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Blog: Reason’s Why Wack Rappers Blow



Back in my days rappers would be laughed at & or exposed for half the stuff they do now. So much talent you see now that doesn’t get the air play it deserves because their not selling there souls to get money. It seems like all the artists shinning now are the ones that are only in it for the money only &not the art. From the making of the beat to stepping in the booth delivering something with feel music had so much more meaning back when I was growing up. Now The labels want artists that are different or as i like to say weirdos. The days of the street rappers are numbered no radio spins and you can’t find good music unless your heavy online an go look & spend a few bucks on upcoming artists on iTunes which I think is worth it. I rather support a hungry artist on the come up than someone who is just bragging about what they got. All it takes to succeed as a rapper now is a nice beat & catchy hook so many rappers have used this recipe with no lyrics & have been successful it’s a shame. It’s like rap is the new nba kids growing up wanting to be rappers just for a check not caring what kind of message they delivering to the youth what makes it worse now artists are wearing dresses 😳 first person I see doing this outside will be laughed at and stoned it’s not trendy it’s just foolish. The wack rap dates as far back as the lil Jon days lyrics haven’t mattered because there has been more thirsty rappers willing to do anything for a buzz an the labels are just looking for artists that fit that profile. Its like there only looking for the next one hit wonder these days because they know people barely buy records these days & lyrics don’t sell like they usto. The days of a message in music are gone it’s just pure ignorance from this point on I feel bad for kids growing up now because they actually think this garbage is music.


Blog Interview | Hip Hop Producer J.Cardim 1 on 1 Via Team Moet 610 #W2TM



( Team Moet 610 )

When did you produce your first beat that gave you some exposure?

( J Cardim )

My 1st placement was in 2004, On Jean Grae’s album titled “This week” I did “intro” and “P.S.”

( Team Moet 610 )

I know you have worked with everyone in the game from Joe Buddens, Jadakiss to Ludacris & Fat Joe to
name a few. Who would you say is your favorite artist you have work with?

( J.Cardim )

Joe Budden was easy to work with because I’m more hands on with my production. French Montana too. I’m able to experiment different things with my beats.

( Team Moet 610 )

I personally think your sound is amazing why do you think it hasn’t got the exposure to consider you are one of the top producers in the game & working with dope artists?

( J.Cardim )

Times change. It’s not a producers game as it was back in 02-03 even up to 06. I think now its coming back to the artist. They want artists that create their own lanes. Like “drake” or “Asap rocky”. If this was 03 then it would have been a different story. But I like where the game is headed. The artists teams up with a producer and create a sound. That’s what me and my artist Ariez Onasis is doing.

( Team Moet 610 )

Most people may not know that you have released two albums “Your Favorite Rappers
Favorite Producer” & “The In Crowd” produced by you. when is your next project coming out?

( J.Cardim )

ummmmmm, lol. My next project as of right now is my artist Ariez Onasis “Heart break kid” it’s all produced by me. And its a new sound that no one will have expected me to do. Our single is out now. Called “Victim”

( Team Moet 610 )

What is your favorite beat of all time you produced?

( J.Cardim )

As of right now. “Victim” check it out. Its dope!!

( Team Moet 610 )

Tell me about the Dice Music Group/Respect & Power Records imprint?

J.Cardim: Dice Music Group (DMG) is a company which my manager and myself run. Tuge and Ariez is our two artist on there. And myself as a producer.

( Team Moet 610 )

Who is the best Producer of all time in your opinion?

( J.Cardim )

DJ Premier, Dre, Timbo and Just Blaze.

( Team Moet 610 )

If artists would like to get beats from you how would they reach you?

( J.Cardim )

My manager Zack Einhorn

( Team Moet 610 )

Do you do a lot of sampling or is everything original?

( J.Cardim )

Mostly all original at this point

( Team Moet 610 )

Whats your plans for the New Year music wise?

( J.Cardim )

To successfully drop the Ariez Onasis album “HBK”

( Team Moet 610 )

Who would you like to work with that you havent yet?

( J.Cardim )

Drake, Jay z, Wiz Khalifa.

Interview | Harlem Producer ‪@VDONSOUNDZ ‬#W2TM

 ( Team Moet  )  How long have you been producing?

(  VDon Soundz )  I’ve been producing for about 5 yrs now.
 ( Team Moet  )  What makes your sound stand out compared to others?


(  VDon Soundz )  My sound differs from others because it’s a mixture between a late 90’s feel and something new .


( Team Moet  ). I know your track record speaks for itself but who would you like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity too yet?

(  VDon Soundz ) I would like to work with Kendrick Lamar , im really feeling his music . I spoke with Asap Rocky about doing some work with him. I would also say definitely Rick Ross , Meek Mill & Common.


( Team Moet  ) What inspired the “Large On The Streets Big L beat ?

(  VDon Soundz )  I made that beat a while ago , like the top of 09 . I came across a lil sample an added a dope drum break to it . At the time I was making beats with signature hooks on them then I chopped up  Big L vocals on the beat it went perfect.

