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INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2] ‪ ‪@jahmonteogbon ‬ ‬ ‬ ‬ EXCLUSIVE via ‪@Team_Moet_610 ‬#W2TM


Jah Monte Ogbon a name that should rings bells if your an underground hip hop fan. This has been a solid year for him from getting his first song on the #Hot100 to getting spins on Hot 97 by your favorite DJ. It all started with him changing the game with some of the most outlandish (WTF) song titles that usually catch listeners attention. We’ve been following him for a few years an have seen tremendous growth in his music & brand it’s only right that we share his story.


( Team Moet ) Looking at your career over the last 2-3 years how satisfied would you say you are with what you’ve accomplished so far?

( Jah Monte )

I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve done in the past few years I went on a self funded tour around the country and linked with majority of my favorite artists in the “underground”

( Team Moet ) What inspires your creative song titles?

( Jah Monte)

I once named a song “Vegan Chicken Over Rice With My Cougar Bitch Who Look Like Jada Pinkett Smith” and it went crazy so I keep that same formula

( Team Moet ) The “Infinite Wisdom” Project was one of my favorites from you. How dope does it feel now to be pressing vinyls up for this and other projects & shipping them all over the world?

( Jah Monte )

It’s a great feeling I planned all this out in 2018 so to see it come to life is fulfilling. I’ve spent a lot of money on beats, features, traveling etc

(  Team Moet ) You call yourself “the best rapper in Charlotte” do you believe that & if so can you tell us what makes you the best?

( Jah Monte )

The best rapper in Charlotte title is just a marketing scheme. There’s a lot of talented artist in the CLT I just work smarter than them so I shine a little more. I thing too serious just a idea I came with to stand out.

( Team Moet) Being an Ohio native an growing up in Charlotte as well how would you say your life experiences in different areas helped you paint a picture on the mic?

( Jah Monte )

Being in different areas definitely opened my eyes to a lot of experiences that gives me a different perspective on life and I add that into the music.

( Team Moet ) Between Jah Monte & King Callis which persona of yours do you think is the better rapper ? What would be the major differences between the two?

( Jah Monte )

Jah-Monte King callis it’s all the same I’m just a little more lit now.

( Team Moet ) This Quarantine situation is crazy but at the same time it’s an opportunity for us to focus on ourselves an goals. What have you been doing to stay busy?

(Jah Monte)  

During this quarantine I’ve been working on music at the same pace as always I’m just thinking of different ways to be creative when it comes to marketing the music.

( Team Moet ) You got a good ear for beats tell us a little bit about your process when picking them?

( Jah Monte ) I find the samples for loops myself majority of the time unless I’m working with a producer online. I usually go browse through a genre at the record store until something stand out. Either that or going through a few YouTube channels for samples.

( Team Moet ) How helpful would you say Bandcamp & SoundCloud have been for your career ?

( Jah Monte ) Bandcamp/SoundCloud is helpful because it suggests similar artist to you so a listener can discover other artist or that listener probably discovered you from a recommendation. If you know how to finesse the hashtag you’ll be good

(Team Moet ) Who are some artists you would say influenced you growing up being that you been creating music since a young age?

(Jah Monte) Camron, Sun Ra, J Dilla, The Jacka, Ampichino

INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2] ‪ @NomadCarlos ‬ ‬ ‬ EXCLUSIVE via ‪@Team_Moet_610 ‬#W2TM


This week we introduce you to the yard man “Nomad Carlos” representing Kingston, Jamaica. Nomad has been putting in work the last couple years on the underground scene building up a steady catalog of projects such as “Cipher” Produced by Farma Beats & “The Psyche” with The Artivist to name a few. He paints a vivid picture of Life growing up in him music. If you enjoy good subject matter & substance in your music look no further.


( Team Moet ) Who is Nomad Carlos?

( Nomad Carlos ) 

Nomad Carlos is a unique individual who likes to think outside the box. I’m a hip hop artist who grew up in Jamaica so naturally I have a deep appreciation for the dance hall and reggae music. I do my own thing and try to be authentic with it while also being a voice for those without one.

( Team Moet )  How was life growing up in Kingston, Jamaica?

( Nomad Carlos )

It was dope.. had the best of times and the worst of times there. I moved to Kingston when I was 5 years old. I was born in America and my parents always had a plan to go back home and try to make life work there. They never really got accustomed to American life. So yeah I grew up in Kingston, on the more privileged side compared to what is always shown in the media and movies. For the most part it was peaceful but you grow up still being affected by what we can’t control. At the same time is a very lawless place compared to America, which made it fun especially as a teenager. If you were into the music culture then you start to mingle and experience all walks of life.

( Team Moet )  The first time I came across your music was in 2019 the “Blxvk Desert” Project With Inztinkz. Being that I’m Jamaican I was hype to see us active in the underground hip hop scene because I share some of that same love you have for hip hop….How big is the Underground rap movement in Kingston?

( Nomad Carlos )

Word. Well “Blxvk Desert” is a special project to me because it was just yard energy throughout. Inztinkz is a legendary hip hop producer from Kingston Jamaica. We hail from the same group “The Council” in which we had dropped an album in 2017 ” Nothing Else Matters”. The underground rap movement is still very underground and has been for a long time. I think it had reached its heights back when we started putting on our own show series called #PayAttention. We created a platform for hip hop culture in JA. Every month local rappers would come perform and we made sure the music was a hip hop atmosphere. We did that to get people in our zone and show them yeah this the only place you can come to in Kingston to find this type of vibe. And for a while it worked. Eventually we had to end the event because it wasn’t sustaining itself. Few artists are active doing they thing out there still.

( Team Moet ) The song “Riot” produced By Farma Beats is one of your most streamed songs. I enjoyed the production along with the subject matter & it had a chorus. Would you saying adding a chorus is under valued these days & what made you decide to go with it?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Yeah I do think choruses have been undervalued in the underground for a while. I also don’t think that’s a bad thing but, I think song structure is important. When I was growing up listening to hip hop, even reggae and dance hall as well, songs had choruses and sometimes even bridges. So I try to approach my music like that too. A good chorus can give life to a song. When I did Riot, initially I felt like just doing a long verse. But then I was like nah.. I made the first verse a 24 and the second verse a 16. Kinda played with the structure. And I loved the beat so I felt that chorus I did gave it a new meaning and made it complete. I don’t sleep on choruses.

( Team Moet )  How did you link up with The Artivist & Connect on your latest project “The Psyche” ?

( Nomad Carlos )

We were going back and forth on social media for a while.. he had sent me some beats a while back and I messed with one.  I thought it was a good idea to just do a short EP and put it out. He was wid it and then that’s what we cooked up.

( Team Moet )  Being that you are a Yardie how early did you know rap was your calling & not Reggae?

( Nomad Carlos )  

I’d say in high school. We used to always look forward to clashes during school where man would deejay the most popular tunes against each other.. back then bounty killer and beenie man was running the place. Vybz Kartel, assassin were the young artists at the time. I was always into that vibes and entertained by it. But hip hop always felt more natural to me artistically. My peers saw that in me too. My cousins were rappers and were running a studio called Gambling House Recording Studio which was revered as the mecca for local hip hop because every rapper or person involved in hip hop has passed through that studio at least more than once. So naturally that influence played a part in me as an artist.

( Team Moet ) How has the quarantine been affecting your creative process?

( Nomad Carlos )

 It definitely gave me time to finish up some projects and other stuff. I actually enjoyed my time being home for a while. I believe I came up with some solid concepts and ideas that can carry me through the next year or 2 haha. I wrote a lot of music and jotted down some ideas which I plan to execute.

( Team Moet )  In a short time you’ve worked with some innovative producers such as Farma Beats, Flu & The Artivist. What’s next on your plate?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Well. Next I want to drop a full length album. I’m going to focus on that next. 2019 and this year so far I’ve just done short EPs. I didn’t want to give too much on these projects cuz I thought starting small would allow these new audiences to get used to me. But I’m bout to go in album mode now. So the approach is gonna be different from what you’ve heard so far. It’s still gonna be that raw sound but conceptually, song structure wise like we talked about earlier, I’m taking it up a notch. I also have some collaborative projects in the works too with some hip hop and dancehall producers in yard.

( Team Moet ) What do you want fans to get out your music when they hit play?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Just to be able to relate I guess. I think I’m an ordinary person like anybody else. I have interests and unique experiences too that I think are relatable. So I want to spark any kinda emotion.

( Team Moet )  In the future at some point will we see you work with any Reggae artists ?

