Key Notez – Cant live without you girl (Drake Cover Mix)

This is a new joint by Key Notez he got a new project on the way stay tuned S N I

WTF str8 disrespectful

Check out this video of MR. Shit Talker aka Channing Crowder the Dolphins linebackers response to getting spit on by ravens player during the game if i was Crowder i would have met McClain in the parking lot and shot the fair one because spitting in someones face isnt gangsta at all. I  could carless though maybe this will shut up chowder i mean Crowder

The Life- O Head

This another banger from O Head he been on his grind lately been doing a lot of new videos he said he got 25 videos in the works so he grinding hard repping Allentown, Pa stand up! Check out O head YouTube channel its Ohead610 also he released 2 mixtapes last month on Dat Piff

They Rather Hate it than Love It Pt.1 (the Love Side)

They Rather hate it then Love it pt2 (the HATE side)

Regrets- Phillup Banks


This is a new joint from Allentown, PA Rapper Phillup Bank$ directed by Joshua Ramirez over at Rap Forever this song is hard its definitely worth checking out im feeling Phillup Banks flow check him out on the radio every Wednesday night on also check out Volume 3 available on link below.

Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous- Maybach Dice, J.R Get Money

This is a joint off he new mixtape which should be out sooner than we know from dice called 4,5,6 he in process of working on his next mixtape as well. If you didnt hear Statue of Liberty in Miami check it out Link Below

Statue Of Liberty in Miami

Money Over Everything- Newz

Brookyn Newz comes with some new music its been a minute since i heard him but i been listening to him since he was in the Blok Gang with rapper Coke an then went solo an signed to Mpire music i hope to hear more new music from newz i like his delivery. Since the modo M.O.E.T its only right to post song called Money over Everything. shout out to the BLOK GANG!

song from SMACK DVD Gangsta Strole this joint was hard

WTF is wrong with this dude


This is an interview on how to get fired from your job Randy Moss talked about his old team the whole interview after his current team lost and made his own questions this seemed like a plea to Patriots to take him back he got some issues. How you go back to the team that drafted you an get booted out-of-town in less than a month this was just as bad as Allen Iverson’s return to philly. The Vikings organization should refund all fans that bought a Moss jersey on because they wasted their money and time.

I believe i can fly- A Mafia


This some new heat from A Mafia he been killing the streets since he came home this song was  premiered the other night by dj kay slay its of his new mixtape thats on the way if yall havent heard “In My own World” get on it ASAP for all info check out

Children of the Corn

In My Own World Mixtape listen and D/L —->

The Gifted One Araab Muzik


Here is some footage of  Dip Set’s very own producer Araab Muzik Check him out  killing it on the MPC beatmaker at a recent concert. He has recently been on tour all over the country performing.

10/23/10 Recent show

This is amazing

He Kills it here

An incase you missed it here is the link 2 Araab Muzik: How 2 be a MC

Mtvs Top 10 Hottest in the game 2010

Here is the list that was put together on MTV’S “The Hottest M.C’s in the game

10. Ludacris
9. B.O.B
8. Waka Flocka Flame
7. Lil Wayne
6. Nikki Minaj
5. Rick Ross
4. Drake
3. Kanye West
2. Jay-z
1. Eminem

Key people who didnt make the list include: Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, 50Cent, Gucci Mane etc

There has been a lot talk about this list from artists giving there opinions to fans venting their frustration. Here is the artists i disagree with being on this list

       –Waka Flocka Flame makes this list after saying who cares about lyrics? This is a problem an his music in my eyes reminds me of the new Lil Jon alot of yelling saying nothing his flow is Crunk Muzik an he isn’t better than any of the rappers i named that didn’t make the list.

     –Ludacris lyrically he is an animal we all know this but who really owns his albums???? he makes good songs but T.I is the King of the south an puts out better albums so he should have made it over him

    –B.O.B is a very talented individual don’t get me wrong but he shouldnt be on this list


Comdien Lil Duval made a more interesting list on twitter with the worst rappers of the decade LOL here it is and the reason’s why he chose them.

10. Lil Flip because he said ill treat you like milk and do nothing but spoil you

9. Nick Cannon just because….

8. Birdman as much as he puts out i bet he can’t recite his verses

7. Ron Artest because you shouldn’t be that garbage when you from queensbridge

6. Jojo Simmons not that he can’t rap he just looks like he shouldn’t


4. Waka Flocka Flame I still never heard him rhyme yet

3. Lil B what man calls himself the pretty lil bitch

2. Oj Da Juiceman no one wants to hear a whole album of AYE AYE

1. Soulja Boy because he made the forbes list for not making sense he gotta be a genius

R.I.P Gregory Issacs

R.I.P Gregory Issacs

7/15/1951 –– 10/25/2010

I wanted to take a moment out to remember Reggae pioneer Gregory Issacs who passed away today 10/25/10 from a battle with lung cancer. This was reported by BBC in london were he lived. Gregory got his shine with the 1982 hit “Night Nurse”  and made many other hits will be remembered as a legend. He released his final studio project came in 2008 .

Night Nurse