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Blog: Team Moet 610 “Top 25 Favorite Albums Of 2020” Via @NamesR4Friends [ Playlist Included Via @spotify ] #W2TM

As a fan & writer I enjoyed and appreciated all the hard work put in this year. At a time of uncertainty these guys kept their foot on the pedal an dropped tape after tape to build up an audience while the mainstream artists sat around or started DM’ing artists in a paid song placement scam( 😆 ). With no further ado here is my list.

Reasonable Drought – Roc Marci Presents : Stove God Cooks

Favorite Song: Rolls Royce

Why I picked this album:

This was a dope introduction to the world for SGC. From track one he catches your attention with his delivery & wordplay no skips on this project. Everyday it felt like I had a new favorite song. Roc Marci blessed him on the production as well. It’s crazy to think this project had no features & was from an artist fans weren’t really familiar with at the time an still blew up the way it did.

The Baltimore Housing Projects – Jay Royale

Favorite Song: Hate To Love It

Why I picked this album:

The old school samples & scratches throughout along with movie skits was well used. This is an album you can turn on an just let it play from start to finish.

As God Intended – Che Noir x Apollo Brown

Favorite Song: Hustle Don’t Give

Why I picked this album:

Che & Apollo together sounded like a well oiled machine. Loved Anti-Social she did a great job of telling us about her upbringing. Che is in a lane of her own with the quality of music she is puttin out. She went 3 for 3 in 2020 an ended the year producing her most recent project “After 12”

Capital Gains – Willie The Kid

Favorite Song: Durban Poison

Why I picked this album:

The title & timing of this was well needed. WTD floats all over this one showing why he one of the best out in his lane.

Way’s & Means – Rasheed Chappell x 38 Spesh

Favorite Song: Iron Head

Why I picked this album:

Solid collab right here from Spesh & Rasheed. This one made me a fan and started off a nice year for Rasheed from features to his year end project with Buckwild.

Directors Cut 3 – Ransom x Nicholas Craven 1-3

Favorite Songs: Based On A True Story , Inglorious Bastards, JD’Revenge

Why I picked this album:

I picked this series as a whole because stone cold said so! I’m a huge Ran fan since Way back on the early clue tapes, Pain & Glory etc. so you know I was looking forward to hearing him back in the booth. He didn’t just return he kicked the doors down an turned into one of the top guys in the game in a short time. Deleted Scenes & Crime Scenes was both dope as well. Ransom & Nicholas Craven together is a blessing to true hip hop fans ears.

Burden Of Proof – Benny

Favorite Song: One Way Flight

Why I picked this album:

Benny gave us a different sound & showed he could not only rap with the best of the underground on songs like “Over The Limit” with Dom Kennedy but also do it on a mainstream level on “Timeless” with Big Sean & Lil Wayne.

Beyond Bulletproof – Mozzy

Favorite Song: Bulletproofly

Why I picked this album: That Gangsta west coast vibe. Mozzy continues to paint dope street tales.

The Dark Side Of Nature – Mav x Rob Gates

Favorite Song: Bloodhounds

Why I picked this album:

This is one of my favorite Big Ghost projects. This gives me that grimy 90s rap vibe as Gates & Mav go back & forth bar for bar. Da Cloth OG’s & Ghost delivered a dope project.

The Almighty Pen – Dat Boi Vic

Favorite Song: Economic Confessions

Why I picked this album:

Vic’s pen game needs to be appreciated. The fact features on here include Ransom, Che Noir & Raz Fresco to name a few let’s you know this is some Rap RAP. This project’s smooth production did it for me some other stand out tracks includes The Last Poets & The Hills Have Eyes.

FKTG – Conway

Favorite Song: Dough & Damani

Why I picked this album:

Conway worked with a lot of different producers on here from the likes of your DJ Premier, Rockwilder & Hit Boy. On this project The Machine displays why not only is he the nicest in the Griselda camp but also one of the nicest in the game right now. To make the album even better he gives us a Deluxe version with even more bangers like Raw Oysters.

