be doing now?

Bang Em Smurf: Moving weight & an takin hits LOL LOL! Really th0

11) what’s you opinion on the state of hip hop?

Bang Em Smurf: This shit suck……niggaz don’t support real music know more
12) Is it possible to have friends in this business or is there no Loyalty?

Bang Em Smurf: NO friends in this game niggaz only care 4 they self or what they could get out a nigga.
13) Correct me if im wrong but doesn’t hip hop  an WWE have alot in common seems like alot of acting?

Bang Em Smurf: You a 100% right this shit is wwe……a bunch of suckaz frontn fooln the world
14) Who all is on the FDW roster?

Bang Em Smurf: Me, Domination, Southpaw Da Don, Money M0, Fivealive & Maybach Dice he on FDW/MMG!

 15) Last but not least do you ever see you an 50 Cent patching things up an working together?

Bang Em Smurf: Na I don’t see that happening its a new era niggaz don’t respect him no more……


(((((Check out http://feeddawolves.net/ to keep up with the movement )))))