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Interview : We CHOPPED It Up With @DefSoulja Regarding His Recent Project “ There’s A Soulja In Every Saint” Produced By @SaintMichael__ #W2TM

Stimmy Video

( Team Moet 610 )  “There’s A Soulja in Every Saint” Dope title tell us about the process of coming up with a name for this most recent project ?

( Def Soulja ) Hey what’s goodie! First an foremost thanks for having me, thanks for giving the project a listen and supporting what Saint Michael and I put together.  Um Saint Michael came up with the idea and the title name. He already had the concept of the project after a few songs were done.

( Team Moet 610 ) How did you & Saint Michael link originally link up?

( Def Soulja )   Big S/O to Charlie Way…he tagged Saint Michael name under one of my IG post one day and the rest is history. Prior to that we never talked  But once we connected the energy was right so it made the process easy.

Left ( Def Soulja Right Saint Michael

( Team Moet 610 ) How long did the recording process take putting this project together?

( Def Soulja ) The recording process took about a month or two. 

( Team Moet 610 ) What type of  feedback have you been getting since this dropped?

( Def Soulja ) The feedback has been great thus far. The only bad thing some people took from it was that it’s too short. But we figured making it short and hitting them hard was the way to go and it worked, and as long as people are talking whether it’s good or bad is a good thing. 

( Team Moet 610) One of my favorite verses of 2021 so far has been you on “Stimmy” all facts & it felt like the beat was talking to you. Where does this verse rank to you compared to your others ?

( Def Soulja ) Thank You! That’s Dope!…I really like Stimmy verses also. Umm it’s up there with a lot of other verses. I think the timing of the record fits what’s going on today, so it was easier to write than any other verse I’ve done. 

( Team Moet 610 )  What would you say the message is your trying to convey in your music?

( Def Soulja ) Just BE YOURSELF! Stay focus and on point because tomorrow’s not promise so you have to live today but also build.

( Team Moet 610 ) The beat for “Ripe Fruit” was crazy that’s not something just any artist can mess with but you did it justice. What attracted you to that beat ?

( Def Soulja ) Ahhhh Man…Saint Michael was in a different zone when he made that beat. Everything about it attracted me, When I heard it I went straight to the studio and got busy I wasn’t going to let a day go by without talking my shit on that beat. Everybody talks bout that beat…we might have to do a vid for that one. Lol 

Ripe Fruit

( Team Moet 610 )  What separates you from other artists out of the Bronx,NY right now? 

( Def Soulja ) What separates me from other Bronx artist is my ability to make good projects. The Bronx has always been known as the home of the spitters which is true but no one talks about the music. I think I bring both to the table. I can rap and make good projects. 

( Team Moet 610 ) “New Day Same Agenda” perfect song to end the project. What made you go with that ?

( Def Soulja ) New Day Same Agenda sums up the whole ep. From the cover to the hook at the end of the song. It’s a New Day but the agenda remains the same which is to eliminate all the negative forces that has taken over our culture. Im never against artist making money, but with everyone following waves and using streaming farms  etc etc is making it hard for the real artist to shine. It’s time to change the game from being  clout chasers, being artist who feel like they have to have fake streams or fake likes to succeed. It’s difficult But the MAIN GOAL is to NEVER GIVE UP! 

( Team Moet 610 ) What’s your next step in promoting this project to build a wider audience as far as videos, remixes, shows etc?

(Def Soulja ) Right now we still riding the wave of the first single “Stimmy” which has a video out now. Then putting together some merch packages and possibly doing a few shows once everything opens up. We just taking it one day at a time. A fan a day is the goal and we try to accomplish that everyday.

Merch Now Available !