( Nomad Carlos ) 

‘m open to anything really as long as the opportunity seems right. If the vibe feel natural too then anything possible. I don’t want to only work with rappers to be honest haha.. but I do see this happening in the future. Just time is the master.

( Team Moet )  Do you plan to release any more music in 2020 or will you focus on pushing your latest project?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Not sure as yet. But I’m definitely gonna push “The Psyche” for a while. I want my music to breathe and live for a while. I don’t wanna rush my releases.

INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪@FlashiusClayton ‬ ‬ EXCLUSIVE via ‪@Team_Moet_610 ‬#W2TM


L!VE from the “City Of Angel’s” Los Angeles, California I present to you Flashius Clayton. He is one of the most consistent artists out on an independent level right now. When you hear him & Dirty Diggs together you know it’s a banger. With dope projects under his belt like “Wolf Moon” “8 Diagram Polo Fighter” & “Fronto Fever Dreams” you can tell sky is the limit for him.

( Team Moet )  Who is Flashius Clayton for the fans that don’t know, just catching on or will soon catch on?

( Flashius Clayton )

I’m a serious artist. People know me for the rhymes mostly but I’m a full spectrum hip hop musician. I also collect records, I’m a producer, I make beats, I play bass and a little keys. I’m the dude that does whatever it takes to make a song or project as dope as possible.

I’m also the founding member of Knuckle Sandwich Deli crew (myself, Lisaan’dro [ @panamanian_dro & @FrozenDeliDon ) and also a member The Craftsmen (‪ @_SKUNKZZ ‬& myself).

( Team Moet ) Although you’re from Northern California your music seems like the East Coast influenced you a lot would you agree?  What artist played the biggest influence?

(Flashius Clayton )

I’m definitely a NY oriented West Coast artist.

If I had to name one artist that inspired me the most when I decided to rap is Nas. I was around 14-15 when I heard “NY State or Mind” and the rest of “Illmatic”  but by the end of verse 1 on NYSOM I decided to dedicate my young life to being as vivid and ill as Nas when he said he never slept because sleep was the cousin of death.

Before that pivotal moment I was being exposed to artists on the local scene like Dre Dog, E40, Mack Mall, JT Tha Bigga Figga, San Quinn and dudes like that had the region captivated. But none of them ever inspired me to rhyme like Nas did.

Coming from Daly City right outside of San Francisco, everyone around me was mostly patriotic Bay Area Rap fans. I like all that shit too but it didn’t move me like that NY State Of Mind did. I’m mixed with Puerto Rican. Being that NY and PR is historically intertwined, I feel like all Puerto Ricans naturally gravitate to NY East Coast shit. I was a teenage graffiti addict and I studied a lot of hip hop. At the roots of the culture is New York gang and street lore. That world transfixed me.

My sound is break beat oriented and while that sound is traditional meat and potatoes East Coast hip hop there is a rich history of California artists in this vein who preceded me. Rasco and Planet Asia ( Cali Agents ) , Alchemist, Dilated, Hiero etc were all an inspiration to be a CA rep with a blatantly East Coast/sample based sound.

( Team Moet ) Would you say it’s easier or harder to build a loyal audience for you since most of your catalog of music isn’t all over popular streaming platforms like Apple Music & Spotify ?

( Flashius Clayton ) 

For me it’s a challenge to build my audience period. I feel like my product is on point but awareness is lacking.

I could most likely boost my visibility by being more active on the DSP’s but they aren’t super important to me. I don’t have the sort of audience that streams my music all day. I have a certain amount of physicals I want to sell before I go the stream route. The money in streaming is depressing frankly. One physical CD sale is equivalent to a hundred thousand streams. That shit just ain’t making me any money. DSP’s are a cool little resume bullet but until I have a much bigger audience it’s not something I’m not going to put a lot of energy into.

Right now my focus isn’t being on Apple Music. That’s an easy feat to accomplish. Streaming money would be nice but one of my goals is to sell hundreds of records within an hour of release. The people who are competitive about buying hip hop records will buy a highly sought after record regardless if its on Spotify or not. The buyer I want to captivate would probably be more inclined to buy an expensive vinyl release if it wasn’t on Tidal.

( Team Moet 610 ) I would assume it’s more profitable doing it this way. Would you also agree that the fan experience is more authentic & genuine this route as well?

( Flashius Clayton )

I can’t say it’s more profitable- it’s just a better look for me right now.

And I can’t even say it’s more authentic and genuine. Those are words people use to describe my character but I wouldn’t ever say I’m more authentic or genuine than anybody. That’s not for me to decide. I can’t say selling CDs and Vinyl is more real than being fully reliant on streaming but as a product a physical is infinitely more tangible than a stream or an mp3. They always say you can’t hold a stream in your hand like a record. Physicals are definitely a more tangible product than an mp3 that you can only hold in a cloud or a silicone chip.

( Team Moet 610) You & Dirty Diggs coming together is a perfect match & we been getting nothing but quality music as a result. Tell me a little bit about that chemistry?

( Flashius Clayton)

Shout out to Dirty Diggs I consider those dudes family. In 2018 I sent “Wolf Moon” to a bunch of people that I follow to make sure people heard it. JR from Diggs was one of those. We started working and kept working and I ended up spending a lot of time at their studio. I became a constant presence in their lab and was able to work with legends like Defari, Planet Asia and AA Rashid to name just a few.

The chemistry with Diggs is automatic because we be making music on some Main Source Just Hangin Out shit. The process working with Diggs is you smoke a thousand blunts they play a thousand beats in the lab, or maybe sometimes I’m there while they’re making new beats and I get to claim a new born baby.

But basically I hear a hot beat that sparks rhymes instantly and if it’s not being used I try to rap on it on the spot before someone else gets to it. You write and record on the spot for the best results working with Diggs and you have to be ready to go with your verse within an hour or two. Luckily my sword is pretty sharp and I’ve never started writing a verse at Diggs lab and left without laying it. As much fine cannabis that gets burned in there, that’s actually a superhuman feat, true story.

( Team Moet 610 )  The album that caught my attention was “Wolf Moon” . It gave me the vintage underground sound. How big was that project for your career?

( Flashius Clayton )

Wolf Moon helped me refine my formula. It was the biggest most lucrative project I put out up until Fronto Fever Dreams. I actually have a Wolf Moon LP coming out on CD and vinyl. It’s the original EP with two bonus songs and a nice remix of one of the fan favorites. The additional material really rounds out the album and the ill part is I wanted both bonus tracks to be on the original and I wasn’t able to make it happen. They really work in context with the original track listing, I’m mad proud of that project.

People mostly don’t know but I was hand sewing canvas Wolf Moon artwork patches onto Starter Hoodies at the beginning of 2018. I also got a lot of attention for printing the album cover on Ralph Lauren Polo Ts. I always try to come up with quality rare merch for the fiends. I plan to bring Polo Ts and maybe Reverse Weave Champion hoodies this time when I put the LP version of that project up for sale.

Wolf Moon T-Shirt & Digital Download main photo

( Team Moet )  You’ve already had a busy 2020 starting with an instrumental project “The Headbanger Boogie For The Marijuana Shopper Vol. 1”  then “8 Diagram Polo Fighter” & two collab projects with ‪@_SKUNKZZ ‬. All of this after dropping a superb album “Fronto Fever Dreams” in November 2019. Do you plan on slowing down or can we get used to new music from you regularly?

( Flashius Clayton )

I’m just getting started. I’ve been a professional working rapper since about when the lock downs really started to spread. I’m looking to out work every artist in the scene right now. I’m on a freelance campaign to assert my dominance, no bullshit. You’re going to hear a lot of features and collab EPs from me this year. We had some problems with the acetate factory fires and the quarantine not to mention the mass protests really shook me up. I had to take time off to be angry about the injustice and police brutality that’s been a constant in my life since I was aware of reality. 

I have another Craftsmen Excursions EP with‪@_SKUNKZZ ‬ on the way. There are so many EPs in motion I can’t keep track of all of them. Two different EPs with producers who took advantage of my quarantine verse rates are being constructed as we speak. One EP with Donnie The Jeweler on production is on the way. I am working on two full length solo albums that I plan to drop between now and summer 2021 if all goes well. The first will be titled “Knuckle Sandwich Deli”. It’s going to be on some Ironman shit featuring Lisaan’dro and Donnie the way Ghost had Rae & Cap spot lit. We got some brand name underground producers and a couple big guests… but it’s going to be a Deli showcase.

The other album I’m
gestating is my dark magnum opus “El Padrone”. There’s a bootleg of the title track on YouTube right now featuring Conway. The beat and the subject matter of that song should give you a good idea of what to expect from that album but I don’t think people are really ready for the journey through the dark side that El Padrone is. I’m not even ready or else that album would have come out years ago.