Loyalty & Trust 2 – Flee Lord x 38 Spesh

Favorite Song: Five On Us

Why I picked this album:

Flee dropped so many dope projects this year but Five on Us, Still Trapped & Both Views stuck to me the most. This was a solid follow up to the original Loyalty & Trust.

Pray For Paris – W$G

Favorite Song: 500 Ounces

Why I picked this album:

W$G does a great job of not only picking beats but also features and song placement his album structuring is unfuckwitable. He also pairs artists together you wouldn’t expect like on “327” with Joey Badass & Tyler The Creator.

A Piece Of Mine – Bub Rock

Favvorite Song: LxVE

Why I picked this album:

When I wanna hear that pain & reality rap not that lyrical miracle … King Bub Rock it is. With an already solid catalog Bub continues to make good music. He makes something for every listener on every project he will give you street records & songs for the ladies Bub is an all around artist.

Alfredo – Freddie Gibbs

Favorite Song: Frank Lucas

Why I picked this album:

Grammy nominated album all that needs to be said. If you been following Gangsta Gibbs career over the years seeing him up for this award is big.

Eto Brigante – Eto

Favorite Song: The Last Call

Why I picked this album:

Creativity wise this album concept was dope. I loved how Eto gave this the “Carlito’s Way” feel. The fact he made a short film of it an used music videos & had Walberto actor Angel Salazar in it made it made the project special.

Dawn Of The Dead – Dead Wrong Records

Favorite Song: Hot Shit

Why I picked this album:

West Phillys own King Shampz told me personally this album was going to be fire when it dropped & he told no lies him & his brother Azzan is a powerful 1 2 punch. These two are in a league of their own Azzan’s production on here is a must listen.

Return Of The Oro – The Musalini

Favorite Song: Halo

Why I picked this album:

Smooth pimp laid back flow from Boss Don Records CEO Musalini. This is that upper echelon high end fashion rap.

Adjust To The Game – Larry June

Favorite Song: Financial Freedom

Why I picked this album:

Larry June is like the mailman he always delivers you that smooth west coast summer vibe. June is easily one of the most consistent out right now. A lot of bangers on here like “You Can Get Rich” & “Matcha Wit Harry”.

Mt. Marci- Roc Marci

Favorite Song: Downtown 81

Why I picked this album:

Roc with the unexpected features like schoolboy Q, Action Bronson. The production was not what we are us to from Roc but I enjoyed it. I’m Roc Marci bias he can do no wrong in my eyes so we will leave it at that.

Baladas – Estee Nack x Superior


Why I picked this album:

Nack is from another planet plain an simple. I enjoyed Superiors production to go along with Nack’s unique flow.

The Grotesque & The Beautiful – Teller Bank$

Favorite song: The Pride Of The Fallen

Why I picked this album:

This album was deep Teller does a great job of painting his Pain on the Ed Glorious production.

Rebuilt – Buckxz

Favorite Song: Family Hustle

Why I picked this album:

Buckxz one of the most determined hardest working up & coming artists I know. Even through all the minor set backs he seems to persevere & keep coming back stronger with even better music every time around.

Noise Kandy 4 – Rome Streetz

Favorite Song: Prophet & Pusher

Why I picked this album:

I’ve enjoyed the Noise Kandy Series as a whole. Rome is one of my favorite artists in this new underground renaissance. Minimal features but loaded with quotables.

The World Is Piff 2 – Jamal Gasol

Favorite Song: 4:20 In La

Why I picked this album:

This tape to me helped Jamal branch out an expand his fan base & PIFF brand in 2020. He has songs on here with Planet Asia, Jah Monte, Vic Spencer to name a few. Good music to smoke to right here. Angela Flowers is also super dope.

So many other albums could’ve been included.