( Team Moet  )  What was your breakout song?


(  VDon Soundz )  It definitely had to be Vado Large On The Streets.


 ( Team Moet  )  Who is your top 5 producers of all time?

(  VDon Soundz )  I would have to go with Kanye , Alchemist , Hi tek , DJ Premier &  Just Blaze.


( Team Moet  )  How can people reach you for beats?


(  VDon Soundz )   You can hit me up on or


( Team Moet  )  What do you use to make your beats?


(  VDon Soundz )  FL Studio , Pro Tools , MPK


( Team Moet  )  What do you think the best album of 2011 is thus far?


( VDon Soundz )   I would say Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch the throne or Kendrick Lamar Section 80


( Team Moet  )  Is there any projects you got on the way the people should know about?


( VDon Soundz )  Yeadefinitely I just placed a track on 50 Cent upcoming album , I just did a track with Lloyd Banks on “The Cold Corner 2” . I have my own artists SteadyFam im working with from Richmond Va  . im also working on a ep with a new artist Bodega Bamz called Sidewalk Exec .  In the future expect to hear me working with Trae Tha Truth , Willie Da Kid , Smoke Dza & Asap Rocky

( Team Moet  )  What are your thoughts on rap music as a whole right now?

( VDon Soundz )   I think rap music is in a changing stage right now , there’s a lot of dope new artist and a lot of garbage out too overall.

( Team Moet  )  Why should artists come to you for beats?

V Don Soundz ) Artist’s should come to me for HEAT because my music definitely brings the best in you..

Blog Interview | Bathgate 1- 1 Also Speaks On His New Mixtape Via #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

With his new mixtape “The  Sinner’s Prayer” set to drop any day now  i had a chance to get an interview with Gates to catch up with him an see what he has been up to as well as get the 4 1 1 on his new mixtape.

1) What is your motivation to keep doing music?

I love music..What drives me is the feeling of people hearing the music the way I do the way I see the story almost like a director of a movie.

2) What age were you when “Fuck Dat” dropped? Fuck that came out in 2001

I was 21

3) What influences your music?

Just good music!! depends on the mood it could be the new Kanye or Rick Ross..Sometimes Rick Ross makes me wanna get back in the streets lol.

4) As an artist who do you think helps get your music out DJs or Blogs?

 For me my team, my producer hits a lot of blogs up & Djs.

5) What inspired the title for mixtape? Any features?

The titled speaks for a certain era of my life it came from a darker side of me it was when I was back & forth between music,drugs,& just real life my mother taught me the sinners prayer it’s about forgiveness and direction. It features Cardan ,my brother& partner Ron Thomas some new blood from our FratBoyMusic umbrella Tre. And production from Djjbuttah and Jay Wex.

6) Is it me or is a lot of people doing the same thing in hip hop right now?

Yeah to a degree I think the problem is a lot niggas are scared to be who they are. If you underground be that, if you in the streets then be real to that.With me your going to get my perspective from where I am & where I was..If the topic is drugs then your going to get the outcome along with everything else.Because if u don’t show pros& cons u apart of the problem..I’m no role model but I want my son to know this is what it is not what ever other nigga makes it out to be..But  I fucks wit Jeezy&Ross I love to hear niggas like Pusha T talk that shit I just do a little bit of the opposite Sometime. I’m being real to where I’m at in my life right now..

7) With that being said what makes you stand out from everyone else?

I’m not with being trendy for the sake of copying other dudes my goal is to just be dope!! As dope as I know I can be..

8.)  What is your favorite song off the new mixtape?

 Everyday it’s a different joint today it’s “Broadway Musical” it’s honest I’m venting in a way & just saying I’m dope my nigga I sure u enjoyed the movie lol.

9) What advice would you give 2 up & coming artists?

 1st Be you 2nd perfect your craft and just grind make sure your product is right sound,bars,etc and be humble…to a degree.

10) For those not to familiar with who you are name some of music you have put out over time years?

 Fuck that, I shot ya freestyle, pockets full of money & Ringling Bros feat Cassidy just a few or go to I got my mixtapes on there too.

11) Are you still going by Billy Bathgate or is it just Bathgate?

 nah just Bathgate copy write issues

12)  Once this mixtape is released what’s the next move ?

 The Ron Thomas project that’s next off of FratBoyMusic then I’m dropping a Street Album produced by Jbuttah Then The Fraternity!! We working.

13) who is your favorite new producer?

 Jbuttah, arabmuzik too name a few

14) what is your favorite scripture from the bible?

Genesis the Beginning because it shows the power of the word.Speaking things to existence is sord of like rapping telling your story is nothing like the word of God but the concept is crazy to say I wanna provide a better life for my family and make that happen is…wow

15) As an artist out now do you think there is a lot of outlets now to get your music out like youtube,blogs,cds etc.

Yes! It give anybody a chance that believes in their art.