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Jersey City’s own “JaeFrmJerz” hailing from the Garden State New Jersey. Jae has been making a name for himself and had a good run in 2019 consistently dropping dope music & visuals. I’m excited to me what he has in store for 2020.



( Team Moet ) Who is JaeFrmJerz?


( JaeFrmJerz )  I’m just another man from jersey city honestly. I’m 24, My mother is Salvadorian & my father is Black. I was born and raised in JC, same area since i could remember. I chose that name almost 4-5 years ago because I wanted my music to represent not only who I am, but where I’m from as well. I went through a few other name, some people still call me JaeReal LOL


( Team Moet )  What do you think your best skill set is on the mic & why?


( JaeFrmJerz ) Not too sure to be honest. I try to focus on being a better artist all around but I feel like my flow may be my best skill. If you listen closely, I always try to catch every snare, kick, keep up with the hi hats.. I don’t necessarily try to rap over beats rather I try rapping with the beat.


(Team Moet)  All your projects are predominately with 1 producer throughout. Do you think that’s the best way to have a consistent sound?


( JaeFrmJerzWell, this art. I don’t usually just jump & work with anyone. I try to build a relationship apart from the music to really get to know them, see what kind of music they listen to, everything. when I say that its art, its because i want the producer to go as hard as I’m goin & get as creative as they want. you cant do that with just one song, in my opinion at least.



( Team Moet )  “The Score” & Not Tied With Revenxnt are both dope smooth production throughout with good content. Which album did you personally like better?


( JaeFrmJerz )  The Score gone always have a special place in my heart. When i met Revenxnt we were just on a business tip & then we ended up linking up as the weeks went on. When we made The Score it was just a wild time for both of us, we both were dealing with a lot of shit personally & I feel like we really put our all into that project & it definitely showed out both of our talents especially since he shot all the videos from that project as well as doing the cover art. I could honestly call that a classic out of my discography.


( Team Moet )  Who are some other artists from Jersey coming up we should look out for?


( JaeFrmJerz )  too many lol. Its so much talent out here from producers, rappers, designers. To name some off top, i would say 973 Izzy, Dupizz, Micah Write, Pissmob, Poisun.. thats just rappers. I could name a dozen more but its gone take a minute lol.


( Team Moet )  You put a lot of music out in 2019. What do you think was your best piece of work? 


( JaeFrmJerz )  Differences. it was self produced, I did the artwork for it as well. I knew that the The Score & GrimmJerz were gonna do its thing because of who i was working with & how well we put em together so I wanted to see how i would do on my own solo project. I was in a really good head space at the time i was working on Differences and I got a lot of good feedback from it & it actually got me back into making beats more frequently now.



(Team Moet )  What do you have in store for us for 2020?


(JaeFrmJerz )  More merchandise, I just dropped a website ( working with a few new producers such as Napalm, Whitey Bulger, Holt AK. still dropping music with Grimm Doza & you’re gonna see me on a bunch of features this year. Also focusing on visuals, i been working with NJGoons since the summer and we got a real good chemistry when it comes to making videos so expect a lot from me and him this year.



(Team Moet ) Who are some artists you would like do work with?


(JaeFrmJerz )  To be honest most the artist I want to work with, I’m working with already lol besides big names like Curren$y, Styles P & people of their stature.


( Team Moet )  How much time a week do you spend in the studio & do you think your work ethic is about the same as the average rapper or more?


( JaeFrmJerz )  It all depends on how the workflow is goin, and how many people are free to work. some weeks I can be at 3 different studios 3 days out of a week & then do nothing music related in the next week. I don’t try to force it, everything gotta be smooth & not rushed. to be honest I think I could go way harder in my work ethic, I told myself I would focus on that more this year.


( Team Moet )  You & GrimmDoza seem to have a good connection & work together a lot. How did y’all initially link up?


( JaeFrmJerz ) We met through Revenxnt. him & Rev were already cool before i met either of them so i would run into Doza at Revs house. i bought a few beats from Doza & then we locked a session in. After that, it just became an on going thing to this day lol that’s the bro fr