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Fashion | Grand Opening ‪@GOODMIAD ‬Via @WeLiveTV

Unless you been living under a rock I’m sure you have seen this “Good Guy” logo over the last few years.

These guys have been putting in the ground work building the brand & getting merchandise to people such as Bradley Beal, Darron Lee & Chad Ocho Cinco to name a few. This company originated out of the 610 Allentown Pa. Check them out & support Black Owned businesses.

Check out the website link below for merchandise click the picture.

Video | Slowbucks Press Conference Investigating 50 Cent & Others #W2TM via @W2TM_Blog_Posts

If you aren’t up to date with who Slownucks is they are an urban brand out of NYC who have Been on the rise for awhile now. 1/2 of the team Slow was attacked and stripped of his chain on the Hot97 Summer Jam stage in front of 55k plus people he believes the attacked was steamed from a beef with 50 Cent for taking a picture with his son. The pic is also below with 50’s response to the picture.



Fashion: Black Urban Style categorized in separate section called “Vogueista Black” in Vogue Italia by @sleeptillnoon #w2tm Via @TeamMoet


yesterday morning in ‘The Business of Fashion’, journalist Jason Campbell highlights in his op-ed the fact that ‘Vogue Italia’ openly has an entirely separate section for documenting all things black and in fashion. some people could say this is an effort to give “special” focus and attention to an underrepresented segment of the fashion industry(-_-+), Campbell hones in on how this form of presentation separated street style images of stylish black men and women in a section of the site’s “Black Blog” called “Vogueista Black.”

the fashion industry is no stranger to criticism on its sometimes blatant displays on racism, body discrimination, and even borderline slave-like mannerisms(, so instead of continuing to harp on those truths Campbell chose to rationalize Vogue Italia’s actions with a broader perspective, he said, :

“At the crux of the matter is the fact that, at fashion companies, senior decision-makers and their teams are largely composed of white people and there is zero initiative to change the status quo. As the lack of racial diversity continues to plague the industry, misguided decisions, such as the one to launch ‘Vogue Black’ and segregate coverage of stylish blacks, are often taken because fashion’s boardrooms and editorial meetings are missing people who could bring alternative perspectives.”

Campbell also makes mention the efforts of people like Riccardo Tisci, Umit Benan, and the Diversity Coalition to eradicate defining difference by skin color.

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Read the full article here( definitely worth a read, since the first step towards creating change is recognizing what is keeping the status quo in place.


Video: HHS1987 Interviews Slowbucks & SBOE Share Their Story On The Brand & Transition Into Music Part 1/3 By @NamesR4Friends #HHS1987 #SBOE #W2TM

I came across this great interview and I wanted to share it for anyone with a similar vision. They give out some key information & knowledge is power the more the better enjoy. Shoutout to Hip Hop since 1987 for this great interview.

Clothing: ABE Presents Currency Cartel Launch Party

If you are in the Philly area I would recommend checking this out. This event will be hosted by ABE empire they have been making a lot of moves & holding the valley down. This is hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz. Visit to shop .