I have Schott Free co-executive producing the album with me and there is no way we are submitting anything less than an all time classic. With Free in the mix you can be certain that there will be some major features on that track list that will cause the scene to buzz and rumble. I’m talking about some BIG DOG LEGENDS too.

( Team Moet ) We follow each other on Twitter & one thing I noticed is not only are you an artist but also a huge hip hop fan what are your top 5 personal favorite albums of all time?

( Flashius Clayton) I’m not as rabid of a fan as I used to be but I spent so many years being a student of the music and culture I can’t help making statements unfitting of a diplomat from time to time.

I’m a student of the giants. It would be impossible to name only 5. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard is J Dilla’s first Beat CD from 2005. The one that starts off with that Hum Bum beat. But I like I a lot of different shit for different reasons. These days I isolate myself and do my best not to listen to anyone to help keep the energy that sparks my inspiration pure.

I can’t be The Man and a super fan at the same. I know for a fact that it would dilute my potency.

( Team Moet )  How is it that underground artists 
are thriving an dropping music consistently still during this quarantine but the majors are releasing little to none?

( Flashius Clayton )

People sitting at home in this era want to be entertained. A lot of us record at home and are well suited to be being stuck in the crib. It was a perfect storm for a indie artist right now.

But with the protests going on world wide in the wake of the brutal cold blooded murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis- I don’t know. The importance of making empty statements and swaggin out just to swag has lessened immensely for me. I was hyper creative in the quarantine before they killed George Floyd on Film. Everything that happened in the wake of that cowardly disaster completely drained me of the desire to rap.

The world is changing so fast I don’t know if there will be a place for shallow music when we get to the next stop of this journey.

( Team Moet 610 ) Being that we both liked “The Source” magazine growing up & it influenced us into the music culture in different ways. What do you think it would take for them to do so they can play a key role in this new age rap culture ?

( Flashius Clayton) 

I don’t even know man because people are extra ignorant right now. It’s acceptable to dismiss someone for writing “paragraphs”. A lot of proudly functioning illiterates can’t be bothered to read. Magazines used to be the medium that people transmitted information through. Now all that info is floating in the clouds. And for whatever reason, people prefer to read off of paper. If you tried to monetize a magazine you would have your work cut all the way out for you.

Honestly if you want to see what we saw with The Source you need an ecosystem that can sustain the lives of people the way hip hop did in the golden era. We have a vibrant scene and talented writers documenting a renaissance but if the artists ain’t making crazy bread off the scene how will article writers and rap journalists be able to?

( Team Moet )   What’s your thoughts on these recent protests & the fact racism still plays such a huge factor in day to day life in America ?

( Flashius Clayton )   

The anger and outrage we were seeing is more than justified and long overdue. I feel like they really tried to normalize murdering black men on film and it blew up in their fucking faces. Racism is a thing because white supremacy needs it to be able to exist. What we are seeing is ignorant, scared, racist white people who know that if they don’t fight for their culture, it will perish. They don’t want to give up the wheel.

Crazy white people are taking their last stand and that is why racism is still such a powerful construct in 2020.

( Team Moet ) Do you think we can solve the race issues that America still faces? If so how & what will it take?

We definitely can but it’s going to take violent upheaval.

There are people in the world who wake up and the first thing they do is fix their heart to hate others who don’t resemble them. Descendants of white immigrants and exiles telling descendants of different black and brown immigrants, many of the whom were kidnapped from their motherland, to go back to where their white ancestors stole them from.

I’m not a fan of fat ugly white women who drunkenly harass non whites for being alive… but I don’t wake up obsessed with them either. I don’t make time to stew in my own hatred of the ignorant and ugly  that’s the difference between me and the enemy we face.

We need to know who we are dealing with and mobilize to meet the threat. There is a massive world wide movement of ignorant white backlash to the world becoming color blind. They have been mobilized and weaponized and are actively fighting a Guerilla war. We need to do the same. If their was an army for us I would have been enlisted.

INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪@mougadon ‬ ‬ EXCLUSIVE via ‪@Team_Moet_610 ‬#W2TM


Meet Upstate Middletown & Bronx, NYC rapper Richelieu some of you may already know him as Uptown Rich. Whichever moniker he went with one thing has always remained the same & that’s him consistently putting out quality music over the the years. Rich’s flow back then & now gives you that late 90’s Street Corner hustler harsh reality perspective or even the new age underground rap sound we hear now WORLDWIDE. This has been a good year so far for him after ending 2019  dropping 


( Team Moet )   I’ve been following your music now for a few years but for those who may not be familiar who is Richelieu?

( Richelieu ) A Survivor!!

( Team Moet )  I know you’ve had a few setbacks over the years but you never gave up rapping. What kept you motivated even in those dark times?

( Richelieu)    Just my love for music I’m a fan first I go through things and music is the best way that I can express it.

( Team Moet ) You talk about a lot of real situations in your music. One of my favorite songs you did is “Keep Hope Alive” tell us about the process of recording that song & where do you rank it on your personal favorites?

( Richelieu) The recording process was easy I was going through it at the time and had to let it out. I really never rank any of my songs as a favorite because I have so much music some of which I haven’t released yet.

( Team Moet ) You & Buckz have Worked Together a lot over the years on songs like Right Now, On God, No Hook etc. When will we get a collab mixtape with the both of y’all?

( Richelieu) It’s all on timing but we was just talking about that so hopefully sooner than later like this summer.

( Team Moet ) You dropped Dear Winter, Kitchen Table & Quentin Quarantino. How do you rank them & why?

( Richelieu)  Kitchen Table is my favorite EP so far because that was the introduction to my company Kitchen Table, Dear Winter was just a reminder,Quentin Quarantino was me showing consistency featuring my bro Ag Flow on “movin spicy” and Buckxz on “inna that”

( Team Moet ) What inspired you to start doing  “IG Live” Freestyles killing everyone beats?

( Richelieu) Boredom and for the love of the sport

( Team Moet) What do you currently have in the works right now?

( Richelieu)  Few visuals a joint project with Snotty

( Team Moet )    How are you currently investing into yourself to build your brand?

( Richelieu ) First & most importantly just learning the business part better and better each chance I get. Tapping into the merch business once I get everything in order. Few marketing people, but learning how to do what people pay people to do.

( Team Moet ) Being that you from NY & resided in PA what’s your thoughts on the music scene in a small city trying to make it compared to NYC ?

( Richelieu) A lot of talent just no work ethic or unity, NYC tends to follow trends and do what’s popular over what’s real. But small cities have to go to the big cities to make the links or just hope and wish on Instagram look from someone. Ny forgot about the essence and I blame radio.

( Team Moet )   I seen you recently worked with Snotty. Who are some artists in the underground scene you would like to build with or are planning to work with?

( Richelieu) Well me Snotty already locked in I’m open to work with anyone who is actually working who has dope work.

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INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪‬ ‪‪‪‬‪@2gunshooter ‬EXCLUSIVE via ‪@W2TM_Posts ‬#W2TM



YMG Shooter is an artist out of Niagra Falls,NY. He has been rapping a short time but has managed to work with some industry vets you may be familiar with. He just recently dropped his new project “7 1 Murda” & is soon to be releasing a web series soon. 


( Team Moet )    Tell me a little bit about YMG Shooter?




( YMG Shooter )    I’m from Niagara Falls NY.. I started telling my story on tracks SERIOUSLY for a year or 2 now.. I made a few songs back in 2016 but took it serious 2018 when i got out of prison.



( Team Moet ) Before you were rapping what was you doing?




( YMG Shooter ) Before prison i was filming music videos. I was on tours with artist doing ‘Vlogs” before they were a thing. Before being a street camera man was a thing.. I was apart of the first wave of no budget Videos.. I had a lil job at worldstar. While being on the road with Lil Scrappy and Lloyd.. Then eventually met Bleu Davinci and life changed. Until I went back home caught a charge like every young boy. Perspective on life changed drastically..All of it is a long story.. Some u can actually watch on youtube.. But each tape will reveal More.






( Team Moet ) Being from upstate New York how does it feel to finally see y’all gettin the recognition y’all deserve ?



( YMG Shooter ) Its greatly appreciated. It’s so much uncultivated talent here. The world will see.. Our sound is Crazy out here. Get ready for the grimiest era of rap.



( Team Moet ) Are we gonna get a “Shooter Tape 2” this year?



( YMG Shooter ) Yes eventually.. I have to get into that zone again. My music is based on time frames in my life.. Basically telling a story. My new project ‘7 1 Murda’ i actually put a visual to that story..



