About Team Moet 610


This site was created to promote & give exposure to all up & coming underground artists first and foremost as well as provide news & a Lane for aspiring Clothing designers such as ( ABE Empire, Good Guy Clothing & More to name a few things.

The #W2TM hashtag started a few years ago and we stuck with it. It means “Welcome 2 Team Moet 610” which is inviting you Into our way of sharing music. The content is mostly indie & aspiring musicians we avoid mainstream so the music is always new to the average fan .

We also support artists on the grind with exclusive interviews, Consulting & Management. My previous experiences before this was DaStashbox.com, KicksOnFire (Intern) PDG TV camera Man & interview script writer.

Rip to Shawn Evans who was a close friend of mine but more like family. I came up with this M.O.E.T idea early 2000 told him I wanted to build this us. Although he is gone I’m doing my part to this this brand.

Me & Shawn Back In 2005


teammoet1@gmail.com ( GMail )

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4 thoughts on “About Team Moet 610”

  1. I feel where he is coming from but he sholudn’t quit .. but if he do quit, he needs to make this last mixtape a nuclear bomb and tackle every issue on his mind and in our community and hold nothing back.


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