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Blog: Dennis Rodman Out of Bounds? By OcHo_WaAvVyYyYy #W2TM Via @TEAMMOET

Check out this interview of Dennis Rodman. While in North Korea he took seven retired NBA basketball players with him. Those players are Charles Smith, Vin Baker, Sleepy Floyd, Craig Hodges, Clifford Robinson, and Doug Christie. Now we don’t know how he persuaded these guys to leave USA with him but he did. While there they played an exhibition game for the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong Un. Jong Un is well-known for all of the grief he’s caused there and rumors that he killed & feed his own family member to a pack of hungry dogs starved. On this journey they have no support from the U.S. or NBA. “Although sports in many instances can be helpful in bridging cultural divides,” David Stern said, “this is not one of them.” So do think Rodman is truly making a difference or a fool of himself? To the players that went along with him please get back safe!

Blog: LSU Mom By @OcHo_WaVvyyyyy #W2TM via @TeamMoet

Mom is crushed to find out the news her son want to leave the N.O. and play for Head Coach Nick Saban of Alabama Tide. Now a year later his brother follows in the same footsteps but decides to head to the Swamp of the Florida Gators. Watch her displeased reactions lol.

8 Ways to Snag a Good Guy By @Ocho_WaVvyyyYY #W2TM

imageNow I’m no relationship expert and I wouldn’t want to force your my suggestions on you but for some ladies it needs to be shared. We’re all living in a world now where you can’t put anything past anyone from family to friends. Most of the thoughts that are derived today are heavily influenced by what we see and experience but like in books some people can’t tell what’s fiction from non-fiction. So I’m here to share a few points and if you don’t believe me ask your man, an objective friend, your main n*gga or your father.

1. With the way our economy is set up right now everyone ain’t baller. Some people don’t finish high school, seems people going to jail more often, and the rest are turning gay. So the pickings are scattered so find a guy with vision/career, educated, and 9-5 steady worker. Going these options keeps your bad selections at few cause their working towards something.

2. Once you meet a prospect on your level ask questions. Not all all guys have the gift of gab so ask the questions you would like answers to and basing off that you decide if you want to go further. Cause once you make a choice to have him your priority he’ll his part to keep you around.

3. In early relationships likes/dislikes will show it’s smart to address them early to avoid unnecessary arguments further down the road. Cause guys forget shyt women don’t they keep it stored in their memory. As a guy I find that shyt amazing sometimes.

4.  Things are going well you like guy he likes you everythings great and your thinking bout having sex. Now ladies believe he will respect me of I make him wait it’ll show I’m classy and blah blah that’s bs. To us guys it don’t matter when we get it. It’s how you present yourself dictates how a guy will treat you.

5. Yall hanging out and he goes to the bathroom and his phone rings. You see another females name pop up that you don’t know. First don’t overreact! The state you are in is Mortal Combat finish him! Going back to #2 it will tell you about the guy. If you had doubts then your choice of pursuing was bad judgement. If there’s a chance he’s a faithful guy don’t jump all over him cause you won’t hear the answer you want to hear. So be grown about it and talk it out.

6. You had a little rough patch but you guys are back on track and decide to go  out to a party. The DJs on point drinks is flowing he’s tipsy your tipsy the night seems promising with a happy ending but you catch another female eyeing/talking to your man. Again don’t be that belligerent drunk that kills the fun nothing kills a great night like those people. Don’t worry about the other chick cause mostly she wants what you got. So let the man handle the situation. If he’s committed he won’t entertain cause he’s good where he at.

7.  When a guy wants to hang out with his friends it’s his personal time away from you to bond with his homies. By this time you know his friends and what their capable of. Just because he hangs with a certain crowd doesn’t mean he’ll do what they do all guys want and have different likes. Basing from what his friends know about your relationship if he’s good your good. If he’s not you can panic a little but that’s what friends for to have bond while drinking or heading to strip clubs.

8. In closing if y’all can make it through those examples of minor setbacks then you guys are building something. At the end of the day we all want that Barack & Michelle Obama relationship. You put in what you want to get out of it if we can incorporate time, affection, patience, love, and life there’s no reason why we can’t have successful relationships today to raise the youth.  I’m not saying it’s got to be that way but if I was a child I’m sure they’d say it’s great to have.