( Team Moet ) Who are some artists in the game you’ve been affiliated with?



( YMG Shooter) As far as underground. G4 Jag..Thats my guy. He’s was here upstate for a bit .#FlyFamilyMyFamily B.a Badd from Syracuse.. We bounce a few ideas and did a track together..Solid and Jamal Gasol.. We from the same city. I Knew him my whole life. I Did his early videos. He always been working with this rap shit. we proud of every move he makes. WE COME FROM NOTHING.








( Team Moet ) What does YMG stand for?




( YMG Shooter ) It stands for York Music Group. Me and my brother Jai Duke was doing music before we got locked up and i was getting into managing so we had a group called Plan C Music group but we caught our bids and ended up getting sent to the same prison then later the same dorm..We sat in my cell and came up with the name and logo. Basically meaning globally.. From New York to York England. Judging from my rap style and how I’m known in the streets. people would jus assume it means ‘Young Money Gang “ or ‘Young Murder Gang” Nah we on a different time now. We just using the music to tell our story.




( Team Moet ) As an artist would you rather control your own destiny and do everything yourself or build a team of people around you who help with different things?




( YMG Shooter ) I just want to get in a position where i can put my city on. If i had the chance to stop doing music and cultivate other talent. i would in a heart beat.




(Team Moet ) What are some things your doing as an independent artist to build your name & brand up?




( YMG Shooter ) I have merch dropping soon. Interviews such as this because id rather jus speak and share my story And features. Also trying new things like turning my project into a web series. its dropping very soon.




( Team Moet ) What or who made you wanna make a career out of rap?




( YMG Shooter ) All my niggaz that rapped was in jail. I’m like fuck it let me try it and not let their dream die then put them on. I had no interest in rapping whatsoever. It fell in my lap basically because I had all the equipment from when I had  a open studio. That was a crazy dope time in life.




( Team Moet ) Who are some artists you listening to right now?




( YMG Shooter ) RIGHT NOW: Jay Z..jay Electronica.. Westside Gunn “Pray of Paris’..My New project “7 1 Murda” Old Kanye projects..Nipsey..Lil baby and Kodak Black..That young boy talking about something and of course Che Noir who will probably go down as one of the best female rappers ever.

INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪‬ ‪‪‪@JAEFRMJERZ ‬EXCLUSIVE via ‪@W2TM_Posts ‬#W2TM



Jersey City’s own “JaeFrmJerz” hailing from the Garden State New Jersey. Jae has been making a name for himself and had a good run in 2019 consistently dropping dope music & visuals. I’m excited to me what he has in store for 2020.



( Team Moet ) Who is JaeFrmJerz?


( JaeFrmJerz )  I’m just another man from jersey city honestly. I’m 24, My mother is Salvadorian & my father is Black. I was born and raised in JC, same area since i could remember. I chose that name almost 4-5 years ago because I wanted my music to represent not only who I am, but where I’m from as well. I went through a few other name, some people still call me JaeReal LOL


( Team Moet )  What do you think your best skill set is on the mic & why?


( JaeFrmJerz ) Not too sure to be honest. I try to focus on being a better artist all around but I feel like my flow may be my best skill. If you listen closely, I always try to catch every snare, kick, keep up with the hi hats.. I don’t necessarily try to rap over beats rather I try rapping with the beat.


(Team Moet)  All your projects are predominately with 1 producer throughout. Do you think that’s the best way to have a consistent sound?


( JaeFrmJerzWell, this art. I don’t usually just jump & work with anyone. I try to build a relationship apart from the music to really get to know them, see what kind of music they listen to, everything. when I say that its art, its because i want the producer to go as hard as I’m goin & get as creative as they want. you cant do that with just one song, in my opinion at least.



( Team Moet )  “The Score” & Not Tied With Revenxnt are both dope smooth production throughout with good content. Which album did you personally like better?


( JaeFrmJerz )  The Score gone always have a special place in my heart. When i met Revenxnt we were just on a business tip & then we ended up linking up as the weeks went on. When we made The Score it was just a wild time for both of us, we both were dealing with a lot of shit personally & I feel like we really put our all into that project & it definitely showed out both of our talents especially since he shot all the videos from that project as well as doing the cover art. I could honestly call that a classic out of my discography.


( Team Moet )  Who are some other artists from Jersey coming up we should look out for?


( JaeFrmJerz )  too many lol. Its so much talent out here from producers, rappers, designers. To name some off top, i would say 973 Izzy, Dupizz, Micah Write, Pissmob, Poisun.. thats just rappers. I could name a dozen more but its gone take a minute lol.


( Team Moet )  You put a lot of music out in 2019. What do you think was your best piece of work? 


( JaeFrmJerz )  Differences. it was self produced, I did the artwork for it as well. I knew that the The Score & GrimmJerz were gonna do its thing because of who i was working with & how well we put em together so I wanted to see how i would do on my own solo project. I was in a really good head space at the time i was working on Differences and I got a lot of good feedback from it & it actually got me back into making beats more frequently now.



(Team Moet )  What do you have in store for us for 2020?


(JaeFrmJerz )  More merchandise, I just dropped a website (http://jaefrmjerz.com). working with a few new producers such as Napalm, Whitey Bulger, Holt AK. still dropping music with Grimm Doza & you’re gonna see me on a bunch of features this year. Also focusing on visuals, i been working with NJGoons since the summer and we got a real good chemistry when it comes to making videos so expect a lot from me and him this year.



(Team Moet ) Who are some artists you would like do work with?


(JaeFrmJerz )  To be honest most the artist I want to work with, I’m working with already lol besides big names like Curren$y, Styles P & people of their stature.


( Team Moet )  How much time a week do you spend in the studio & do you think your work ethic is about the same as the average rapper or more?


( JaeFrmJerz )  It all depends on how the workflow is goin, and how many people are free to work. some weeks I can be at 3 different studios 3 days out of a week & then do nothing music related in the next week. I don’t try to force it, everything gotta be smooth & not rushed. to be honest I think I could go way harder in my work ethic, I told myself I would focus on that more this year.


( Team Moet )  You & GrimmDoza seem to have a good connection & work together a lot. How did y’all initially link up?


( JaeFrmJerz ) We met through Revenxnt. him & Rev were already cool before i met either of them so i would run into Doza at Revs house. i bought a few beats from Doza & then we locked a session in. After that, it just became an on going thing to this day lol that’s the bro fr


INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Season 2 ] ‪‬ ‪‪@LordJuco EXCLUSIVE via ‪@W2TM_Posts ‬#W2TM

Lord Juco is an up coming artist from Canada. He has been making noise on the underground scene for a few years now. He has worked with many artists over the years such as Benny The Butcher, Roc Marci & Rome Streetz to name a few. He has built up a steady catalog over the years join us as we take some time to get to know him.



Team Moet : How do you think your 2019 went rap wise as far as success and getting more exposure?


Lord Juco : 2019 went well, still a lot of room for improvement but I feel like my name holds more weight now.


Team Moet:   You and some of your peers such as Daniel Son & Falcon Outlaw have been holding it down for Canada. Do you see y’all as the forefront of the future of indie music and how are people in the town treating y’all for the work being put in?


Lord Juco: Most definitely, Big S/O to Daniel Son, Falcon, Asun, Che, Dnte, Soze, Finn, Futurewave, Smokeshop, J banks and everyone else I’m missing. Toronto got a super dope underground right now man and its only a matter of time before its in the forefront. There’s love in the city but its not what it should be, it’ll need that cosign or overseas love before the city really embrace us all.


Team Moet: Last year you had a very scary life changing accident the outpouring on Twitter was dope. How did that make you feel knowing so many people you never met cared so much about your well being?


Lord Juco: The fact that so many people reached out was extremely humbling. My own people found out from twitter which is crazy. That shit brought me to tears more than once. I think it speaks volumes on the mutual respect I have for my peers and they for me.


Team Moet: Break down the name Lord Juco how did you come up with it does it have a meaning?


Lord Juco: Lord Juco is an acronym.

Life’s Opportunities Reflect Determination

Judgmental Understanding Creates Obstacles

its just a reminder to myself why i make music and to be mindful of my own content.


Team Moet: Not many indie rappers have been blessed to work with some of the legends like you have. How do you feel looking back now at “Narcos” seeing you had Benny & Roc rapping with you?



Lord Juco: It feels like a chess move, still one of my favorite joints to date.






Team Moet: How did you & Cousin Feo link up & How did the “Death At The Derby” Series come about?


