News: Just Like That Juror B37’s Book Deal Is Canceled Thanks To The Power Of Twitter #W2TM

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Yesterday we had the chance of hearing from Juror B37 who explained how the jury went through this process. We also found out she had a book deal and was going to profit off this tragedy which made people even more angry after the fact. After watching her interview on Anderson Cooper #AC360 you could easily tell why the trial went in favor of Zimmerman. She made numerous questionable statements such as her opinions on Rachel Jeantel & you could also see she couldn’t relate to the victim. If you didn’t have a chance to see it make sure you check it out. A twitter user by the name of @MoreAndAgain tweeted @SharleneMartin who gave the juror a book deal a message about her thoughts on the book. It was followed by numerous people doing the same thing also sending emails faxes etc. Late night into early Tuesday a statement was issued saying that Juror B37 has changed her mind & the book wont be released. This was good news to hear because no one should be profiting off this and it goes to show you the power of social networks.

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Video: Juror B37 Speaks About Trial On Anderson Cooper #CNN #News #W2TM

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Check this interview out wit Anderson Cooper and juror B37 on Anderson Cooper regarding the Zimmerman trial. This is good to get a chance to see how the jurors felt and what motivated there decision, but you can see how different we all are these jurors could not relate to the victim in the least bit. This is two days later she is on CNN & writing a book looks like everyone is just going to profit off this young kids death.

An Open Rant About Zimmerman And His Staunch Supporters


 If Zimmerman was allowed self-defense because his safety was threatened by Martin assaulting him, then by his own damn logic, Martin was well within his own rights to assault Zimmerman because his safety was in jeopardy since the dumbass was stalking the kid even though the cops told him to stand down. Let us not forget that stalking is a crime and so is ignoring/disobeying law enforcement. Had he actually followed the law and listened to 911 dispatch none of this would’ve happened.

Don’t tell me that 911 dispatch has no authority. We all know that when you call 911 and they tell you to keep your ass there and wait for law enforcement then that is what you do. After all, he called the cops because he saw Martin as “suspicious.” That is racial profiling, pure and simple. Zimmerman’s supporters use Zimmerman’s own race as an excuse for his…

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