Mike Vick Cancels Book Signing

Weeks before Mike Vick was set to release his new autobiography book called “Finally Free” he’s received numerous deaths threats as of late which made the Eagles QB and his book signing crew have decided to cancel his store appearances. He originally planned to have book signings in Barnes & Nobles stores Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Atlanta.

In a phone interview, Vick’s spokesman Chris Shigas, said, “there’s been a recent uptick in some of the violent threats through social media, but also credible threats of violence that were phoned into bookstores, threatening Michael Vick, threatening his family, threatening the bookstore’s property, and threatening bookstore employees.” (CBS excerpt)

Ever since Vick came back from his dog fighting stint he’s still heavily hated and beloved by others. With all of the electrifying highlights he’s given us none were more shocking then the dog fighting investigation arose. With these current events that have take place over the past few weeks still shows those same Vick haters are out to get him.

New Mixtape: God Will’N D/L & Review By OchoWavvy8 – Juelz Santana #W2TM

I’m convinced as possibly most of you are we’re most likely never going to hear another DipSet compilation album. That get back together reunion was nice gave us fans from back to the unstoppable ROC movement days hope. That’s over lol Juelz finally drops some new music but has he lost that core base that used to rock with him heavy. Since Cam has released the reins on him it’s pretty evident he will fall into the French Montana collab with everyone syndrome. If that “I Can’t Feel My Face” album happend with Wayne who knows how things would be Juelz could be more relevant today and Wayne might have not fell off the deep end. Check this out let us know what you think? Click the link above 2 listen.


21 Shump Street By OchoWavvy8 #W2TM


Since Iman Shumpert been sidelined this season so far for the Knicks with a knee injury the 2nd year player been staying busy while rehabbing from last post seasons ailment. For the fans he decided to go in the studio and drop a mixtape. When it comes to NBA players rapping it kinda throws you off at first but today is a new day majority players do more the just ball. Check out mixtape listen or click the pic 2 D/L

King Back

What up world? This will be my last message from Forrest City. Just reaching out and sending my love, respect and appreciation to all who have been ridin’ with me throughout this chapter in my life and not just recently but since all the things started happening one after another back in ’06. From Big Phil’s murder to my beautiful little angel Leiah being called home to heaven, to my arrest in ’07, the 1st prison sentence in ’09, to this last journey that I’m nearing the end of. A lot of people who are aware of all that has happened to me in my life say that there aren’t many men who could have endured and withstood so much pain, pressure and turmoil while managing to remain sane and keep their wits about them. I must say that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without God’s grace and having a strong support system behind me every step of the way. So often we spend time acknowledging the presence of “haters” and all the negativity they send our way but we don’t take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all the ones who love and support us and supply us with the positive energy we need to overcome. We complain about the pain so much that we don’t even notice how much stronger, wiser and better of a person the suffering has allowed us to become. I heard Pac say once “To live is to suffer and to survive is to find meaning in that suffering.” I later found out it came from an author by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche. When I heard Pac say that it was just some hard shit to hear your favorite rapper say before he kicked a verse. Now that I’ve gone through it and grown from it those words have a real true meaning to me. I know this won’t be my last battle with adversity but it has truly prepared me for whatever else may come in the future. For that also I’m thankful. Now it goes without saying that I hate I had to come back to prison for these 10 months but I am truly grateful for the knowledge, growth and understanding I’ve received from the experience.

Next time you hear from me I’ll be back out there with you. Doing for those who can’t do for themselves and speaking for those whose voices are never heard. When I touch down, I’m going all the way back to square one, like I’m fresh in the game and never sold a record. Back on some I’M SERIOUS, TRAP MUZIK shit… But until then RESPECT to all who deserve it. I’ll be back at you in a minute.


Since his release NY rapper Maino had some words to share. “That’s my dude, that’s my friend more than anything,” says Maino. “I’m just happy he’s gonna be in a position to be around his family and be free…that’s it that comes first. Grand Hustle treated me like family from the door. There’s not too many people you’re gonna meet in this game that’s gon’ open up their whole house to you and be willing to help you and do whatever they can.

 Meek Mill said, “If I hold the ‘I’ma Boss’ remix long enough I might throw Tip on that. have him get out to the hottest song of the year,” he told VIBE a few weeks before Tip’s release. “He ain’t have no problem looking out for me and I don’t have no problem doing it for him.”