Lord Juco: I reached out to Feo after hearing Creme Fraiche, we have a mutual love for the game so it was only right to start with the rivalry of the teams we follow. Liverpool & Manchester, so we did the northwestern derby over a retrospec beat and little did we know we sparked the derby series.


Team Moet: What do you think is your best project to date & why?


Lord Juco: PEEP is my personal favorite. Just because it was my first EP and i was in a different mind state. I love everything about it.



Team Moet: Who are your top 3 up & coming producers you would like to work with that you haven’t as of yet?


Lord Juco: I’ve worked with everyone I like so I cant even give you a top 3 at the moment. However producers everyone should be looking out for: The Standouts, Bohemia Lynch & Four Limbs off the top of my head.


Team Moet: What can we expect from you in 2020?


Lord Juco: MORE. More EPs, More singles, More Visuals, More Vinyl, More CDs, More Shows if we don’t all die from this virus.


Team Moet: Will we be getting another “Big Turks” album in the near future?


Lord Juco: Big Turks is not getting a re-up. All Love amongst us but its not happening again.


Team Moet: I feel you & Fortes make good music the “Lord Classy” is one of my favorites. Y’all recently linked up again on your new song “Ashtrays” can we expect a “Lord Classy 2” sometime down the road?


Lord Juco: Lord Classy has been talked about but I got too much in the pipeline to really entertain it at the moment. Its all Love with Fortes and he knows that but I got other stuff on the way.


INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ WEEK 10 ] With Producer ‪‬ ‪@KiddCalledQuest‬‪‪‪‪‬‬‪ #W2TM EXCLUSIVE

Kidd Called Quest is a producer from Rochester, NY. His team consists of Azariah & Jae Hussle. He recently blessed us with two projects to end the year. Be on the look out for more music from the Young Black & Gifted Team.

( TM ) How did you & Azariah initially link up?

( Kidd Called Quest ) We actually met back in 2005 though our man Euphony who I met and build with at a show. Me and Euphony linked up the following week, that’s how me and Azariah ended up linking up from there we started working together. I started sending him beats for his first album “Subject To Change” from there we just kept working to built a music relationship and friendship.

( TM ) How did YBG “Young Black & Gifted” come about?

( Kidd Called Quest ) It was an idea I had came up with I wanted to get a movement started. We was going by the name “Living Proof” but there was someone who already had that name I found out later and there was the group “Actual Proof” that was starting to make some noise I ain’t want people to get confused get us mixed up. I decided to switch our name to “Young Black And Gifted” from there we rolled with it and build it up and dropped the first album “Longtime Coming” then later on I started working and doing other projects under the “YBG” name to continue to push and build up the brand.

( TM ) Is this just a group name or also the label?

( Kidd Called Quest ) At first it was just a group then recently I decided to scrap my ”NeweraBoombatt” brand and make everything focus on the “Young Black And Gifted” name and brand. I came up with the idea to do “Young Black And Gifted Music” just keep everything simple and straight to the point.

( TM ) The Black gift was a dope project bars & production & how it faded out on the last track was the perfect ending. Was it a coincidence it dropped Black Friday or was that planned?

( Kidd Called Quest ) It was kind of planned out that way because the drop was around the holidays but it was planned to keep the attention of both the “Reflections” album and “The Black Gift” project feeding off each other exposure.

( TM ) Other than Azariah & Jae Hussle who else is under the YBG team?

( Kidd Called Quest ) Right now just them I really didn’t want to bring no one new aboard until everything else is built up and situated.

( TM ) How long have you been producing? Also have you done any work with artist’s outside of the Young Black & Gifted team?

( Kidd Called Quest ) I been making beats since 2000/2001 around 7th and 8th grade. I’ve done a lot of work with artists outside the team. Big Shug, Trife Diesel, G Fisher, Reks, Avrex and many more. I also have a few complications out with a lot of people I worked with on those.

( TM ) Who would you say the core fan base is that you aim your music towards?

( Kids Called Quest ) Honestly I aim it at everyone I learned over the last few years to not just limit my reach to one group of people that like a certain sound . Because there’s people out there like myself that has a open ear to everything.

( TM ) In my opinion your production on Jae Hussle “Reflections A Story Of My Lifetime Vol. 1 shows how diverse you are as a producer so many different sounds. What type of feedback have you been getting from that project?

( Kids Called Quest ) Dam man Hussle been getting nothing but positive feedback from that album. People from all over love that album and sharing it. I think the reason why everyone loves it is because the album is so well put together like I always do with every project. I don’t rush and just give a artist just any and everything in my library. My main focus is to produce and give the artist the perfect production that fits them just right. The fact that Jae Hussle is a dope versatile artist and a creative writer and not afraid to showcase his versatility just took everything to that next level for the project. We are planning a re release for his album next year with a few more songs added to it so that’s something you can look out for next year.

( TM ) What’s next for Kidd Quest?

( Kidd Called Quest ) At this point I’m working on fixing and making a few changes to keep “YBG” going but I’m just going with the flow of things just letting everything take it’s course and let the process work it’s way.

( TM ) Did you exceed your expectations musically for 2019 & what can we expect from YBG in 2020?

( Kidd Called Quest )Actually we kind of did but unfortunately somethings don’t work out how you want it to go so at this point I really don’t know what 2020 will be like for “YBG” but I do know I will continue to focus and push just go from there. I know there was a lot of good things planned but like I said it’s unfortunate things don’t always go as planned.

Twitter: @KiddCalledQuest

Instagram: @KiddCalledQuest

INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ WEEK 8 ] With ‪@THEFASTLIFE_NYC ‪‪‪‬‬‪ #W2TM EXCLUSIVE


Fastlife is an upcoming rapper from Queens, NY. He has blessed up with projects such as “Traffic King” “Fastlife 2” & “Camorra” to name a few. His wordplay & delivery makes makes you really get a feel for his music. He is definitely one of my favorite artists out right now that I recommend checking out. Fresh off the release of the “Slumber” project. I present you with the Fastlife Interview.



(TM)  When I first heard “Garlic Cookies” I had to buy “Traffic King” immediately I loved the beat & song. What was your thoughts when you first heard that beat?


( FastLife )  I was blown away, it was exactly the type of beat i was looking for at the time, wazab_waza did his thing on that.


( TM )  By your own standards What are the 3 most important things you focus on when making music?


( Fastlife ) I focus on making good references, Using vocab i haven’t previously used, And just having fun/going with the flow.


( TM )  What do you think draws people to your music?


( Fastlife )   Not to sure, i be thinking im trash… lol


( TM )   I know from following you on Twitter you been through some tough times this year. How are you managing to stay positive and keep your mind on the music grind?


( Fastlife ) Man just staying busy, staying focused on the bigger picture.


( TM ) What’s your favorite song you recorded to date & why?


( Fastlife )  I don’t really have one yet i think they all suck, but that’s just me being a harsh critic on my self.


( TM )    Us Vs Them you said “bet against the odds it’s them against us their shits second to ours my shit sent from the gods the profits wisdom fell from the stars they trying separate man from his cause” powerful stuff……When you first heard the completed song what was your initial thoughts?


( Fastlife )  I thought damn me and villain got one right here. I’m just tryna do what i do best and give the track a dope Message and sound, we fucked that whole tape up!! Shout out vinyl villain.


( TM )  From what I see you don’t do much of them so I have to ask what’s your thoughts on features?


( Fastlife )  I do a bunch of features all the time, If they got $400 for me lets get it!!


( TM )  You worked with El Camino a few times over the years seems y’all have good chemistry. Have you thought about putting a project out together?


( Fastlife )  Camino the bro, haven’t really thought or discussed that, could be dope though.


( TM )  How important would you say album cover art is to you as an artist these days ?


( Fastlife )   I see a lot of the same shit, same inspired art, My advice is put something classic out something That’s going to make people remember the album off rip.


( TM )   What was your thought process working on this new “Slumber” project you recently dropped?


( Fastlife )  My thought process was i wanna make an EP where you can just roll up smoke and by the time the blunts done your like wait the ep is over? Run it back that was a vibe… Make people get lost in the sound, and vibe of the EP. The features on it I wanted to shine light on people who I think are doing dope shit in the underground music community and people i fuck with personally wiardon and Jah Monte those dudes came through & I thank them immaculately.


Be sure to check out Fastlife’s latest project “Slumber” OUT NOW LINK BELOW!