Bonus Pick:

Special shoutout to my favorite artist 38 Spesh for having a great year multiple production credits & ending the year with a perfect project in “Interstate 38” I would’ve added it to this list but felt it wouldn’t of been fair since it was so new. Overall I enjoyed it along with the “6 Shots” EP. Spesh still made this list a few times for albums he produced.

Check out the playlist below with a few songs from these artists!

Blog | Growth Manifesto Part. 1  #W2TM

  • Allow events to Change You

be willing to grow. growth is different than something that happens to you. you produce & live it yourself.

  • Forget about Good.

growth is not necessarily ‘good.’ growth is about exploration, if you stick to only what’s good you’ll never truly grow.

  • Process is more than Outcome

when the payoff or outcome drives the process you’ll never break new ground. when the process itself drives the outcome you’ll at least know you’ll actually want to be wherever you end up.

  • Love your Experiments

look at the big picture when it comes to trying new things, try to find fun in your failures.

  • Go DEEP

the deeper you go into anything the more likely you are to find something of value.

  • Capture/Log Accidents

you either win or you Learn something.

  • Study

use the necessity to produce as an excuse to study, it’ll prove to be beneficial either way.

  • Drift

allow yourself to get lost in your own thoughts as well as the world. lack judgement, postpone criticism.

  • Start ANYWHERE

thinking that there’s a set place or way to begin something can be crippling until you let that notion go.

  • Everyone is a Leader

whenever/wherever growth happens allow it. follow it when it identifies with you, don’t be afraid to follow someone else’s lead.

Blog | 5 Ideas to help Improve your Lifestyle #W2TM

as soon as 2015 began I made a promise to myself that this year I wasn’t going to fold on any and all issues, especially when it came improving my own life. now i realize turning ones entire life around isn’t an overnight process, which is why i sought out different practices to aid myself and #W2TM on the path to improvement.

  1. Create habits, not goals or resolutions. Resolutions are like wishful thinking, that fade away inevitably as the year’s newness wears off. Goals are great, but it’s hard to juggle 5-10 new goals when you have a lot of other things always going on. Instead, focus on one new habit at a time, and give it your full attention, until it becomes automatic. Then do another new habit. After a year, you could have 12 new habits, and you’ll be a lot closer to any goals you might have wanted to reach.
  2. Be all in. Most people fail at their resolutions because they write them down, start taking action, and then let themselves quit when things get hard. But what if you committed to doing the habit of meditation in January, or you’d have to give up your favorite food for a year? What if you had to pay $10,000 if you missed two straight days of meditation? Would you stick to the habit then? Of course you would — because you’d be fully committed. Find a way to be all in, and you’ll make your habits stick.
  3. Focus on weekly adaptations. Most people try to focus on something that will take a year to achieve, but you lose motivation, and what if things change during that year? Instead, focus on one week at a time. That’s a doable chunk of time — you can do a week at a time, but you can’t really do a year at a time. And each week, see how you can adapt what you’re doing so that your method gets better and better over time. Review how you did, find the obstacles, and plan around them for the next week.
  4. Find your crew. You can do great things on your own, but you’re much more likely to get them done if you have a group of friends who are holding you accountable, and who you’re holding accountable too. Hold each others’ feet to the fire. Root each other on. Hold regular meetings to make sure everyone is staying on track, and don’t let your crew fall off track.
  5. Fill your year with curiosity and a learning stance. Many people get discouraged if they fall off their goals or habits, but that’s because they have an all-or-nothing mindset. They see failure as evidence that they can’t do it. Far from it: failure is evidence that things need adjusting. It’s a way to learn, so that you can get better. Be curious about what will work for you, about what this new habit will be like (instead of having a preconceived idea), and about what happens when you make adjustments. See all your successes and failures as learning, not a sign that you are good or not good. With this flexible mindset, you’ll be able to weather out any kinds of disruptions, missteps, obstacles or changes.

