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This week we introduce you to the yard man “Nomad Carlos” representing Kingston, Jamaica. Nomad has been putting in work the last couple years on the underground scene building up a steady catalog of projects such as “Cipher” Produced by Farma Beats & “The Psyche” with The Artivist to name a few. He paints a vivid picture of Life growing up in him music. If you enjoy good subject matter & substance in your music look no further.


( Team Moet ) Who is Nomad Carlos?

( Nomad Carlos ) 

Nomad Carlos is a unique individual who likes to think outside the box. I’m a hip hop artist who grew up in Jamaica so naturally I have a deep appreciation for the dance hall and reggae music. I do my own thing and try to be authentic with it while also being a voice for those without one.

( Team Moet )  How was life growing up in Kingston, Jamaica?

( Nomad Carlos )

It was dope.. had the best of times and the worst of times there. I moved to Kingston when I was 5 years old. I was born in America and my parents always had a plan to go back home and try to make life work there. They never really got accustomed to American life. So yeah I grew up in Kingston, on the more privileged side compared to what is always shown in the media and movies. For the most part it was peaceful but you grow up still being affected by what we can’t control. At the same time is a very lawless place compared to America, which made it fun especially as a teenager. If you were into the music culture then you start to mingle and experience all walks of life.

( Team Moet )  The first time I came across your music was in 2019 the “Blxvk Desert” Project With Inztinkz. Being that I’m Jamaican I was hype to see us active in the underground hip hop scene because I share some of that same love you have for hip hop….How big is the Underground rap movement in Kingston?

( Nomad Carlos )

Word. Well “Blxvk Desert” is a special project to me because it was just yard energy throughout. Inztinkz is a legendary hip hop producer from Kingston Jamaica. We hail from the same group “The Council” in which we had dropped an album in 2017 ” Nothing Else Matters”. The underground rap movement is still very underground and has been for a long time. I think it had reached its heights back when we started putting on our own show series called #PayAttention. We created a platform for hip hop culture in JA. Every month local rappers would come perform and we made sure the music was a hip hop atmosphere. We did that to get people in our zone and show them yeah this the only place you can come to in Kingston to find this type of vibe. And for a while it worked. Eventually we had to end the event because it wasn’t sustaining itself. Few artists are active doing they thing out there still.

( Team Moet ) The song “Riot” produced By Farma Beats is one of your most streamed songs. I enjoyed the production along with the subject matter & it had a chorus. Would you saying adding a chorus is under valued these days & what made you decide to go with it?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Yeah I do think choruses have been undervalued in the underground for a while. I also don’t think that’s a bad thing but, I think song structure is important. When I was growing up listening to hip hop, even reggae and dance hall as well, songs had choruses and sometimes even bridges. So I try to approach my music like that too. A good chorus can give life to a song. When I did Riot, initially I felt like just doing a long verse. But then I was like nah.. I made the first verse a 24 and the second verse a 16. Kinda played with the structure. And I loved the beat so I felt that chorus I did gave it a new meaning and made it complete. I don’t sleep on choruses.

( Team Moet )  How did you link up with The Artivist & Connect on your latest project “The Psyche” ?

( Nomad Carlos )

We were going back and forth on social media for a while.. he had sent me some beats a while back and I messed with one.  I thought it was a good idea to just do a short EP and put it out. He was wid it and then that’s what we cooked up.

( Team Moet )  Being that you are a Yardie how early did you know rap was your calling & not Reggae?

( Nomad Carlos )  

I’d say in high school. We used to always look forward to clashes during school where man would deejay the most popular tunes against each other.. back then bounty killer and beenie man was running the place. Vybz Kartel, assassin were the young artists at the time. I was always into that vibes and entertained by it. But hip hop always felt more natural to me artistically. My peers saw that in me too. My cousins were rappers and were running a studio called Gambling House Recording Studio which was revered as the mecca for local hip hop because every rapper or person involved in hip hop has passed through that studio at least more than once. So naturally that influence played a part in me as an artist.

( Team Moet ) How has the quarantine been affecting your creative process?

( Nomad Carlos )

 It definitely gave me time to finish up some projects and other stuff. I actually enjoyed my time being home for a while. I believe I came up with some solid concepts and ideas that can carry me through the next year or 2 haha. I wrote a lot of music and jotted down some ideas which I plan to execute.

( Team Moet )  In a short time you’ve worked with some innovative producers such as Farma Beats, Flu & The Artivist. What’s next on your plate?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Well. Next I want to drop a full length album. I’m going to focus on that next. 2019 and this year so far I’ve just done short EPs. I didn’t want to give too much on these projects cuz I thought starting small would allow these new audiences to get used to me. But I’m bout to go in album mode now. So the approach is gonna be different from what you’ve heard so far. It’s still gonna be that raw sound but conceptually, song structure wise like we talked about earlier, I’m taking it up a notch. I also have some collaborative projects in the works too with some hip hop and dancehall producers in yard.

( Team Moet ) What do you want fans to get out your music when they hit play?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Just to be able to relate I guess. I think I’m an ordinary person like anybody else. I have interests and unique experiences too that I think are relatable. So I want to spark any kinda emotion.

( Team Moet )  In the future at some point will we see you work with any Reggae artists ?

( Nomad Carlos ) 

‘m open to anything really as long as the opportunity seems right. If the vibe feel natural too then anything possible. I don’t want to only work with rappers to be honest haha.. but I do see this happening in the future. Just time is the master.

( Team Moet )  Do you plan to release any more music in 2020 or will you focus on pushing your latest project?

( Nomad Carlos )  

Not sure as yet. But I’m definitely gonna push “The Psyche” for a while. I want my music to breathe and live for a while. I don’t wanna rush my releases.

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