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INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ WEEK 7 ] With ‪@falcon_outlaw‪‪‬‬‪ #W2TM EXCLUSIVE Includes Playlist Via @Spotify



Falcon Outlaw is a rapper hailing from Toronto, Canada. He is a member of the “FalconCrest” crew which consists of him & DNTE. He has worked with people such as producer Camouflage Monk fellow Canadian rapper Lord Juco & The Real Skitso to name a few. With a lot of dope songs under his belt such as Bodies, Jesus Ain’t Cheap & Hot Gun On The Waist to name a few. He is gearing up for a Big splash in 2020. Take some time to get to know the Outlaw.



( Team Moet )  Over the last few years a lot of artists have been coming out of Canada. What’s changed that we are seeing this influx of new talent from across the border now as opposed to 5 years go?
( Falcon Outlaw )   
Social media, because now blogs and different hiphop pages all have there own pocket of followers so if a Canadian gets a song picked up by a few blogs then you multiply that your going to reach a wider audience.  Plus with heavies like Drake, The weeknd & Tory lanez the world is looking to see what’s next or what else does Canada have to offer. It a combination of many things at the end of the day it a good time to be a Canadian hip hop artist!

( Team Moet )  What’s more beneficial to your career at this moment putting your music on big stream platforms like Apple Music or building an audience on say Bandcamp?
( Falcon Outlaw )
   Both, hip hop is now global so there’s different ways people receive or like to listen to music! Like in certain places in Asia the rule of the Internet and access to sites isn’t as open as here in North America, there’s places in India right now in 2019 that doesn’t have access to the internet yet and governments in different parts of the world govern what people are allowed to get access to. So with that said everything it all matters ! Using every tool to your advantage to reach your fan base is a given and to only think people who listen to a certain type of music only streams or uses sites like bandcamp isn’t thinking globally! So at this moment of my career everything we’re I can put my music on is beneficial!

( TM )  How did you link up with Camoflauge Monk? 
( Falcon Outlaw )   
Through a co- owner of High Heat Records J.Banks , he got family in buffalo so he always down there , so he linked up with him in person and made the connection that we turned into a working relationship!
( TM )  Do you think the “Valhalla Inn” project with Monk showed fans all over that man these dudes could rap on the other side?
( Falcon Outlaw )
    I believe so because it’s not what anyone would expect to come out of Toronto, ya I’m proud of that project!
( TM ) Who all is FalconCrest? And tell us a little about it?
( Falcon Outlaw )
  The group consists of ( Falcon Outlaw) & DNTE! Jus two Toronto kids showing their perspective on life growing up out here in the form of boom bap!! Right now we been dropping some solo joints, DNTE jus dropped his solo album in the summer of 2019 & I got a few solo albums coming in 2020!
( TM )  “Jesus Ain’t Cheap” with DNTE is a very deep song that some people may find offensive. What type of reaction have you been getting from it?
( Falcon Outlaw )
    a little of both positive and negative, but it’s a very old deep subject so I knew it would evoke feelings from the listener, the title alone ruffled some feathers. But hip hop is freedom of speech so it is what it is.

( TM )   I know your Jamaican. Me being Jamaican as well I have to ask . Are you originally from Jamaica? 
( Falcon Outlaw ) 
I was born in Toronto, Canada but everyone in my family is Jamaican. 95% of my friends are from the Caribbean and I’ve been going to Jamaica since a kid, I probably been in the island a 100 times! It’s a real personal thing to carry on my family’s culture as I will make my kids do the same!!
( TM ) How did the “Bodies” series come about?

( Falcon Outlaw )  

It really came about by just pushing ourselves to do more, pushing our personal envelope. 


( TM )  What inspired you to conceal your face with your dreads when rapping? 
( Falcon Outlaw )   
It’s for other people’s protection and it’s become a habit now.
( TM )  What do you have in the works now that we should be looking out for?
( Falcon Outlaw )    4 albums dropping in 2020
Playlist Via Spotify


INTERVIEW | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ WEEK 6 ] With ‪ ‪@KINGBUBROCK ‬‬‪ #W2TM EXCLUSIVE


Bub Rock or King Bub Rock whichever you prefer is an up & coming artist from Long Island, NY. He been rapping for a few years but recently elevated his craft to the next level late 2018 & this year. He raps to motivate people out the struggle even after hard times. He recently dropped a project called D.R.E.A.M.S ( Do Right Even After Minor Setbacks ) He has worked with many artists over the years such as Rome Streetz, Eddie Kaine, Ralphiie Reese, Sleep Sinatra to name a few. We had to opportunity to add him to the “Behind the 🎤” series. Take this time to get to know who Rock is and get familiar with his music. As usual if you click the pics it will direct you to his music.




( TM )   What motivates you to make music in this new industry that’s harder for rappers like yourself to get the recognition you deserve?

( Bub Rock )   I’m motivated by reality, I’m motivated regardless but I don’t really acknowledge that kinda stuff as far as getting recognition amongst a particular crowd. I feel like I make music for everybody the people who it’s for will always support it but I don’t have a box I feel like I demonstrated that through my releases.  

( TM )  What type of rap do you prefer bars or an artist talking about the struggle like yourself?

( Bub Rock )   I’m from the cloth of emcees that make good music. I think the curriculum of what an artist is has been changed so many times over time but I just stick to what I know. Music is universal language as well as therapeutic to me so I don’t necessarily expect my shit to be for everybody.

( TM )  Who are 3 artists you liked growing up that you would compare to yourself as far as painting a picture of the struggle?

( Bub Rock )   I was real bar heavy in my beginning stages until I gained the confidence to be more outspoken & transparent with my personal life. I would say Styles P, Joe Budden & Scarface added to me being comfortable enough to say certain things on wax.

( TM ) How did you come up with the meaning for your new project D.R.E.A.M.S?

( Bub Rock )  I actually had the acronym for years ( 2013 to be exact ) I just didn’t have the music that made what I wanted to display to the people clear. Timing is everything & this was the batch that had it. The project came out perfect in my eyes. I couldn’t ask for a better time to release this music under that title.

( TM )  Do you prefer Bub Rock or Bubba Rock?

( Bub Rock )  With me I don’t take that no way that’s actually my real nickname amongst family & close friends. It doesn’t bother me Bub Rock is short for Bubba Rock at the end of the day lol.

( TM )  Did dropping “ No Love Lost” on Valentine’s Day build your female audience up some?

( Bub Rock )  It did bring more female supporters but I already had females that loved what I do. Even before this realm of music heard me or heard of me. That’s just something I practice outside of rap as far as company I keep. That’s rare in this realm of music anyway I don’t hear a lot of rappers do songs directed towards women.

( TM )  You work with a lot of different producers do you plan on doing any one off projects anytime soon again?

( Bub Rock )  I do that might be later on down the line. I have a lot of new music on the way though for sure. I’m very in tune with my producers ( ALL OF THEM ) we all speak on a regular basis & they speak to each other so that’s dope. The music is never the hard part.

( TM )  What’s your thoughts on the current state of New York Rap?

( Bub Rock )  I always get asked that & honestly, I don’t care for it to address it or feel any way about it. I will say that it’s bigger than New York rap in my eyes. There are dope artists everywhere & everybody gets what they get from whatever they like or don’t like. This is art I can’t really tell you  how to feel about my shit & you can’t tell me how much my shit should cost or what it is supposed to mean lol.

( TM )   “Sumtimes” is a real song any of us can relate with. Do you use your music as a way to release stress from things you’ve been through?

( Bub Rock )  Thanks & yea like I said before its therapeutic to me. Some things I probably won’t have a verbal conversation about will be addressed on a record at times. I enjoy making music even though it’s not just something for me to say what’s been bothering or what do I do/don’t like etc. I love to be creative I know what I bring to the table it’s deeper than “Struggle Rap” everybody deals with struggle. I know what music did for me & hopefully I catch the ears of like minded individuals through my story.

( TM )  What would you say to anyone who recently went through a setback that needs to hear some positive advice to help create change?

( Bub Rock )   I would say stop watching other people’s plates & comparing it to yours. Stay focused & stay consistent that’s the only difference between me & anybody else aside from skill, region, beat selection, co-signs etc. I just kept going.



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Interview | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Week 4 ] With ‪@SleepSinatra #W2TM EXCLUSIVE


Sleep Sinatra is an underground artist out of Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been making good music for a couple years. He has worked with some of the best up & coming rappers & producers such as Mach Hommy, Stu Bangas, Farma Beats & Body Bag Ben to name a few. 2019 has been a good year for Sleep who dropped a few solid projects such as “Peacekeeper” with Body Bag Ben & “Classy Sinatra” with Fortes. His boom bap style mixed with beat selection along with his storytelling alone will have you hooked. Take some time to get to know the artist and man behind the mic.



( TM ) I always refer to you as the “illest nigga in Nebraska” how fitting is that title to you?


