10 People’s Anonymous Thoughts on their 20s (by @DMND_XCIV) #w2tm

being that i just entered my 20s, i thought it’d be interesting, and beneficial, to see what others felt their 20s taught them about the world, or even themselves. instead of reading another writers blog on the subject i decided to compile a list of quotes from people who i’ve chosen to keep anonymous regarding their 20s. so without further ado…

  • Talk with yourself More.

“97.7% of all people do not know what they are doing and are just followers. We should really stop listening to people around us because as per the point above, they are probably as clueless as we are. Self reflection is the key to really understanding what you really want. This time is hard to get when we are always busy trying to figure out who liked out latest post on Facebook or busy putting unnecessary hashtags on Instagram. If more time is spent in trying to find what you really want, we would not be doing things out of the need of social acceptance and rather just what makes us really happy.”

  • Travel

“The world is full of two kinds of people: Those like you. And those unlike you. And both can teach you a lot. And a lot about yourself. It would make it a better world if more people actually got out and saw the world from other peoples’ lands and homes and shoes.”

  • All of the culture in the world doesn’t automatically make you intelligent.

“You can read, write, listen to the most obscure bands on earth, and dine at local hotspots. This doesn’t make you better than anyone else. You’ll be humbled when you take that knowledge somewhere that doesn’t place value in any of those things. Humbled, real quick.

  • “There is no time for later.”
  • “Don’t try to be a friend to a women, whom you are really interested to ask out later.”
  • “Never stop learning.”
  •  Mistakes begin to eclipse each other

“Eventually, at some point in time, you will make a mistake that will make all previous mistakes seem like a walk in the park. Be prepared for this to repeat as the stakes get higher.”

  • Make yourself happy first.

“Do what you want to do. Don’t do what you don’t want to do.”

  • “The foundation you build in your 20s sets the stage for the rest of your life.”


  • “Do what you love; love what you do.”


F*ck Reality (by @DMND_XCIV) #w2tm

What you perceive as the “reality” of your life is an illusion. It’s a holographic projection of a culmination of your past experiences. It’s what you think life looks like based on what you have learned in your past.”

that may sound like an early quotable pulled from the first Matrix movie but the sooner you realize this the better.

think of all the shit you avoid based on a “reality” you’ve construed in your mind. a relationship. a new job path. a chance to travel. a friendship. an adventure. you end up avoiding the truly good pleasures of life because “the reality of the situation” is that you’ve already decided in your mind, based on your past experiences and influences, that you know the trajectory of whatever opportunity you have in front of you. you’ve seen divorce throughout your family history, so what you perceive to be the “reality” is that relationships never last. you’ve seen your friends try to make it as a graphic designer on their own, but the “reality” is that there’s not really any money in it(initially). you want to travel the world, but the “reality” is that you don’t have money now and think you won’t ever have the money or you’re not “one of those people” who travel. good news is that whatever reality you subscribe to, that’s the reality you will see. but think about this: if you’re already good at constructing the reality you don’t want, think about how good you could be at constructing the reality you actually fucking want.

yes, you may not be able to alter your beliefs or deconstruct your reality over night, but you certainly can begin at some point today

your reality is exactly what you make it. once you change your perception of your reality and change your beliefs, you start wanting different things, different people, careers, friends. whether those things are good for you you must figure out on your own but nothing’s as valuable as experience, especially one that’s tailored by you.

so start observing what thoughts you are taking as truth or what beliefs you are assuming are the “reality” of the world. be that curious person. get brave. ask questions. challenge what you think you know. and the world’ll be yours.


Blog | The New @NikkiMinaj Has Arrived #W2TM via @TeamMoet


Wow is the first word that comes to mind when people ask did you see the new Nikki Minaj these days. Any fan she may have lost with the barbs wigs & trends is back now, anyone in the hood that said she sold out is back on her bandwagon again. All I can say is go Nikki you doing the dam thing you got the sex appeal down packed right now an that Chi-raq track is fire need I say more? If you missed out check out some pics I posted old Nikki & new Ms Minaj. Also if you haven’t heard ChiRaq for some reason or another a link is below the flow is back!






New Blog: Corporate America Workforce Is A Lie Part 1 By @NamesR4Friends Via @TeamMoet


The American way says you work to make a honest living an to have piece a mind. What happens when that way fails you? All the people struggling are the ones busting there ass to make a better living but they can’t achieve that because they are just making enough to live check to check or have a small savings. The upper class is filled with corruption but they get to live in happiness for generations. When will the cycle change and pay the hard working man an not the man with the most money?

I have been in the job market from 2002 before I graduated high school in 2004 & I have seen drastic changes but not for the better. In the early 2000s resumes came full surface because of career builder and many similar places offering them. At that point some jobs wouldn’t accept applications without a resume attached. We forward a couple years later to now almost everyone has access to a computer so resumes are more common.

So now they changed the format again. These days a job application is about 1hour long which is beyond ridiculous. They need an application, resume, personality test, job functions test etc. If you giving them all that Information right away they know if they want you or not & you don’t even get a chance at the interview in most cases because they ask so many questions that pretty much all aspects is covered & it’s now become a way of keeping people back.

An application should be just that. If I’m doing all this stuff then what would I do on the interview since everything they want too know is already known before hand? Then you have jobs who out source through temp agencies to avoid giving you benefits & a decent salary. They say go to college but College an experience are suppose to help you THATS A LIE I know people with degrees who can’t get quality jobs because they don’t want to pay there worth or teach them the job & experience will hold u back if u have too much some jobs will decline you because they don’t want to pay your worth I seen it time an time again. We trying to make an honest living but we are NOT given an honest chance to do so.

Blog: Care More (by @sleeptillnoon) #w2tm via @TeamMoet

carewe(myself included)sometimes or even often times forget how important people are. your classmate, your co-worker you don’t really talk to but awkwardly smile and say hello to, your neighbor you’ve never formally introduced yourself to, etc. your fellow human.

we fall into the constructs of college and ‘adult’ life to create fleeting relationships time and time again. ‘friend’ becomes a loose term describing anyone you may have met just once, MAYBE twice in passing. “i have a friend who does this and that”, “i have a friend who is so and so.” these relationships are confined to the circles they’re created in: your job, your elective you didn’t really want to take, your the gathering you decided to go to to not let another ‘friend’ down. you’re “friends” because you exist in the same circles. it’s convenient, and you have some similar interests you can converse about. but take a step back, and wonder: are you really friends? do you hit them up when something exciting happens in your life? do you know what they want in life? do you talk about their parents and the house they grew up in? are you sure they’ll have your back in a fistfight and not be a bystander in your worldstar debut, or even worse, be the one who hit *record*? will you have theirs?

we need to care so much more about the relationships we create. we need to actually build them: nurture them, invest in them, and build upon them. people are important because the people in our lives are supposed to inspire us, help us, care about us, and push us to places we could not have gone to on our own.

i personally never thought about the effort I needed to be putting into caring about friendships, and i’m sorry. i’m sorry for the time i lost with potential friends, i’m sorry I didn’t put enough effort into going beyond first impressions, i’m sorry i judged and didn’t give second chances, i’m sorry i didn’t start the conversations, i’m sorry i didn’t ask the questions, i’m sorry i didn’t care. friends, new and old, you know who you are: let’s care about each other, because before we know it we’ll be thrown into a broad, empty landscape where there are no circles or contexts, only the genuine relationship we created.