January: Meditation

February: Healthy eating

March: Decluttering

April: Exercise

May: Unprocrastination

June: Learning/studying

July: Debt reduction (saving/investing)

August: Quitting a bad habit

September: A good start (waking early, yoga or MITs)

October: Gratitude

November: Creating

December: Letting Go

*Via ZenHabits.Net*

Blog | 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge #W2TM

The challenge is that for the next 10 days, beginning immediately, commit to taking full control of all your mental and emotional faculties by deciding right now that you will not indulge in or dwell on any un-resourceful thoughts or emotions for 10 consecutive days.

It sounds easy, but you might be surprised how often your brain is engaged in unproductive, fearful, worrisome, or destructive thinking.  The goal is to learn how to discipline yourself to be able to change your state and thinking rapidly, without indulging in them.  It’s about developing mastery of your mental and emotional well-being.

Never spend more than 10% of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90% of your time on the solution.

This is something that I’ve done many times before in the past, and it’s made a significant difference in my life.  I realized I had some destructive habits and patterns that were holding me back, such as binge eating, and that certain emotional states or negative thoughts were triggering those destructive habits.  It wasn’t until I committed to taking up the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge that I was able to learn how to take control of my mind and stay consistent with the habits that I wanted.

There are four simple yet important rules to this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge:

Rule 1. In the next 10 consecutive days, refuse to dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or feelings. Refuse to indulge in any disempowering questions or devitalizing vocabulary or metaphors.

Rule 2. When you catch yourself beginning to focus on the negative – and you certainly will – you are to immediately snap yourself out of it and change your thinking or state. You can do this by asking an empowering question, such as “What’s great about this?” or “What else could this mean?”. Or you can reframe any negative thoughts that come up, for example, if you catch yourself saying “I suck”, you would replace it with, “I’m awesome!”  There are some powerful techniques that you can use in a blog post I wrote on how to master your emotions. In addition, you can set yourself up for success each morning for the next 10 days by developing a morning ritual to get yourself in a peak emotional state each day.

Rule 3. For the next 10 consecutive days, make certain that your whole focus in life is on solutions and not problems. The minute you see a possible challenge, immediately focus on what the solution could be.

Rule 4. If you backslide – that is, if you catch yourself indulging in or dwelling on an unresourceful thought or feeling – don’t beat yourself up. There’s no problem with this as long as you change immediately. However, if you continue to dwell on unrsourceful thoughts or feelings for more than a minute, you must wait until the following morning to start the ten days over. The goal of this program is 10 consecutive days without holding or dwelling on a negative thought or state. This starting-over process must happen no matter how many days in a row you’ve already accomplished the task.

When I first attempted the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge it took me several weeks before I was able to go the 10 consecutive days. It was much more difficult than I thought. But once I was able to successfully finish it, it helped me condition myself for a tremendous, lifelong pattern of staying in a positive emotional state, even when there were challenges around me, and focusing the majority of my energy on solutions.

This is since a process that I’ve encouraged my coaching clients to partake in, and it’s made a huge difference for them, especially in helping overcoming destructive habits or addictions.  It’s something that I’m going to be going through again for myself, as I want to make sure I’m applying everything I learn in the book Awaken The Giant Within.

If you take on this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge, it will do four things for you:

  1. It will make you acutely aware of all the habitual mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back.
  2. It will make your brain search for empowering alternatives to them.
  3. It will give you an incredible sense of confidence as you can see that you can turn your life around in an instant.
  4. Most importantly, it will create new habits, new standards, and new expectations that will help you expand more than you could ever believe.

Here’s a word of caution:Don’t begin this 10 day commitment unless and until you are certain that you are going to live by it for the full length of time. If you aren’t committed to this, then you won’t last the 10 days. This is not for the weak of heart. This is only for those who are fully committed to conditioning their nervous systems for new, empowering emotional patterns that can take their lives to the next level.

