Video + Blog: The Black Panther Movement Puts a 10000 Bounty On George Zimmerman

Over this past weekend in Sanford Florida the new black panther party has gathered together to fight back over the recent death of a Florida teen. Im Sure you have heard about this by now if not I’m guessing you must live under a rock or only watch Fox News which gives this subject minimal airtime. George Zimmerman gunned down 17 year old Trayvon Martin earlier this month for walking in a white neighborhood and wearing a hoodie. If you listen to his 911 tapes you can here him say “I’m tired of them getting away with this” them obviously meaning black people he continues watching the teen and following him calls the cops on him then the cops tell him stop but he does like a renegade chases the child down & shoots him in the back. This happened going on a month ago no arrest has been made George Zimmerman has gone on with his life while the Martin family has suffered. Mikael Mohammed the leader of the new Black Panthers put out a 10000 reward for his capture Dead or alive this situation is only going to get worse racism has only gotten worse in America minorities are getting gunned down by the people who are suppose to be protecting us and it continues to get overlooked an they get a slap on the wrist. It’s time we take a stand being non violent hasn’t worked so if the police aren’t going to arrest him he deserves what’s coming to him. Below is too videos from the rally.

One thought on “Video + Blog: The Black Panther Movement Puts a 10000 Bounty On George Zimmerman”

  1. As a white person (actually a shade of pink) I get a little tired of the ‘race’ card being used by the likes of Sharpton etc. On top of this, you folks in the US have a president who is really good at passing judgement when it “appears” to be a white (or other shade) on black issue. The second it’s black on someone else; he’s strangely silent. I have to wonder; is he doing this deliberately to promote hatred between people or is he just educationally functional and practically retarded?
    Myself, I think he’s deliberately promoting discourse between groups (rather than promoting peace) in order to distract people from his real agenda.
    Ask yourself, are his actions (Obama’s) consistent with someone trying to destroy your nation or build it up?

    Remember nations and individuals will be judged eventually by our Lord.

    God Bless


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