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What’s the next move for you that you working on right now?
Right now I’m currently working on a Ep and an Album. The Ep will be some free music just to drop to get people ready for the Album!


 For those that don’t know you us to rap under the name the infamous swagg what inspired the change?

I went through an identity crisis once my brother passed away, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep my name or change my name to infamous dysh for my brother or even use an old nickname of my fathers. after a while I realized I was gonna be more honest and genuine with my music and give people me..the real me. so I decided to do the same with my name.
How do you get in the zone before you record because a lot of your music is deep?
I don’t really have a process or anything to get in the zone. writing, recording, shooting videos. everything feels so natural to me now at this point I’m always in my zone when it comes to music. it really has become 2nd nature to me.
What project will the October 22 track be featured on?
My Ep dropping soon!
Who is an artist that you would say inspired your music? 
2pac. his message and ideas are something that still live on and exist. i want my legacy to continue similar after im gone.
Any artists you looking forward to working with on your next project?
honestly im so content with my circle. I don’t feel the need  to include too many features on my next project. No cockiness but im very confident with everybody apart of Black Military
What’s the movement behind ya music these days I know you Dysh Life but I know you rep glock city & Black military?
DyshLife will always be the legacy i carry for my brother. Glock City is at heart and will always be my family before anything but now i rep B3M (Black Military Music Mafia) Proud to say I feel as if im running with the strongest musical team in the Lehigh valley.
When you did the control freestyle did you think you was going to get over 25000 views so quickly?
HELL NAH! I seriously wrote it knowing it was gonna cause some buzz and make some people feel some kinda way but I didn’t even have my mind-set on trying to reach that many views that fast. blessed it happened though because im glad the message reached more people than I intended.
Why should we support your music?
I don’t feel like I should say im a real nigga but my music is real and anyone who listens and can connect will vouch for me after they hear a song. I don’t do it for material gain I truly make music to touch the souls of people in struggle.
How do you keep your self hungry musically to focus on the bigger picture? 
Put God first and keep the love of music my main priority before I put a dollar sign in front of it and begin to make songs with less meaning and purpose only to make money.
Check Chevy music on Datpiff Under The Infamous Swagg & Chevy Robinson also check his videos on YouTube below is 2 new songs as well as 2 classic videos.


Quick Networking/Business Advice by @SLEEPTILLNOON #w2tm

(*this advice can/should be applied at all times)

Networking may be an unattractive word but it’s totally necessary and can be really fun if you actually but effort into it. (oh, and lucrative) now some of these ideas or concepts i’m going to touch on aren’t set in stone, nor does me listing them mean i don’t still fall victim to not following them sometimes.

  1. it’s best to understand risk($$$, business, relationships, health, etc.) and correctly develop an exit strategy to cover yourself and manage said risk.
  2. diversify your bonds. talk to different people, go to different places. (even try new foods) it’s better to have you hands be on a bunch of things than weight your wellbeing on one thing.(don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket ring a bell?)
  3. keep costs as low as possible. the less you spend on stuff that doesn’t at least help make you money the better.
  4. rebalance your situation when necessary. take a step back and manage everything you’ve got your hands into and trim the fat or keep on rockin’.
  5. avoid silly behavioral mistakes. a bad or childish attitude which can account for a lot of straight up L’s for yourself. Success is about discipline and behaving correctly at least when it comes to business.

in closing, when it comes to working with people the only person who’s going to lose out by being naive is you, so try to not navigate the world with ‘their’ ideals or with horse blinders on.

additionally, you can’t go wrong heeding the words of the only Christopher we acknowledge. RIP. 

8 Ways to Snag a Good Guy By @Ocho_WaVvyyyYY #W2TM

imageNow I’m no relationship expert and I wouldn’t want to force your my suggestions on you but for some ladies it needs to be shared. We’re all living in a world now where you can’t put anything past anyone from family to friends. Most of the thoughts that are derived today are heavily influenced by what we see and experience but like in books some people can’t tell what’s fiction from non-fiction. So I’m here to share a few points and if you don’t believe me ask your man, an objective friend, your main n*gga or your father.

1. With the way our economy is set up right now everyone ain’t baller. Some people don’t finish high school, seems people going to jail more often, and the rest are turning gay. So the pickings are scattered so find a guy with vision/career, educated, and 9-5 steady worker. Going these options keeps your bad selections at few cause their working towards something.