( Sleep Sinatra )  Hahahaha. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said that I’d have a multi-level recording compound by now. Definitely gets mentioned a lot. We don’t celebrate Rico over here though in any fashion. I don’t claim to be the best. But I know for a fact I’ve done what most haven’t in this state. 


( TM ) How much do you think selling Vinyl copies of your music has grown your core fan base?


( Sleep Sinatra )  There’s a Demographic of music listeners that exist that are from that era where Vinyl was the initial way to listen to music. If you pay attention to trends culturally, everything is cyclical in cycles of about 20-30 years. So, things that may have been trendy in the 80’s-90’s are now back in rotation nah mean? Vinyl is one of the best-selling physical platforms right now. The die hard supporters usually always want something physical and Vinyl is the favorite format currently. 


( TM ) Where is the most random place in the world that you’ve sold music & was surprised to have a fan there?


( Sleep Sinatra )  Estonia. I’ve moved units as far as Japan but that one was pretty surprising. 


( TM ) You dropped a couple dope projects in 2019 two that stood out “Classy Sinatra” with you & Real Fortes & “Peacekeeper” with Body Bag Ben. Will we see a sequel to either ?


( Sleep Sinatra )  Shouts to Fortes and Body Bag Ben. Those are my guys. Nothing but respect for them. You’ll definitely be hearing more from those combos. Can’t say anything definitively yet. 



( TM)  How did you link up with Mach Hommy for that feature on Malas ( Blue & Green) 


( Sleep Sinatra )  Shouts and Much Success to the Brother Mach. That was actually the second joint that we did. He reached out to me initially for a project of his that I don’t think you can even find anymore called “GREEKFEST”, I was the only feature on that project. Prior to him linking with Griselda we had done that joint and then Mala’s for my album and had spoke about even bringing him this way to shoot some visuals. Never panned out, Things change. All Love Still. It’s Crazy and Dope to see him elevated. He was nice way back.  


( TM ) When creating a project do you prefer working with one producer on the whole album to stick with that sound or mix it up with different ones?


( Sleep Sinatra )   As of late I’ve been doing one offs with just one producer per project. Which I think can give you a real immersive and cohesive sounding project. I like doing both really though. I like to think I have a good ear for production so part of the fun at times is combining elements from different producers to create a world sonically. Piecing different sound textures together. This next one will have a lot of different producers on it. Some of the best out right now. 


( TM ) What’s something a fan told you about how your music impacted them that flattered you?


( Sleep Sinatra )   I have a couple die hard supporters that have told me how my music helped them get through depression. Being as I suffer from depression myself that means a lot. I think the most flattering thing a supporter ever told me , he was a guy from the middle east. His country was going through a lot of changes politically and they were in war time. He let me know listening to my music helped him get through those days where bombs would be going off and chaos ensuing. It was then that I truly started to understand the magick of music and its impact.


( TM )  You’ve worked with a lot of dope producers thus far such as Farma Beats, Stu Bangas, Sadhugold & The Historian to name a few. Who are some you haven’t worked with that you would like to collab with? 


( Sleep Sinatra ) I’d like to do a whole project with my guy Bronze Nazarethon production. Alchemist. Muggs. Always been a fan of Blu’s production as well feel like we could make something crazy. The list goes on. 


( TM )  What made you decide to release “Source Of Nature” Vinyl only?


( Sleep Sinatra ) Actually, “Sources Of Nature” was released on CD and Cassette via UK label GOURMETDELUXXX first, those sold out fairly quickly though. 


( TM ) What inspires you to write music & be creative while doing it?


( Sleep Sinatra )  My Life. Trauma I’ve endured. Love. Hate. Pain. Psychedelics. The aspiration to be the Nicest MC that I can be. My Passion and love for Hip Hop. 


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Interview | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Week 3 ] With ‪‪@WhoIsJamalGasol #W2TM EXCLUSIVE

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This week we will be focusing on a rapper from Niagara Falls, NY. Jamal Gasol aka Mr. 31, Diadora Don. He is 1/3 of The Big Turks ( Lord Juco, Rome Streetz ) and is putting on for Dirty Water, NY. Jamal blesses the mic with poetic street tales and paints a vivid picture of where he is from & what he has been through. He has already dropped tracks with artists like Benny, Estee Nack & Rome Streetz to name a few. This is one rising artist we recommend you get in tune with sooner than later.





1.  ( TM ) What inspired the “Kansas City SmackMan” Ep?


(Jamal Gasol )  I use to call myself “Kansas City SmackMan” as a funny nickname during a stage of my life. I was in the streets but shit turnt up at this point for me and that was my lil personal moniker


2.  ( TM ) I noticed the “Kansas City SmackMan EP” was posted as 1 song. Was that intentional to make sure the listeners hear the full project in its entirety?


( Jamal Gasol )   I did it a few times on SoundCloud but knowing you don’t really get any money for the streams unless you sign up for all that extra shit I put it on all streaming platforms too. It’s already a free download but fuck it let’s make it available in all ways too so that’s how that came about.


3. ( TM ) Being that your a PIFF head what’s your Top 3 favorite flavors?


( Jamal Gasol )  Papaya Cheese, GrandDaddy Purple, and Sour Diesel


4. ( TM )  Right now it seems like upstate New York is running rap like never before. What makes it harder for artists to get some notoriety upstate?


( Jamal Gasol ) We ain’t never have an outlet for the music up here. In my city the way out for anybody with examples of success was in sports. I had a passion for sports too but always wanted to do music. I was determined to make it happen and I’m glad I’m in the loop as I deserve to be.


5. ( TM ) How did the Big Turks come together?


(Jamal Gasol )  Jordan Commandeur reached out to me about doing a collaboration project with 2 other artists basically on a slaughterhouse/ wu-tang connection. With it being Rome Streetz and Lord Juco who I was cool with before the offer I didn’t hesitate to work wit my niggas. Jordan looked out for me a lot last year so I look at it as another he presented to me to further my career and I salute him for that 💪🏾💪🏾


6. ( TM ) For the people not familiar tell us about Niagara Falls, NY & what it was like growing up?


( Jamal Gasol )   It’s like any other small city but a big attraction. People from all over the world come see Niagara Falls so we use to the foreigners and all that. But as far as living here it’s the hood. I stay 20 minutes away but I’m always in town. I got all my friends and family there but it’s the hood. Gangs, drugs, violence. People I went to high school with didn’t make it to 12th grade they went upstate taking risks and poor decisions. Everybody don’t wanna work in a plant or be a nurse and I respect that.


7. ( TM )  Would you say it’s easier to market yourself now as an indie artist compared to the mid to late 90s?


( Jamal Gasol )  Way easier lol


8. ( TM ) Give up the goods 2K18 was one of the first songs I heard. You rapped “Give up the goods or get sprayed thinking of ways on how to get me & my niggas paid we don’t got time to be afraid real music for real niggas who grind everyday” Do you think you & Rome did that classic Mobb best justice ?


( Jamal Gasol )   I feel like we gave it all the justice it was due. I heard the beat from Camo Monk and said I gotta have this one. Rome is ill on the mic I knew he could deliver I ain’t have to worry about shit cause I knew I was gonna have my shit ready for this one and the feedback was as expected.


9. ( TM ) You rap about real life situations a lot in your music. Do the bars come to mind when you record more naturally because of that ?


( Jamal Gasol )   Naturally because of that. I don’t gotta think about some shit I didn’t or don’t do that’s like adding more on lies I only like to rap about what I know and what I been through or the niggas around me. A lot of these rappers be fronting and fraudulent. My niggas use to be tellin me to rewrite verses all the time cause I was saying to much with how they using raps in court now.


10. ( TM )  Being that you are that “New Nigga Now” what do you need to keep doing to stay consistent ?


( Jamal Gasol )   Stay on my Deen and be humble. I’m learning let good work marinate saturation ain’t necessary at this point I gave enough music in the last 2 years to show why I belong. But trust me I still got songs in the ready to go at any time.



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Interview | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Week 2 ] With ‪@LIYMCAPITAL‪ ‬+ EXCLUSIVE Best Of Playlist Via @Spotify Included #W2TM


Liym Capital is an up & coming rapper out of Atlanta. His witty rhymes, charisma along with exuberant swag matched with his delivery makes it easy to get into his music.

His flow gives you that godly feeling like stepping in the club with a fresh shape up, chain & Rolex . I always tell L he reminds me of AZ. Take some time get to know him & get familiar with his music I promise you won’t be disappointed. I also added an exclusive Best Of Playlist below via Spotify.