Team Philly vs Team Baltimore/ D.C. Area

It’s the 62nd day of the NBA Lockout, and with minimal to no progress being made NBA stars aren’t just sitting around. They showcasing summer league events in their own hometowns. Earlier this week Baltimore and D.C. natives Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant held an exhibition game at Morgan State University. Some  notable stars that played in the game LeBron James, Chris Paul, Jeff Green, Trevor Austin Daye, Roger Mason Jr., Eric Bledsoe, Josh Selby, and Jarrett Jack. From top to bottom this was a star-studded event, but Durant’s team wasn’t enough to beat out the trio of Melo, Bron, and CP3. Melo’s team won 149-141.

Since the good reviews of the game, Melo was contacted by college teammate Hakim Warrick  about having a game. Warrick said, “I was trying to do a Philly and Baltimore game awhile ago. Then when I saw Drew League vs. Goodman League and Team Melo vs. Goodman on Tuesday night.I was like, ‘Man, let me go ahead and set this up! I told Melo that we want to play them next, and they have to come up to Philly. And he said he’s with it.”

Warrick is currently recruiting players for his Philly team. Some names he is possibly bringing are  Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans, Orlando’s Jameer Nelson, Detroit’s Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Houston’s Kyle Lowry, Sacramento’s John Salmons, Minnesota’s Wayne Ellington, Charlotte’s Gerald Henderson, Ronald Murray, and Markieff and Marcus Morris to play on the Philly squad.

Melo squad will consist of players from the Baltimore/ D.C. area so won’t see Lebron or CP3 running on his team this time. Along with other players from around the area he will be teaming up with Durant and Nuggets’ guard, Ty Lawson.

The date and venue aren’t set yet, but they are targeting for around late September. Three places Warrick is thinking about hosting the event is at Temple University, St. Joseph’s University, and Palestra. Warrick’s first choice is Palestra. Also, known as the Cathedral of College Basketball, is a historic arena, and the home gym of the University of Pennsylvania Quakers Men and Women basketball teams, and Big 5 basketball.  Warrick isn’t looking to host it at a big venue as Wells Fargo Center unless the Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant) decides to lace ’em up for his hometown team.

With the management and players not seeing eye to eye putting on these local showcases for fans maybe the way to go. Over this Labor Day weekend they are scheduled to meet. If no progress is made training camps and exhibition preseason games will be cancelled by mid-September.


Redskins vs Ravens

In tonight’s action the Redskins jumped out to an early 14-0 lead against the Ravens thanks to running from Tim Hightower, and DeAngelo Hall running back a 52 yard interception for a touchdown. The Ravens answered back with a three yard touchdown run from Ray Rice. Joe Flacco and Lee Evans hooked up on a 35 yard touchdown pass. The Ravens won the shootout against the Redskins though thanks to the late heroics of rookie quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Redskins still can’t decide on a starter so Rex Grossman and John Beck were on display. Grossman went 8/15 for 112 yards and one TD pass. Beck threw 6/10 for 108 yards with one TD and interception. Flacco numbers were 17/27 for 217 yards with one TD and interception. Taylor 11/18 for 125 and game winning touchdown pass.

Weakness: Redskins are unsettled on a starting quarterback to lead the team. Mike Shannahan’s faith in unproved QB John Beck still leaves many speculating, but we’ll see how it ends out. In the NFC East the Redskins aren’t expected to do much because they always underachieve. Until they find out what they need to be considered contenders they will continue to do the same.

Ravens are as good as Flacco can take them. Against other teams his performances are on elite QB levels, but when it comes to division foe Pittsburgh Steelers he just can’t win when it counts. With the defense continuing to age the window of opportunity is fading. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have only a few more seasons left in them Flacco needs to get over his demons that keep him from success in Pittsburgh. Like Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley said, “Ravens won’t win SuperBowl in his lifetime!”

Strengths: Redskins has some nice players on their roster like always, but never seem to pan out when they get there. It’s like the Oakland Raiders “Black Hole” of the East Coast. In the tough division they reside in fans shouldn’t expect much from them.

Ravens have always had a strong defense, but as they keep aging the SuperBowl window is closing. They were close last season in the AFC Championship game, but fell short to the Steelers. With a new season we will see how far they can go this season, and if Flacco chokes again the Ravens have a rookie named Tyrod Taylor that could take the reigns one day.