2. Once you meet a prospect on your level ask questions. Not all all guys have the gift of gab so ask the questions you would like answers to and basing off that you decide if you want to go further. Cause once you make a choice to have him your priority he’ll his part to keep you around.

3. In early relationships likes/dislikes will show it’s smart to address them early to avoid unnecessary arguments further down the road. Cause guys forget shyt women don’t they keep it stored in their memory. As a guy I find that shyt amazing sometimes.

4.  Things are going well you like guy he likes you everythings great and your thinking bout having sex. Now ladies believe he will respect me of I make him wait it’ll show I’m classy and blah blah that’s bs. To us guys it don’t matter when we get it. It’s how you present yourself dictates how a guy will treat you.

5. Yall hanging out and he goes to the bathroom and his phone rings. You see another females name pop up that you don’t know. First don’t overreact! The state you are in is Mortal Combat finish him! Going back to #2 it will tell you about the guy. If you had doubts then your choice of pursuing was bad judgement. If there’s a chance he’s a faithful guy don’t jump all over him cause you won’t hear the answer you want to hear. So be grown about it and talk it out.

6. You had a little rough patch but you guys are back on track and decide to go  out to a party. The DJs on point drinks is flowing he’s tipsy your tipsy the night seems promising with a happy ending but you catch another female eyeing/talking to your man. Again don’t be that belligerent drunk that kills the fun nothing kills a great night like those people. Don’t worry about the other chick cause mostly she wants what you got. So let the man handle the situation. If he’s committed he won’t entertain cause he’s good where he at.

7.  When a guy wants to hang out with his friends it’s his personal time away from you to bond with his homies. By this time you know his friends and what their capable of. Just because he hangs with a certain crowd doesn’t mean he’ll do what they do all guys want and have different likes. Basing from what his friends know about your relationship if he’s good your good. If he’s not you can panic a little but that’s what friends for to have bond while drinking or heading to strip clubs.

8. In closing if y’all can make it through those examples of minor setbacks then you guys are building something. At the end of the day we all want that Barack & Michelle Obama relationship. You put in what you want to get out of it if we can incorporate time, affection, patience, love, and life there’s no reason why we can’t have successful relationships today to raise the youth.  I’m not saying it’s got to be that way but if I was a child I’m sure they’d say it’s great to have.


Blog: Holiday Shopping Tips By @NamesR4Friends #Christmas #W2TM


With the holiday season in full bloom most people are out spending and charging doing everything including not paying bills so their family can have a good holiday season. It’s all good till after holidays when your stressed for money and thinking of what you could or should have done. Here is some tips to help you avoid this.

– When shopping more is better than less so don’t spend all your money on 1 big item when you can get a few (example remember when Katt Williams said he went shopping at the dollar store for his son and he woke up was looking everywhere & was like daddy you got me everything)

– Pay some bills ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about them next month. This creates more available money now an covers last-minute shopping.

– Don’t worry about buying things for people who you barely see & not getting you or your kids anything.

– Don’t spend an arm & a leg on decorations they not that important it’s about whats under the tree.

– Try 2 get a few major gifts on black Friday to save some more money.

– Always buy gifts throughout the year in case you lose a job or any emergency comes up and takes your money.


I cant give you all my gems but i hope these tips are helpful.


Master Yourself by @SLEEPTILLNOON #w2tm

Imagehowdy brehs,

i’ve been reading a lot of articles and excerpts on mastering oneself lately, as well as re-watching Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy(G.O.A.T). and between those to mediums i’ve surmised a couple quick little blurs about really owning ones-self. 

  • Listen to those moments of Clarity(no Zedd) when you stroll around your mind, you can lie to other people it’s whatever, but nothing’s worse than lying to yourself or placing your own shortcomings off on something else.


  • Learn not to act on childish whims. i have a different perspective on ‘maturity’ for another post BUT, only someone who KEEPS their head in the clouds lets words, what another person has or does, or their vices potentially derail their success.Image


  • Having a simple, unbreakable goal to achieve each day can subliminally embed in your mind that anything is doable.(I try to knock out at least 50 pushups everyday)


  • You need to have Reason. no matter what you wanna do you need to know in some form why you want to do it and if that reason is based purely on status or vanity then people’ll see right through you and expose you for the weenie you really are.