  1. ( TM ) I’ve been following your music since early 2015 so I’m pretty familiar with what you’ve done so far. For those that don’t know who is Liym Capital?



( Liym Capital )  Liym Capital is an indie hip hop artist who has had an affinity for rap music ever since he could remember. I just want to contribute to the culture and share my story/viewpoint through words over music.



2.  ( TM ) How did you come up with this name?



( Liym Capital ) i came up with the name by just adding capital to my longtime nickname to represent my company capital regime. Liym is short for Saliym which is my govt name.



3. ( TM ) What are some aliases you rapped under in the past?



( Liym Capital ) Liym Courteous, Courteous L etc lol I was a bit indecisive in the past



4.  ( TM ) Do you feel “Triple Crown” is you best work to date & if yes why?



( Liym Capital ) yes, the songs are just better than the ones that have preceded it in my opinion. I feel the production is amongst the strongest I’ve used if it hasn’t exceeded my prior works but I feel my biggest improvement was how I’ve grown lyrically. I was very intentional with the messages in the music this time around. It’s just not words rhyming together, it’s a story. It’s a look into who I am as a person and what I believe in. Also my mic presence is worlds better on this project than it was on precedent projects.



5. ( TM ) Between “Prophet Or Profit” & “The Float Pamphlet” which album do you personally like better?



( Liym Capital ) That’s tough, I like both for different reasons. The pamphlet is my first born. First at bat. Got classic joints on there. Whenevers there’s a first there’s really no expectation so that’s fun. You just pop out put your best foot forward and share your gift. My man siah and black 7th produces it entirely aside from one joint. Again it’s a classic. Prophet or profit is a little more conceptual and my man bless is masterful with the beats and skits. Shit is hilarious, the skits I mean. Bless has a grimey fly sound that my vocals sound ill on. Brings a diff side out of L’y. My bread and butter is smooth shit, slick rhymes, shit like that. But on bless shit it gets a lil darker. And I got a few concept joints on there that are crazy. On one I’m talking to god asking for forgiveness. On another it’s a joint where a chic is involved and it ends up bad. But yeah man tough choice, love both for different reasons I’ll let the people decide lol.



6. ( TM ) Tell me a little about what “Uppercase” is ?




( Liym Capital ) Just an alias, synonym for capital .. which represents money of course.



7. ( TM ) How do your peers in ATL treat you since your sound would be more East coast than southern?



( Liym Capital ) I’m not sure , mainly because it’s not a concern of mine. I don’t look for or desire acceptance. I just do me. Being yourself is your superpower so ima just keep my cape on and have it take me where I need to go.



8.  ( TM ) If you could do a joint album with any up & coming Producer who would you choose & why?



( Liym Capital ) Alchemist isn’t up and coming but he’s my favorite producer. I definitely gotta get a project in with Sick Siah, that’s in the works. Other than him There’s no names that really pop up in particular. I’m just interested in heat it don’t matter who it’s by



9. ( TM ) So far you’ve already worked with some artists like The Hoodies, Primo Jab, Stevie Crooks, Snazz Gaudy, Roland Papers . Do you have any features stashed in the vaults we haven’t heard yet?



( Liym Capital ) Nahh not at the moment.



10. ( TM ) When can we expect some new music?



( Liym Capital ) Shit we setting up the flood right now. My issue has been consistency so I’m working on loading up so I could drop back to back to back no breaks. So next time you see some content just know I’m following up w/ more. I’m gonna drop a mixtape called “Decadence” before the year is up. I’ll be spitting over industry beats that came out in the past decade 2010-2019 , coming out crazy.




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Interview | “Behind The Mic” Rap Discussion [ Week 1 ] With ‪@Teller_Banks ‬#W2TM EXCLUSIVE !!!

If you follow the underground hip hop circles it’s a known fact Teller Banks is one of the dopest & most consistent artists out right now.

He has already blessed us with dope songs such as Geometry, Redemption, & Herdin Cats to name a few.

This past Monday Teller dropped a new album entitled “The Called & Chosen” check it out via Bandcamp. In the mean time enjoy this introduction to the rapper & the person behind the music.


1.) How did you get the name Teller Banks?


( TB ) I actually had got caught up in some stuff and had to disassociate with the name I had been runnin with, Teller Banks  actually came from NCAA 14, it was a player I’d always make on any football game I’d play. I’d end up makin a Teller Banks every time. 


2.) What inspired you to want to rap?


(TB) My parents were always into music I grew up on the roots and OutKast so rap was always something I was into, I was more like a scholar at first- I really studied the culture and the history since I was young. I didn’t really have thoughts about rappin myself, I sang and played the saxophone growin up so I knew music theory and all that. One day I’m sittin outside the connect spot (RIP) and I just started freestylin and I asked my brothers like yo is this it? They said yea so I ran with it. 


3.) How does It feel when you hear your music being played by a legend like DJ Muggs?


(TB) It’s crazy. I been rappin a long time lowkey and especially with how everything went down under my last name a lot of it felt like it was for nothing, but shit like this is stuff I used to legit pray for so it keeps me in a good perspective. I get so focused on where I’m trying to get that rarely look at how far I’ve actually came and stuff like the Soul Assassins radio run really helps me step back and appreciate the progress I’ve made.


4.) Who are some artists you haven’t worked with yet but look forward to working with?


(TB) Honestly outside of the Griselda folks it’s hard to say. It’s so many dudes lowkey I’ve already worked with a lot of my favorite folks or at least been in conversation with em about a collaboration. On a production level I’d love to work with Kali Uchis or SZA. 


5.) In 2019 you released 3 albums thus far with one on the way still. Would you say it’s been a great year for you musically? 


(TB) Lowkey I did 4 but Rose Tinted Mirrors isn’t available anymore unless you bought it, it came out the same day as The True & Living. I feel real good about everything that’s happened so far this year it’s been great, I stopped workin 9/30/19 and started really doin music full time in February, since then I’ve recorded 9 albums, 4 self produced, been doin my own mixing and mastering as well. It’s nice to be in full control of how much I can really do. 


6.) What advice would you give new indie artists coming up?


(TB) Man there’s a lot of advice I’d love to give but I’d say the 2 biggest things in my eyes are: 1) sell something. Anything. 2) Don’t ask for support, support yourself. I see a lot of folks that are dope that don’t have one thing I can pay them directly for. 50 fans don’t feel like nothin when it’s all streams, but 20 shirts and 20 CDs sales is something you can legitimately feel good about. On the second part, folks are more likely to help you out if they see you pushin by yourself than if they see you tryna flag down every car passing by.


7.) Who are some artists you’ve been compared to? ( I think your voice reminds me of Kendrick but you have your own style)


(TB) Man I hate damn near every comparison I get haha but I’ve gotten Kendrick, JID, Meechie from Flatbush. I appreciate the gesture behind it, but in my head if I “sound like _____” that mean I’m underneath them in a way and I don’t like that. Only one I ever appreciated was bein called the Andre 3000 of Denver, but If somebody ever compared me to Jay Electronica or Skyzoo I’d take it.


8.) How much thought do you put into your album titles because they all seem meaningful example “The True & The Living” “The Damned” & “A Sirius Man” 


(TB) A lot of thought and planning goes into it. If you go back to Hellfire & Brimstone you’ll hear me rap about The Called & Chosen. All the projects I do with Blaq are part of one sonic universe and all joints I do self produced go into another. I treat the series me an Blaq are doin like sermons, it might not go chronologically per say but the lessons are in proper order. They match up with the stage of my journey I feel I’m on. The Damned with Farma Beats i was like a prequel spinoff- if you listen close it’s all about my past, it’s real retrospective. All my self produced joints are titled after movies. Tarantino and Coen Bros movies (right now). The concepts around those are more sonically tied together than content themed 


9.) How would you describe coming up in Iowa for a rap artist?


(TB) I’ve only been out here for a few years, but this is where my career as an artist really took form. The dudes I was runnin with in Denver were never serious about what I was tryna do or rally behind me and I’ve known them my whole life- they’ve always known how special and gifted I am. As soon as I met my brother Bill he put more support behind me than I’ve ever had in music and having somebody actually care, actually get excited about my talent and potential really did a lot for me. I was on a bad path, Des Moines and Bill(B. Well) in particular saved my life. My mom will tell you the same.


10.) Tell us about the hat you usually rock an what is the significance behind it?


 (TB) Ahh mayne, straw hats are a must for the summer haha I’m from Denver originally but my grandpa from the south and he work outside he always had one, but really I had dream when I was like 18 that I was performin, I had on the wife beater and a straw hat and it was like the prototype of who I was supposed to be so I went out and got one.