Ravens won the shootout 34-31. The Redskins next game is against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Ravens will head to ATL to play against the Falcons in the preseason finale.

Browns Vs Eagles

In tonight’s action the Eagles rebounded from a tough outing from the Steelers last week. Michael Vick was more careful with the ball and the Eagles offense moved well against the Browns defense. Colt McCoy struggled and couldn’t find a rhythm with the offense. The only time they really had minor success is when handed the ball to Peyton Hillis. Vince Young came in the second half and Eagles offense didn’t lose any momentum. Vick went 10/18 for 98 yards and an eight yard touchdown run. McCoy went 9/18 for 89 yards and one interception. Young threw 9/12 for 58 yards and a 10 yard TD run.

Weakness: Browns need to find some continuity on both sides of the ball. Their offense needs to find an identity it can rely on, and the defense is like it has been for years terrible. Eagles need to sure up the offensive line to keep Vick standing upright in the pocket. Needs the rest of their impact players to keep getting healthy for the start of the season.

Strengths: Browns have a great opportunity with Colt McCoy towards the future. From his nice career in Texas where they were always in the BCS hunt, now he was drafted to a bottom basement NFL team. Providing the right weapons around him, and finding better pieces for the defense could make the Browns relevant down the road.

Eagles have a star-studded cast. So far this preseason they haven’t really wowed anybody except for the roster names. As they keep progressing and building they should live up to all the hype they attracted this off-season through all of their acquisitions.

The final score was Eagles 24-14. Browns next match-up will be against the Bears at Solider Field. The Eagles will take on the Jets at the New Meadowlands stadium.

Panthers Vs Bengals

The Panthers and Bengals face off in tonight’s week three of preseason action. The Panthers got off to a great start with a 16 yard touchdown run by rookie quarterback Cam Newton. Soon after that the Panthers offense stalled, and with productive help from Benson and Scott in the running game. With the effectiveness from both backs Dalton was able to link up with fellow rookie A.J. Green for 53 yard TD reception. Newton ended tonight’s with 6/19 for 75 yards. Dalton went 11/17 for 130 yards and one touchdown.

Weakness: Panthers with Newton made a little progress, but he is still trying to grasp the offense enough to win the starter position from second year player Jimmey Clausen. At times his accuracy went and made it hard to finish drives. The Panthers young defense shows promise, but since the departure of Julius Peppers they can’t rush the passer as great. Charles Johnson is a beast, but he cannot do it alone.

Bengals had a better outing this game, but still needs to work on the trenches battle to better help the development of Dalton. The defense needs to find some continuity to play better.

Strengths: Panthers have a great running game with the duo of DeAngelo Williams and James Stewart. If the can get back to the success they had in 2009 when both backs went for over 1,000 yards rushing they can pose as a scare in the stacked NFC South.

Bengals have great offensive tools at the disposal of Dalton. With better team play he can make the Bengals a good team. This season look for him, Green, and Jermaine Gresham to rack up some points. With the weapons he made look good at TCU Dalton will come into his own eventually.

The final score was Bengals 24-13. Next game the Panthers will play against the Steelers at home. The Bengals will face off against the Peyton Manningless Colts.

Sports Illustrated Top Recruits

In the condition how the NCAA has been running business it can only get worse when these players are put on college campuses around nation to perform at the top football programs.

