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Blog: LSU Mom By @OcHo_WaVvyyyyy #W2TM via @TeamMoet

Mom is crushed to find out the news her son want to leave the N.O. and play for Head Coach Nick Saban of Alabama Tide. Now a year later his brother follows in the same footsteps but decides to head to the Swamp of the Florida Gators. Watch her displeased reactions lol.

NCAA: Xavier Vs. Cincinnati Brawl

It seems like sports brawls have been routine these days. This one is no different With Xavier leading 76-53 with less than 10 seconds remaining in the game.  Xavier’s Tu Holloway & Cincinnati guard Ge’Lawn Guyn got face to face going back and forth when Xavier freshman Dezmine Wells came to the side of his teammate and shoved Guyn. At that point both benches emptied and things got way out of hand leading to Yancy Gates sucker punching Xavier’s Kenny Frease who also got kicked while kneeling on the ground. This resulted in a lot of suspensions & bans as well. The worst part of this was what Xavier Star Tu Holloway said after the game via twitter “We’re grown men over here. We’ve got a whole lot of gangsters over here. Not thugs, but tough guys on the court. We went out there and zipped them up at the end of the game. That’s our motto: Zip ’em up. And that’s what we just did to them.” Bodybags!


Youth League Institutes TD Limit On 11-Year-Old

Usually we would celebrate great young athletes and their potential. But in Arkansas, one youth football league is instituting a dramatic rule to hold back its brightest star, all in an attempt to level the playing field for other competitors. 11-year-old Demias Jimerson has become so dominant at running back that the Wilson Intermediate Football League has reinstated a rule called the “Madre Hill rule.” The rule, named after former University of Arkansas star and Oakland Raider Madre Hill, bars him from scoring a touchdown if he has already scored three times and his team has the lead of 14 or more points.

Miami Hurricanes Declare Players Ineligible

The University of Miami confirmed Friday that the university has submitted to the NCAA a list of the players deemed ineligible, in order for the NCAA to initiate the reinstatement process and rule on each individual player by the Sept.5 season opener at Maryland. Coach Al Golden would neither say the amount of ineligible student-athletes nor identify them. It was reported Thursday that eight football players (including quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence) were declared ineligible by UM. Harris and Spence, and eight of the other 10 players were implicated in a Yahoo! Sports report last week that alleged they received impermissible benefits from Nevin Shapiro. The other players implicated by Yahoo! are defensive tackle Marcus Forston, safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque, defensive ends Adewale Ojomo and Olivier Vernon, linebacker Marcus Robinson and receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson. UM president Donna Shalala said earlier this week that 15 student-athletes were being investigated by the NCAA. At least one of them, DeQuan Jones, is a basketball player. This investigation is ongoing and could result in major penalties for the University of Miami, or even termination of the football program.