Mike Vick Cancels Book Signing

Weeks before Mike Vick was set to release his new autobiography book called “Finally Free” he’s received numerous deaths threats as of late which made the Eagles QB and his book signing crew have decided to cancel his store appearances. He originally planned to have book signings in Barnes & Nobles stores Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Atlanta.

In a phone interview, Vick’s spokesman Chris Shigas, said, “there’s been a recent uptick in some of the violent threats through social media, but also credible threats of violence that were phoned into bookstores, threatening Michael Vick, threatening his family, threatening the bookstore’s property, and threatening bookstore employees.” (CBS excerpt)

Ever since Vick came back from his dog fighting stint he’s still heavily hated and beloved by others. With all of the electrifying highlights he’s given us none were more shocking then the dog fighting investigation arose. With these current events that have take place over the past few weeks still shows those same Vick haters are out to get him.

Blog: Artists Lying About There Following


I have heard about scenarios of this happening in the last few years but haven’t fully looked into it since as of recent. A few years back XXL magazine had some issues with a Freshman class who all had a crazy following but many people didn’t know who most of them were which made no sense. The point of this isn’t about  XXL or their suspect choices of talent. This is about the fact that artists are out their thinking there celebrities misleading people with there following. I seen a artist with a 40K following on twitter with a total of 1000 YOUTUBE views smh. It is obvious that the numbers don’t add up. I could see if they had like 2000 followers it would look more even but that 40k is drastic. You will see some artists with 14k twitter following and verified with 1000 instagram followers. I would say about 60 percent of these new artists is buying there following. In conclusion im just gonna say if you have a large following and people don’t know who you are does it even matter?