247Sports’ Top 100 Football Recruits ranks the top 100 football recruits in the Class of 2012. For a quick overview on these rankings, click here. For an extended list of the top 247 players, click here.
1 Arik Armstead
Elk Grove, CA
Pleasant Grove
OT 6-8 285
2 Dorial Green-Beckham
Springfield, MO
WR 6-6 221 Considerations
3 Eddie Goldman
Friendship Collegiate Academny
DT 6-5 305 Considerations
4 Jameis Winston
Bessemer, AL
QB 6-4 190
5 Andrus Peat
Tempe, AZ
Corona Del Sol
OT 6-7 280 Considerations
6 Landon Collins
Geismar, LA
S 6-0 210 Considerations
7 Kyle Murphy
San Clemente, CA
San Clemente
OT 6-7 270 Considerations
8 John Theus
Jacksonville, FL
The Bolles School
OT 6-6 295
9 Keith Marshall
Raleigh, NC
RB 5-11 210 Considerations
10 Stefon Diggs
Olney, MD
Good Counsel
WR 6-0 188 Considerations
11 Shaq Thompson
Sacramento, CA
Grant Union
S 6-2 210 Considerations
12 Gunner Kiel
Columbus, IN
Columbus East
QB 6-4 210
13 Eddie Williams
Panama City Beach, FL
ATH 6-4 215
14 D.J. Humphries
Charlotte, NC
Mallard Creek
OT 6-5 275
15 Mario Edwards
Denton, TX
DE 6-3 261
16 Noah Spence
Harrisburg, PA
Bishop McDevitt
DE 6-3 235 Considerations
17 Johnathan Gray
Aledo, TX
RB 5-11 200
18 Yuri Wright
Ramsey, NJ
Don Bosco Prep
CB 6-2 180 Considerations
19 Malcom Brown
Brenham, TX
DT 6-3 300
20 Devin Fuller
Westwood, NJ
Old Tappan
ATH 6-0 185 Considerations
21 Chris Black
Jacksonville, FL
First Coast
WR 5-11 175
22 Darius Hamilton
Ramsey, NJ
Don Bosco Prep
DT 6-4 250 Considerations
23 Jarron Jones
Rochester, NY
Aquinas Institute
DT 6-6 300 Considerations
24 Nelson Agholor
Tampa, FL
Berkeley Prep
ATH 6-1 185 Considerations
25 Alex Ross
Jenks, OK
RB 6-2 213
26 Jordan Jenkins
Hamilton, GA
Harris County
DE 6-2 242 Considerations
27 Trey Williams
RB 5-8 175
28 Ellis McCarthy
Monrovia, CA
DT 6-5 315 Considerations
29 Isaac Seumalo
Corvallis, OR
OG 6-3 280
30 Dan Voltz
Barrington, IL
OT 6-4 285
31 Chris Casher
Mobile, AL
Faith Academy
DE 6-5 240
32 Geno Smith
St. Pius X
CB 5-11 175 Considerations
33 Anthony Alford
Petal, MS
ATH 6-0 170 Considerations
34 Eli Harold
Virginia Beach, VA
Ocean Lakes
DE 6-4 213
35 Duke Johnson
RB 5-10 175
36 Tanner Mangum
Eagle, ID
QB 6-3 190
37 Tracy Howard
Hollywood, FL
CB 5-11 175 Considerations
38 Thomas Johnson
WR 5-11 175
39 Joshua Garnett
Puyallup, WA
OT 6-5 304 Considerations
40 Kyle Kalis
Lakewood, OH
St. Edward
OT 6-5 300
41 Channing Ward
Aberdeen, MS
DE 6-3 250 Considerations
42 Deontay Greenberry
Fresno, CA
Washington Union
WR 6-3 184
43 Dante Fowler
St. Petersburg
DE 6-3 240
44 Carlos Watkins
Forest City, NC
DT 6-4 270 Considerations
45 Javonte Magee
San Antonio
Sam Houston
DT 6-6 264 Considerations
46 Tee Shepard
Fresno, CA
Washington Union
CB 6-0 173
47 Reggie Ragland
Madison, AL
Bob Jones
LB 6-4 245
48 Shaq Roland
Lexington, SC
ATH 6-2 204
49 Ifeadi Odenigbo
Dayton, OH
LB 6-3 212 Considerations
50 Kwontie Moore
Norfolk, VA
Norfolk Christian
LB 6-1 243
51 Rushel Shell
Aliquippa, PA
RB 6-0 215 Considerations
52 Barry Sanders Jr.
Oklahoma City
Heritage Hall
RB 5-9 180 Considerations
53 Noor Davis
Leesburg, FL
LB 6-4 225
54 Dillon Lee
Buford, GA
LB 6-4 220
55 Joel Caleb
Midlothian, VA
Clover Hill
WR 6-3 203 Considerations
56 Chris Wormley
Toledo, OH
DE 6-5 250
57 Jessamen Dunker
Boynton Beach, FL
Boynton Beach Community
OT 6-5 315
58 Kwon Alexander
Oxford, AL
LB 6-2 210 Considerations
59 Armani Reeves
West Roxbury, MA
Catholic Memorial
CB 5-11 180
60 Jordan Diamond
OT 6-6 290 Considerations