  • Finally, enjoying the habit of what you do is extremely paramount. no one creative or normal(my opinion) likes repetition so if you feel like what you think you like doing is becoming a chore just to be checked off you either gotta step away for a while and find your smile again like Shawn Michaels, or find ya next thrill.

Blog: Reason’s Why Men Can No Longer Be Called Hoes And Women Should (Tables Turned) By @NamesR4Friends #W2TM


Fellas remember how when you used to kick it to a female an they friends or they said I heard about you and that you get around.Those days are behind us and females are now the ones with the dude mentality & getting around & not caring. A dude cheats he gets caught how often do you hear about a female getting caught or doing anything? The answer is rarely unless you know the dude who smashing. Social media has brought out the worst in women in the last few years, anything you can imagine from a gang bang to giving head you can find numerous videos displaying these things. The days of woman having self-respect are gone and we all know it but no one has said it. Below is some reasons to prove my point.

1) Females will want you more if they know you are taken its added motivation for some of them which to me speaks for itself on their character.

2.) Females like when a dude is ruthless to them an shows no feelings and has that I don’t give a fuck mentality towards them. What happen to morals and not wanting to be disrespected? I guess that’s the past for some of y’all.

3.) Social media is LIVING proof just log on and look at all the different types of pages with numerous women exposing their supposed goods, females post nudes more than give out there phone number these days DAMN shame.

4.) Females take screenshots of pics & texts a guys sends & share them with the public or expose them to any and everyone willing to look just for some Lol’s & Followers & exposure, dudes get pics they share it with they close friends an move on UNLESS y’all do some sucka shit that makes them want to expose y’all.

5) look at Hollywood once your career is going slow either a sex tape or a nipple pop out. Its like y’all cant promote yourselves without using sex but y’all ain’t hoes though. Just look at Miley Cyrus an Kendall Jennar for example they all showing themselves to appeal to the older crowds smh.

6.) Music groupies have gotten far worse than in the past an they are very open with it. Just log on worldstar hip hop right now I guarantee you will see it.

In closing like y’all females say “one man ruins it for everybody” the same applies to y’all in this situation so you can thank your counterparts for this new label of being the new hoes.

First Step’s always the Hardest by @SLEEPTILLNOON #W2TM

howdy brehs, this is just a quick lil’ motivational post about getting stuff done.


the most important thing to keep in mind over ALL ELSE in completing anything is STAYING FOCUSED during the first about 15 MINUTES of your task. i’m technically still a teenager so it’s in our genetic make-up to naturally lack drive/motivation to do anything other than sit around and play GTA V (GT: TheIMightyDizzy) and eat Frosted Mini Wheats straight from the box, but that’s neither here nor there. the trick to get around this natural lack of drive is literally to just commit & push through those first 15 minutes. say even 10 minutes, that’s honestly nothing and can be done with 0 motivation.(unless it’s some stuff you REALLY don’t wanna do in your heart of hearts, then idk shit’s not gonna get done)


to wrap it up, just like in day-to-day living, don’t think too much, & don’t put valuable focus energy into the fact you lack motivation. jump into your tasks and get at least SOMETHING down. in theory(at least for yours truly) in them 10-15 minutes, creativity starts flowing, ideas start comin’ thru like Drake, the drive and motivation suddenly appear like a bad flare up, and BAM, you’re getting shit done. 

aight i’m done, twitter’s in the title

5 Outlooks to De-Stress your Daily Life by @SLEEPTILLNOON

  • Don’t interact with people unset: Unless you’re in control of the situation, it’s best to utilize your right to remain silent until you have a cooler head, or find some clarity.


  • Be apathetic sometimes: Obviously not if you’re in a dire place in life, but nothing eliminates stress, especially over small things, better than simply not caring.
  • Follow your own pace: Don’t let how fast or slow anyone else is moving dictate what you do in your own life breh, it’ll either happen or it won’t.


  • Don’t be afraid to be the “Bad Guy”: If you truly don’t like a person, STOP interacting with them any more than necessary. It’ll save you a TON of headache in the short & long-run.


  • Master your Swag: Don’t let the media, faggot ass hype-beasts, or even your own friends discourage the clothes you wanna rock or the style you wanna portray. If you like it, wear it. But keep in mind the Internet will always let you know its opinion on something.

food for thought breh