Are you going to do it?  Think about it carefully, because once you commit, there’s no going back.

The truth is, you already know and have amazing tools on how to change yourself, your thoughts, and your emotional state. This is my challenge to you to start using them.  It’s time to put in practice what you’ve learned.

The best way to stay accountable to this is to commit to a friend or family member that you’re going to do this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge. Post a comment below to make your commitment public. This will help make you stay accountable and show your level of commitment to complete it.

For anyone that is reading this, I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

*Courtesy of ProjectLifeMastery.Com*

Video | Free Charlie – @Dave_East #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

Here is a new video from newly signed “Mass Appeal” artist Dave East who is Nas’s new protege. If you haven’t heard the tape that most likely earned him the deal log on datpiff & D/L or click link below.



New Mucic | 2 Cold – @NoFreeStiles #TMLB x #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts


Here is some new music from Chester Pa artist & Team Moet Lifestyle Brand #TMLB affiliate Nofreestiles he is a dope artist with good lyrical content and his song game is real crafty not many artists like him left. This is just something light though check the song below & his soundcloud if you need more.

Blog | My Theory Is The Cell Phone Is The Third Wheel In All Relationships By @NamesR4Friends via @W2TM_Blog_Posts


All couples love to spend quality time relax kick they feet up an enjoy each other’s presence. However that awkward moment always finds a way to show itself. All it takes is being on your phone while giving your suppose to be giving partner your attention, regardless if you can multi task or not your partner will feel some type a way about it an request you to put it down.

It could be late night you & your boo knocked out sleeping your phone ring or there phone rings an the mood changes an you get a “who’s that” an that can play out many different ways depending on the situation. You can be about to start crushing a girl you been talking to awhile then your phone rings an the mode changes.

It seems like the phone is the elephant in the room that no one wants to deal with. The phone is the game changer you don’t want your lady or vice versa to see you giving that more attention than them or it will create a problem. That’s my opinion tho let me know what y’all think about the topic.

Fashion Blog | @ABEmpire Presents The “Emperors Line Droppin June 30th 2014 Interview By @NamesR4Friends #BrandsOnTheRise #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts


abe collAGE


1) How long have you been designing clothes now?
  •   I’ve been designing forever , I’ve always been into art and creating things period. It’s been a little over 2 years since I started designing for ABEmpire Clothing co.
2) What inspires your different lines under the ABE brand such as the “Currency Cartel” & this new “Emperors line that is due out this week?
  •  I like to bring a theme to all of my collections. There’s a story behind each design. Not just some sneaker match ups, that’s too easy. A lot of thought and research goes into each design.
3) What are some of your biggest accomplishments you have made so far?
  • We just did a collaboration with Sabit NYC and that was huge for me considering I used to visit his show room as a kid to shop before I even thought about owning a brand. But just being able to continue to create and collaborate with dope people is a huge accomplishment to me.
4) How global would you say your brand is today compared to five years ago? 
  •  More than I could have ever imagined. We are blessed to have strong supporters worldwide.
5) What makes a successful Brand?
  •   Relentlessness , you have to be able to fuck up and keep pushing like nothing ever happened. A lot goes on behind the scenes of a brand that most people don’t realize. At the end of the day you have to be ready to fight through whatever this industry throws at you.
6) How can the people locate your clothing country-wide?
  • Most of our store accounts are on the east coast about 15 stores from Massachusetts to Florida. All of our stock locations are available on our website (www.americasbiggestempire.com  .We also have an online shop and we are now shipping worldwide. 
7) Who are some industry people you have built relationships with other than Waka Flocka who I have seen wear your clothing?
  •   I gotta shout out my fam DJ DiamondKuts from power 99 she has showed me so much love in Philly. She’s one industry person that has become a friend to me.
8) What is the craziest place you have you shipped a package distance wise?
  • The first time I sent a package to the UK was crazy haha , I didn’t understand how we had that reach I thought I got punked. 
9) How do you feel the people will respond to the emperors line?
  • The Emperors line is some of my best work yet. Dope concepts with a much cleaner look. It has already been my most successful line. I’m excited to drop it online for the world June 30th at noon
10) What separates your teams grind compared to others doing similar things?
  • My team is incredible , along the years we have all became strong together. People don’t know that we have one of the most talented camps in the world. We all want to succeed and we work hard for it.