61 Jonathan Bullard
Shelby, NC
DE 6-4 245 Considerations
62 Nick James
Long Beach, MS
Long Beach
DT 6-5 320
63 Erik Magnuson
Encinitas, CA
La Costa Canyon
OT 6-6 275
64 Jonathan Taylor
Millen, GA
Jenkins County
DT 6-4 317
65 Josh Clemons
Valdosta, GA
LB 6-5 200 Considerations
66 Ronald Darby
Oxon Hill, MD
CB 5-11 174
67 Ricky Parks
Hogansville, GA
TE 6-4 235
68 Kennedy Estelle
Pearland, TX
OT 6-7 300
69 Torshiro Davis
Shreveport, LA
LB 6-3 220
70 Zach Kline
Danville, CA
San Ramon Valley
QB 6-2 190
71 Kenyan Drake
Powder Springs, GA
ATH 6-1 187
72 Brock Stadnik
Greensboro, NC
Western Guilford
OT 6-5 285
73 Sheldon Day
Warren Central
DT 6-2 286
74 Durron Neal
St. Louis
WR 6-1 180
75 Travis Wilson
San Clemente, CA
San Clemente
QB 6-6 210
76 Keivarae Russell
Everett, WA
RB 6-0 175 Considerations
77 Jabari Ruffin
Downey, CA
LB 6-3 245
78 Elijah Shumate
Ramsey, NJ
Don Bosco Prep
S 6-1 185 Considerations
79 Brian Nance
Euless, TX
LB 6-3 230 Considerations
80 Connor Brewer
Paradise Valley, AZ
AB 6-2 195
81 Dominique Wheeler
Crockett, TX
ATH 6-2 178
82 Davonte Neal
Paradise Valley, AZ
WR 5-9 170 Considerations
83 Chad Kelly
Buffalo, NY
St. Joseph School
QB 6-3 205
84 Curtis Riser
DeSoto, TX
OG 6-4 285
85 Mike Davis
Stone Mountain, GA
RB 5-11 195
86 Kiante’ Griffin
Carrollton, TX
WR 6-0 195
87 Aaron Burbridge
Farmington, MI
WR 6-2 180
88 Ondre Pipkins
Kansas City, MO
Park Hill
DT 6-3 305
89 Cyrus Jones
ATH 5-9 174 Considerations
90 Jordan Simmons
Encino, CA
Crespi Carmelite
OG 6-4 330 Considerations
91 A.J. Leggett
South Miami Senior
CB 5-11 175
92 LaDarrell McNeil
A Maceo Smith
S 6-1 186
93 Justin Thomas
Prattville, AL
QB 5-11 176
94 Tommy Schutt
Glen Ellyn, IL
Glenbard West
DT 6-3 300
95 Leonard Floyd
Eastman, GA
Dodge County
LB 6-5 211
96 Drew Harris
Exton, PA
Downingtown East
RB 6-2 195 Considerations
97 Cayleb Jones
Austin, TX
WR 6-3 198
98 Zeke Pike
Fort Mitchell, KY
Dixie Heights
QB 6-5 220
99 Bryce Treggs
Bellflower, CA
St. John Bosco
WR 5-11 170
100 James Ross
West Bloomfield, MI
St. Mary’s Prep
LB 6-1 215

2011 NBA Season?

Now that football is back the NFL performed one of the biggest scams of this year. After four or five months of not knowing what to agree they get a deal done, then have fans wait a little while longer to ratify the decisions going forward. If you ask me the NFL knew exactly what they were doing to promote the NFL even better. With the NFL at least fans knew what areas needed to be handled as more safety, rookie contracts, possible longer season, teams salary caps, etc.

In regards to the NBA WTF!!!! After coming off one of the most electrifying NBA seasons with super teams forming and the Mavericks upsetting the Heat in the finals this past season they went into lockout. Speaking as a fan I don’t understand. Between David Stern and Billy Hunter as the representatives of the owners and players doesn’t seem much progress is being made at all. Some areas of concerns possibly are a new collective bargaining agreement, super teams, all competitive rosters equally, etc. Until some of these issues and others are solved the players have to find other things to do in the meantime.

This summer we have seen Kevin Durant ballin’ at the legendary Rucker Park, Michael Beasley smacking fans, LeBron getting dunked on in Japan, Kobe easily beating (rapper) Bow Wow in one on one at his basketball camp for $ 1M, etc. So what will it take for both sides to come together and compromise? Only time will tell.