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Blog: LSU Mom By @OcHo_WaVvyyyyy #W2TM via @TeamMoet

Mom is crushed to find out the news her son want to leave the N.O. and play for Head Coach Nick Saban of Alabama Tide. Now a year later his brother follows in the same footsteps but decides to head to the Swamp of the Florida Gators. Watch her displeased reactions lol.

8 Ways to Snag a Good Guy By @Ocho_WaVvyyyYY #W2TM

imageNow I’m no relationship expert and I wouldn’t want to force your my suggestions on you but for some ladies it needs to be shared. We’re all living in a world now where you can’t put anything past anyone from family to friends. Most of the thoughts that are derived today are heavily influenced by what we see and experience but like in books some people can’t tell what’s fiction from non-fiction. So I’m here to share a few points and if you don’t believe me ask your man, an objective friend, your main n*gga or your father.

1. With the way our economy is set up right now everyone ain’t baller. Some people don’t finish high school, seems people going to jail more often, and the rest are turning gay. So the pickings are scattered so find a guy with vision/career, educated, and 9-5 steady worker. Going these options keeps your bad selections at few cause their working towards something.

2. Once you meet a prospect on your level ask questions. Not all all guys have the gift of gab so ask the questions you would like answers to and basing off that you decide if you want to go further. Cause once you make a choice to have him your priority he’ll his part to keep you around.

3. In early relationships likes/dislikes will show it’s smart to address them early to avoid unnecessary arguments further down the road. Cause guys forget shyt women don’t they keep it stored in their memory. As a guy I find that shyt amazing sometimes.

4.  Things are going well you like guy he likes you everythings great and your thinking bout having sex. Now ladies believe he will respect me of I make him wait it’ll show I’m classy and blah blah that’s bs. To us guys it don’t matter when we get it. It’s how you present yourself dictates how a guy will treat you.

5. Yall hanging out and he goes to the bathroom and his phone rings. You see another females name pop up that you don’t know. First don’t overreact! The state you are in is Mortal Combat finish him! Going back to #2 it will tell you about the guy. If you had doubts then your choice of pursuing was bad judgement. If there’s a chance he’s a faithful guy don’t jump all over him cause you won’t hear the answer you want to hear. So be grown about it and talk it out.

6. You had a little rough patch but you guys are back on track and decide to go  out to a party. The DJs on point drinks is flowing he’s tipsy your tipsy the night seems promising with a happy ending but you catch another female eyeing/talking to your man. Again don’t be that belligerent drunk that kills the fun nothing kills a great night like those people. Don’t worry about the other chick cause mostly she wants what you got. So let the man handle the situation. If he’s committed he won’t entertain cause he’s good where he at.

7.  When a guy wants to hang out with his friends it’s his personal time away from you to bond with his homies. By this time you know his friends and what their capable of. Just because he hangs with a certain crowd doesn’t mean he’ll do what they do all guys want and have different likes. Basing from what his friends know about your relationship if he’s good your good. If he’s not you can panic a little but that’s what friends for to have bond while drinking or heading to strip clubs.

8. In closing if y’all can make it through those examples of minor setbacks then you guys are building something. At the end of the day we all want that Barack & Michelle Obama relationship. You put in what you want to get out of it if we can incorporate time, affection, patience, love, and life there’s no reason why we can’t have successful relationships today to raise the youth.  I’m not saying it’s got to be that way but if I was a child I’m sure they’d say it’s great to have.


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