#ChicagoTalent Blu Cap (from L.O.C.A.L.$) presents ‘Thought Exposure Vol. 1 (REVIEW) by @SLEEPTILLNOON #w2tm


this will be my second post about Blu Cap from L.O.C.A.L.$ on here brehs(my first post about Blu can be found here). except this time i’m here to give you my take on Blu’s first release of a body of work, ‘Though Exposure Vol. 1.

the project starts off with a mysterious yet familiar sample before it heads into the second track, ‘Stressed,’ where Blu trades bars with The Hooligan over an atmospheric vocally dominant instrumental.

the majority of the project features Blu’s vocals over several boom-bap instrumentals while every so often taking a break to abandon standard rhyme structure & switch to spoken word with little emphasis on the sound, but what he’s trying to convey to whoever’s listening. after this break Blu jumps into his single track, ‘Me’. the remainder of the project seems more for Blu himself to vent & simply voice things aloud, and whoever feels like they’d like to listen is welcome to. Blu touches on some personal situations involving a girl he feels may be the one he could see himself growing old with, ‘She,’ as well as a track paying homage to his hometown titled ‘Hello Chicago.’

my thoughts on the project as a whole is that Blu Cap has a voice and a audible demeanor that is pleasant to listen to over an instrumental. Blu also has a very apparent ability to shape & tell a story. i would only critique his delivery of those stories, because at some points without noticeable intention a track can be riding smooth then all of a sudden a bar will be slightly out of time, or lacking confidence making Blu seem more ‘green’ than he really is. that being said everyone has to start somewhere(started…)and i feel as though Blu Cap has a leg up on his competition on a lot of elements, and where he comes up a little short i believe he can develop and become a serious contender people won’t easily ignore. take a listen to Thought Exposure Vol. 1 below via Blu Caps soundcloud.

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