Thanks for having me on behalf of ABEmpire Clothing Co. We appreciate your support since day 1! 

















Blog | Random Thought “Things To Entertain Yourself With Other Than Electronics” By @NamesR4Friends #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts


You ever felt like you couldn’t get away from your phone? You ever put your phone to your ear an say why is it so hot? You ever say damn it’s not even 12pm an my battery at 50% already. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has thought or felt that way. These days you feel naked without your phone it’s apart of you and with all the app options there isn’t anything it can’t do. Here is a challenge we can all try an get down with to see if we can escape all electronics for a day or even a few hours is Progress. Below is some ideas to keep yourself busy.

Gym- This is good not only for looks but mainly health purposes making sure your in the best shape you could possibly be for your age.

Cards- I can’t even keep track of how many different type of card games you can play. You have endless game choices & it’s competition & entertainment all in one.

Park- The park is one place you will enjoy from your a kid till you grow old. So get up get out & go walk shoot some hoops, ride a bike, take the kids wit you if you have any.

Books- so many good books out there everyone can find something that interests them to read. Everyone should have a book shelf & quiet room they can go to read a few hours a day.

Talk To People – socialize in reality with your family, friends, neighbors etc sometimes we forget we know real people and only communicate with whoever we see on social media.

Those were just a few tips I wanted to share I can’t give all my gems away y’all ain’t paying me haha enjoy your day & give those electronics a break. Thank you for reading as well.

Blog | 5 Tips To Build Your Brand By @NamesR4Friends #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts


1) Get someone to design you a logo that will stand out so people will recognize you by it.

2) Create a page for promotional purposes to market everything your doing. you need a website & social media sites pages as well.

3) Make sure you have a plan for what you want to do with your brand.

4) Networking is very important reach out to people have them market your product & you do the same in return.

5) make sure you trademark your logo to avoid legal issues

New Blog: Corporate America Workforce Is A Lie Part 1 By @NamesR4Friends Via @TeamMoet


The American way says you work to make a honest living an to have piece a mind. What happens when that way fails you? All the people struggling are the ones busting there ass to make a better living but they can’t achieve that because they are just making enough to live check to check or have a small savings. The upper class is filled with corruption but they get to live in happiness for generations. When will the cycle change and pay the hard working man an not the man with the most money?

I have been in the job market from 2002 before I graduated high school in 2004 & I have seen drastic changes but not for the better. In the early 2000s resumes came full surface because of career builder and many similar places offering them. At that point some jobs wouldn’t accept applications without a resume attached. We forward a couple years later to now almost everyone has access to a computer so resumes are more common.

So now they changed the format again. These days a job application is about 1hour long which is beyond ridiculous. They need an application, resume, personality test, job functions test etc. If you giving them all that Information right away they know if they want you or not & you don’t even get a chance at the interview in most cases because they ask so many questions that pretty much all aspects is covered & it’s now become a way of keeping people back.

An application should be just that. If I’m doing all this stuff then what would I do on the interview since everything they want too know is already known before hand? Then you have jobs who out source through temp agencies to avoid giving you benefits & a decent salary. They say go to college but College an experience are suppose to help you THATS A LIE I know people with degrees who can’t get quality jobs because they don’t want to pay there worth or teach them the job & experience will hold u back if u have too much some jobs will decline you because they don’t want to pay your worth I seen it time an time again. We trying to make an honest living but we are NOT given an honest chance to do so.