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Stream Album | Runnaway Diamonds – @iamTullyC x @LafaGang Features Includes: @BennyBsf @jayworthy142 @theWILLIETHEKID @HusKingpin #W2TM

Stream Album | IBTS 2 – ‪@_BsfLovey ( BSF ) Features Includes: @BennyBsf @elcaminosway @quin_nfn @_ricoshaw ‬#W2TM

Big B$F!!! Here is the new project from Black Soprano family member Loveboat Luciano aka BSF Lovey “IBTS 2” (Institutionalized By The Streets 2) Benny & DJ Shay are putting together quite the roster with the BSF imprint. Doloboat gives us a good listen with stand out songs like Take Me, Free Kodak & Kill Everybody to name a few.