The Birth of M.O.E.T Entertainment

 Back in early 2000 Oh Boyee (Founder) & Shawn Evans (Co Founder)  came up with the creation of M.O.E.T Entertainment . This was Created  for various reasons the modo was always Money Over Everything an i came up with the idea for the logo that we branded to use for Promotions of all sorts from Clothing, Parties to music etc. its not only music its a lifestye as well alot people repping the team hard. We have a few Artists on the Roster we were working with to get things in motion such as J.R up & Coming rapper & Producer , NorSo rapper. With Shawn gone RIP we must grind harder than ever to put the team an movement in full effect… So moment of silence for my best friend & business partner. Shoutout to @ma610 for hooking me up with the new M.O.E.T logo if yall need any graffic work he is the guy for the job. …..

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